The Evolution of Home Improvement: How Online Resources and Tools Are Shaping Modern Renovations

The evolution of home improvement covers various aspects such as architecture, technology, energy efficiency, comfort, and design. It is closely related to society’s development, lifestyle changes, and people’s needs. At the initial stage, the main focus was on creating a living space that could provide shelter from adverse weather conditions and protection from various threats. Houses were built from wood, stone, or clay. Their shape and size were determined primarily by practical considerations.

The Best Online Home Renovation Resources and Tools

Online resources and tools play an important role in shaping modern renovations. For example, a gutter cost estimator can help you calculate the cost of a gutter system installation. Such a system is no less important than the roof, walls, and windows. It aims to ensure accurate water drainage from the roof, preventing moisture from entering the building and its foundation.

Without a properly installed gutter system, rain and snow water can cause serious damage to your home, causing leaks, mold, rotting materials, and even structural problems. Therefore, it is imperative to have a reliable drainage system that effectively performs its role and keeps the building safe and healthy.


Houzz online resource is a great place where everyone can find inspiration and practical tips for home improvement. This platform offers many ideas for home decor, renovation, and architectural design. Users can browse photos of different interiors, find construction and design professionals, ask questions to experts, and discuss their projects with stylists and designers.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D helps users decorate their homes by turning original home decor ideas into reality. This resource is one of the best for creating and visualizing home interiors and exteriors. It will help you:

  • Create an accurate 3D model of your home;
  • Select furniture and decor;
  • Experiment with different color schemes and materials.

As a result, you will be able to get a visualization of your future home and share the project with other people.

Ikea Kitchen Planner

This online tool, provided by Ikea, makes kitchen planning easy. Users create a virtual model of their future kitchen, select and arrange furniture/accessories, and change various design details. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures more efficient use of space based on the user’s needs and preferences.

Home Energy Audit Toolkit

Home Energy Audit Toolkit helps homeowners monitor their home’s energy consumption. Homeowners use this tool to identify vulnerable areas and take appropriate energy-saving measures, such as installing energy-saving appliances, insulating walls and ceilings, and replacing an outdated heating and cooling system. Thanks to valuable tips, users improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Voice of Color

Voice of Color is the best choice for those with difficulty choosing an interior color scheme. This tool offers a wide range of colors and textures and also gives tips on combining colors and creating a harmonious design. Users can choose suitable colors and create an atmosphere of special comfort in their homes.

Home Outside

Home Outside is another online resource worth checking out. It helps homeowners create beautiful and functional spaces around their homes. Using this resource, you can create a professional plan for landscaping your yard and find original furniture and decorative elements. It also provides helpful tips on caring for plants and soil.


MyHomeQuote is a free contractor-matching platform that helps homeowners find local home improvement contractors for free. They provide access to certified home remodeling contractors operating less than 10 miles from you. They aim to take the guesswork out of selecting the right professional for your project, ensuring you make informed decisions when it matters the most. Alongside their contractor-matching service, they also offer valuable insights on popular renovation jobs and their costs. They provide cost-free, no-obligation quotes with a quick completion of a request form.

Construction Materials Transformation

Technological advances in the 19th and 20th centuries led to the emergence of new materials and design solutions. The massive use of reinforced concrete and metal structures promoted the creation of stronger and more stable buildings. With the development of electrification and communications, people began to equip their homes with electricity, heating, water supply, and sewerage systems. This contributed to improved living conditions and increased comfort.

Modern home improvement includes energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. People strive to build homes with minimal environmental impact. Technological advances make it possible to control your home through smart systems, increasing convenience and safety. Design is also an integral part of the home improvement evolution. Today’s houses are more functional and aesthetically pleasing, with greater attention to detail and occupant comfort.

Final Remarks

Home renovations used to be more complicated than they are today. People were forced to look for reliable specialists, develop a detailed home improvement plan, spend time searching for suitable building materials, etc. However, with the development of the Internet and the availability of information online, homeowners can improve their homes without hiring a professional. Online resources provide users with extensive information about home renovation. Specialized tools are very useful when planning and visualizing repairs.

We’ve described several popular online resources and tools you can use. In fact, their number is much greater. Don’t hesitate to find the right tool and renovate your home in the best possible way!

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