8+ Best Free Woodworking Apps for Android and iOS

Woodworking Apps

Have you ever imagined that a little phone with an app may be the ideal servant for humanity? It is, indeed, everything right now. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the wood industry. As a woodworker, you may exploit this transition to drive your creativity to new heights. However, whether you want to enhance your carpentry skills or start from scratch, an app is a great place to start. As a consequence, we’ve compiled a list of the best free woodworking apps for Android and iOS. Many woodworkers have already progressed to the next level of their development. Who knows who will come after them?

8+ Best Free Woodworking Apps for Android and iOS

Choosing the best app for your needs among the numerous possibilities accessible on the internet may be difficult and time-consuming. A reliable reference may assist you in selecting the best one for your craft. Let’s have a look at some of the best free woodworking apps for Android and iOS to see whether they can save you time.

1. AR Ruler App

Following that, AR Ruler is a great woodworking measurement app. The software, like the Smart Ruler app, enables you to measure any item in real life. It has units of measurement of meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feet, and yards. Also Read How You Can Fix TV Activation Code Not Working Complete Guide

2. Homestyler

Homestyler is an interior designer and woodworking who can show you what you can do in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other areas. It would certainly help you if you appreciate woodworking and design. Homestyler, on the other hand, focuses on a variety of factors, such as powerful interior décor and 3D room planning tools. There are alternatives for spatial planning, housing design, room repair and decorating, and redecoration.

3. Planner 5D Interior Design

Planner 5D interior Design is specifically designed for the inside and contains over 6723 décor components to create a magnificent impact. You may flourish in a unique dwelling by using AR room visualization or a 3D room planner. And you may also use the app to seek advice and suggestions. You may also access its pre-created design on woodwork, flooring, and other surfaces. Planner 5D Interior Design may be utilized online as well as offline. It works with iPads and Apple pencils to help you design and plan your ideal house.

4. Carpenter Guide

Do you need a woodworking manual? Carpenter Guide is one of the greatest woodworking design applications for beginners. It covers all of the basic to intermediate woodworking techniques that every carpenter should be familiar with. Everything from basic measurements through cutting, nailing, equipment, and assistance is available to help you improve quickly. Also Read Mobile Application Testing: Ensuring Seamless User Experiences

5. ID Wood

If you want to choose the appropriate wood for furniture, doors, and windows, you should download ID Wood. With the app’s aid, you may be able to gather adequate information about a certain wood. Because of its global sample collection of 200 distinct varieties of wood. You will learn all you need to know about wood, including species names, botanical names, wood origin and description, applications, and much more.

6. ConstruCalc

ConstruCalc for Android and iOS is a popular carpentry software. The app is entertaining to replicate and recreate, with over one million downloads on Google Play. It helps you with supplies and expenses, as well as woodworking. It will also assist in selecting the best products and amounts to minimize waste. As a consequence, the software is now accessible in four languages.

7. Woodworking 101

Every carpenter or woodworker began their careers at some point in their life. Install this app on your phone instead of watching random YouTube videos to get started. The app’s fundamental how-to approach covers every area of woodworking and is where you may learn woodworking. Here you may learn how to use tools properly, tell the difference between hardwoods and softwoods, and create flawless woodwork projects. Woodworking 101, on the other hand, is useful for beginners.

8. Learn Carpentry

Do you want to learn how to make furniture? Learn Carpentry is only available for mobile devices. Learn Carpentry teaches you all you need to know to become a woodwork artist. There are also some useful hints and suggestions. However, you will be provided with all of the required carpeting courses and fundamentals, including as measuring, marking, cutting, nailing, equipment and help, constructing advice, and building diagrams. Furthermore, the app is really handy for picking the ideal wood for certain woodwork.

9. Smart Ruler App

A measuring tape and a ruler are crucial equipment for woodworking artisans. If you want an excellent ruler app for woodworking, Smart Ruler App is suggested. The basic function of the program is to measure any item that fits in your display. Then, set the item on the screen and gently adjust it from left to right, and you’re ready to go. However, its user interface is rather impressive. Also Read Lil Tay Biography, Age, Height, Family, Death


Here are the best free woodworking apps for Android and iOS that you can start using right now. Some of the best free woodworking apps for Android and iOS are designed for novices, while others are designed for advanced users. Aside from that, you may easily measure items. Which app, independent of recruiting, would you choose? Please leave your feedback in the comments below.