Choosing the Natural Forest and Leaves Wallpaper

Wallpapers have been used as wall decoration for a long, long time. Our forefathers have been using them at least for several centuries to repair and design a room in the house. However, over the years, the qualities and production technologies of this indispensable finishing material has changed a lot.

The usual boring and monotonous wallpapers with ornaments or asymmetric patterns have been replaced by more modern and strong designs, which include tree and leaf wallpaper. Such wallpapers are sleek in design and add a sense of freshness – learn more about the forest and leaf wallpaper for walls of almost every room in this article.

Stylish accent

Today, wallpapers with beautiful trees, flowers and leaves are often used to decorate a living room, bedroom or nursery. Their use in the interior will bring some freshness and novelty to the familiar atmosphere. You can use them to decorate the wall above the head of the bed in the bedroom or nursery, thus putting a bright accent.

In general, such materials in the interior can be used for practically any purpose. They give the designer proper carte blanche to employ his imagination. The scope of use of wallpaper with trees is quite wide, so they can easily decorate the wall in either bedroom, or nursery, or even the common hallway – it really depends more on the will of the residents of the apartment.

To realize your most daring and original ideas, you can do everything yourself or take the help of professionals. The main thing is that you manage to achieve what you want, and the selected wallpaper looks harmonious in the overall interior of the room.

Wallpaper selection rules

Decorating a space is a complex, even laborious process. Here it is important to take into account many subtleties and nuances: determine the shade, texture, volume of the picture, and so on. Decorating an apartment with your own hands will require a lot of design skill from you. If you are a creative person and can subtly feel the color and texture in the interior, then you will surely be able to deal with everything on your own. The rest of your co-dwellers should make a little effort in order to make it the most holistic, harmonious solution to all..

Lighting and illumination

To correctly decorate the wall in the room, you need to make a preliminary calculation and set the level of illumination. For example, if the lighting of the room cannot be called sufficient, then the wallpaper of dark shades is simply contraindicated. You will have to exclude those options where there are dark green, blue, brown or black tones.

On the contrary, pay attention to light green, bluish, pale pink, beige and lilac shades. They will help visually make dark rooms lighter. Also, do not choose cold tones for decorating the walls of a small room. You should not do this when we are dealing with a dark room. Pay attention to the shades of curtains, furniture, and other decorative elements.

Pattern size

Pattern size is another important factor to consider when choosing a wallpaper. If the size of the room is small, do not buy wallpaper with large elements for decoration. It is better to choose a photo wallpaper with an elegant tree with a thin trunk and green leaves. Canvases with trees leading into the perspective of a forest clearing or an alley of a noble garden will help to visually stretch the room.
You can go check some more leaf wallpaper ideas, and make up your mind, if you fancy a style like this.

What is actually depicted

Pay attention to the nature of the picture. The wallpapers can depict a variety of representatives of the flora: from coniferous or deciduous trees growing in the middle lane to exotic sakura, tropical palms and lianas. Choose wallpaper based on personal preference, but don’t forget to consider the style of the rooms in your apartment.

It is clear that African motives will be well emphasized by tropics, and in the interior of a lover of hot countries, foreign resorts, a sprawling palm tree will look the best. Palm trees, cypress or bamboo can be a worthy decoration for a living room or dining room. They go well with Japanese, ethnic style, eco-style. Click here https://54kibo.com/collections/african-inspired-wallpaper for more African wallpaper options .

Wallpapers – or photo wallpapers?

Today, on sale you can find both wallpaper, produced in the form of rolls, and photo wallpaper, which can completely decorate the entire wall. You need to use them in the interior with some caution, paying attention to the color, size of the pattern, texture. Decorative design must be done in accordance with certain rules. This will not be as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Covering the whole wall

So, in the interior of a large room, for example, a hall, a nursery or a dining room, you can use photo wallpapers on the entire wall. A tree on the entire wall will be a nice spicy addition to the room, creating a special atmosphere. This can be done by choosing the right pattern or by ordering specific wallpapers.

Ordinary wallpaper – and its drawbacks.

Ordinary wallpaper with the image of trees, produced in the form of rolls, can also be used in the interior of the apartment. Usually they are chosen in cases where we are talking about a small-sized apartment, where it is impossible to take a separate wall for a large and voluminous pattern that visually absorbs space. Of course, such materials are less interesting and the visual effect of the presence of a real tree cannot be achieved.

On the contrary, a three-dimensional image on photo wallpaper can create some kind of illusion of presence. This is especially true for 3D samples. It is not easy to stick them on your own with your own hands, due to the large size and the need for careful study of each corner, in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles and possible inconsistencies in the pattern.

The decoration opportunities for photo wallpapers

Depending on the design of the room, the decoration can be done in any way. For example, a 3D wallpaper covering a wall may have a pattern in the form of a single tree or an entire alley. Wallpaper with trees going into the distance visually adds free space. Gentle light green, olive, yellow and orange shades will help to add light, warmth and comfort to the room.

Please note however that the decorated wallpaper can depict an autumn, spring, winter or summer landscape. Wall murals are a great solution for the living room, where you are used to gathering with the whole family. However, these wallpapers look good even in a nursery or playroom.