Top Best Money Earning Apps for Android in 2024

Money Earning Apps for Android

Here almost everyone has an Android phone and spends a lot of time using it. They want to earn money online using their phone, therefore they’re seeking for safe methods to do it, such as performing online tasks or utilizing earning apps. However, money earning apps for Android are a complex matter. Because there are several money earning apps in the Play Store, the most of which are fake, they offer enormous amounts in exchange for using and recommending others. However, once you surpass the withdrawal limit, your account will be banned, suspended, or otherwise limited, and you will be unable to withdraw your earnings. So, in this article, I’ve disclosed the best high-paying money earning apps for Android in 2024 that are legitimate and trustworthy. So let us get started.

Top Best Money Earning Apps for Android in 2024

1. Google Opinion Rewards

You may make a lot of money by doing brief surveys on Google Opinion Rewards, another app. The surveys that Google will send you are preferred. Take your time completing the questionnaires. Normally, fill out surveys with true information; if you spam, you will not get surveys the next time. You may use this money on the Google Play store as well. As I know you are a PUBG player, you may have accumulated enough points to acquire a PUBG Elite Pass for free. So, like I said in that post, if you want a free PUBG elite pass, download it and start earning.

2. Roz Dhan

Injoy’s rule is almost same to Roz Dhan’s. When you join using the supplied link, you will get 5000 coins ($50), and recommending others will earn you 1250 coins, depending on the number of active users. It summarizes the user’s interactions with the program. Every day or once every week. According to this, you get a referral fee, with a minimum of $5. There is also a check-in option available to earn a little amount of money each day. You may withdraw the money you’ve earned from your Paytm account. The minimum award is $200. It is the best money earning apps for Android.

3. Dream11 (Sports Fantasy Game)

If chance is on your side, Dream 11 is the game to play to win lakhs in a single day. If you’re from India, you’re undoubtedly acquainted with Dream11. If you are not familiar with dream11, allow me to explain. And how can you make thousands of dollars in real money by playing on it? Dream11 is an app that allows you to win by making predictions on cricket teams, football teams, and almost any other kind of game available. If your prediction is 100% correct and your score is the highest among all participants, you will be the first winner, and if you enter the mega contest, you will get 30 lakhs in real cash.

Not only will the first player get money, but so will more than half of the other players, with the second receiving 10 lakhs and many more. You must spend 39 to enter the massive sweepstakes. Don’t worry; use my referral code “VGMNOP38EF” to get a 100 bonus. Then use it to enter a massive contest, and if your luck is with you, you will win 30 lakhs on your first try and earn real money. Remember to submit the referral code or you will not get a single rupee. I’ve also included a download link so you can obtain it immediately. It would be wise to try your luck.

4. VClip Online Earning App

Because of its amazing offers, the Vclip earning app is the most popular money earning app for Android. This app now provides a chance to win a PUBG Mobile royal pass. You may also make money by recommending others. You get 10/- per referral instantly on your app wallet; however, the first invite earns you 20/-, and you may withdraw your earnings to your Paytm account. Nonetheless, the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits are 300/- and 500/-, respectively.

When you suggest a friend, you will get 10/- in the form of coins, as 100 coins equal one. This suggests that you will get 1000 coins for each referral. When you reach 300/- or 500/- coins, you may earn them by doing things like posting status, sharing status, sharing Vclip, browsing status, playing quizzes, and more. You may convert the funds to your Paytm account or withdraw them directly.

5. Helo App Refer Offer

If you use the helo app referral code, you will get a $15 sign-up bonus and $350 in free Paytm cash for each referral. When a friend downloads the Helo app from your recommended link and registers with their mobile number/email, you will get 5 for the referral and 50 extra for the “Happy Weekend offer.” In addition, consumers who use the app for 15 days in a row will get Rs300 in free Paytm cash. This bargain is only available for a limited time, so download it right now and start earning like a pro. Use the referral code to get a 15 CVDPULR incentive.

6. Google Pay

You are aware that Google is a legitimate and trustworthy firm. As a consequence, they are not fake, and their applications are legitimate. It was once known as Google Tez and was subsequently renamed Google Pay. You may earn money by recommending people. When you invite a friend to Google Pay and they use your referral link to make their first transaction, you will both get 51 in your bank accounts. For holidays, the referral amount will be adjusted. For example, the sum is 101 on Christmas and 201 on Diwali, implying that the least you would get is 51 and more during the celebration. They also provide you scratchcards when you make an order. You can find out more in the offers section.

7. Injoy

Well, it provides several options for earning money. Injoy, as the name says, is to please. When you join your account using the supplied link, you will earn a $50 bonus, and if you recommend a friend who registers using your referral link, you will receive a $5 bonus. In addition, when you visit Injoy on a daily basis, you will get check-in coins; 100 coins are worth Rs1. You may get money by watching movies and publishing them; if you earn a lot of coins, the coins will be converted into money, which is exciting since we make money earning apps for Android. Register now to see all available deals.


These money earning apps for Android will help you make some additional money online. These applications are legitimate and trustworthy, but they do set certain limits on how much you may take from your earnings, such as a minimum withdrawal amount. However, as far as you’re concerned, you may surpass that limit and make a lot of money with money earning apps for Android. If you find it enjoyable, please share it with your friends and on social media. They, too, profit from your efforts. Thank you for the time you give us.