Top 3 Ways to Add a Touch of Aesthetics to Your Living Room Using Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are affordable and versatile. They add a touch of aesthetics to your living room, and achieve this by adding texture and color to any space. Also, they come with a vast array of health benefits that everyone in your home will maximize.

Indoor plant décor in recent years has increasingly become a popular trend among individuals who want to elevate the style of their living rooms and homes and take their indoor environment to the next level.

From Gardyn indoor hydroponic garden and edible plants to large statement plants and succulents, numerous ways exist to enable you to incorporate plants into your living space. This article explores the top three ways to add a touch of aesthetics to your abode. Let’s discover more.

Indoor Hydroponic Garden Plants

Adding a hydroponic garden in your living space is an intelligent way to bring plants indoors and increase fresh food in your home. These plants also add an element of freshness to your living room.

You can dedicate a few corners of your living room to hydroponic tower gardens or create a living wall. With a hydroponic tower garden, you can grow a variety of plants, including:

  • Herbs
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers

While you’ll reduce the amount of water and effort required to maintain and take care of your garden and plants, you’ll increase your yields to 10x. Hydroponic gardening solutions are soilless, making them ideal for your living space.

They produce pest-free and highly nutritious food thanks to the nutrient-rich solution they use. Go for hydroponic garden systems if you want to grow plants and improve your home’s aesthetics in a smarter way.

Hanging Plants

Apart from a hydroponic tower garden, another perfect way to add greenery to your small living room is to go with hanging plants. Hanging planters offer an excellent design and style to your living room.

These pretty plant hangers bring much-needed elegance to your living space without taking up any floor space. You only need to add a single hanging garden or a few small planters to your space to enjoy a splash of fresh air around you.

Some plants that look appealing and perform well when it comes to hanging gardens include the following:

  • Spider plants
  • Crocodile fern
  • Money plant
  • Asparagus fern

Large Statement Plants

Tall ornamental plants look appealing beside the sofa or any unoccupied corner of your living space. Some perfect options include the following:

  • Umbrella papyrus
  • Dracaena
  • Areca palm

Large plants might be challenging to take care of. However, they look aesthetically appealing if installed in the right way. Also, you can decorate your large statement plants with some fairy modern lights to dazzle up your living space.

Try to imagine gazing at some long swaying leaves while enjoying a cup of cold brew coffee. Indeed, there is no better way to unwind after a long, tedious day than gazing at the leaves of these plants swaying with wind.

How Can Gardyn Indoor Hydroponic Garden Help You Improve Your Living Room’s Aesthetic?

Gardyn’s indoor hydroponic gardening system offers a new and easier way to convert any space into a thriving garden. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your office, home, or commercial kitchen, Gardyn’s patented HydroponicsTM technology provides unparalleled plant density, self-sustaining water management, a vast plant portfolio, and a groundbreaking machine vision.

All these things are housed within an attractive, elegant tower design. It’s a hydroponic garden you have never seen before.