Effective Use of Linear Actuators: from Kitchen to Bedroom

Just a few years ago, the word automation was associated almost exclusively with the manufacturing industry. You surely have heard of automated production lines. Linear actuators have made automation possible. The devices provide linear motion. For many decades, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators were used for most industrial applications. Nowadays, the most common type of actuator is electric. In this case, an electric motor provides the motion. A system of gears transforms the motion into linear movement.

Electric actuators have many advantages in comparison to other types of actuators. They are easy to control, and their movement is more precise. Moreover, they can be built in different sizes, from micro-actuators to large heavy-duty industrial actuators. This large variety of actuators has enabled the use of these devices in other scenarios; home automation, for example. You can choose electric actuators to automate furniture and other things at home.

The desired characteristics of linear actuators for home automation are:

  • Plug-and-play. These actuators must be easy to install. Most home automation is done as DIY projects by homeowners. The linear actuator must help to simplify the project;
  • Easy to control. Home automation requires controlling the appliance of furniture with the push of a button only. Also, it should be possible to integrate the actuator with home automation control platforms;
  • Easy to manage. Automation at home should not add a burden to the homeowner; quite the contrary. Linear actuators for home applications must be easy to maintain and manage in the long run.

Now that you know the type of linear actuator that you need for your home, we give you some project ideas. You can automate many things at home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Use your creativity and you’ll find more possible applications of these devices besides the ideas given below.

A Drop-Down Rack in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the areas of your home that can benefit greatly from automation with actuators. There are so many things to store in a kitchen that lack of space is quite common. Hence, a good idea is to build an automated drop-down rack. With the push of a button, the actuator will lower the rack. Another push of the button and it retracts. You can install it as part of a wall-mounted cabinet. A good use for this automated rack would be to store spices. But that’s just a suggestion. You can use it for any other purpose.

Storage Place in Your Bedroom

Lack of storage space is also common in your bedroom. A common solution is storing things under the bed. Some beds even come with some space beneath for storage. You can make this solution better if you automate the bed. A powerful actuator can be installed on two corners of the bed to lift it with the push of a button. In this way, you can gain access to the storage room under the bed more easily. Make sure the actuators have the power to lift the bed. Ask at the shop if you have any doubt before purchasing these devices.

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