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If you are looking for an app that helps you to sync your Mac data with Android and other devices then this app will help with better results. We will provide you with all the best information about the SyncMate and how does it works and how it can help you with your queries. So, stay connected with this page for more information about the SyncMate App. Will will help you to know the important facts about SyncMate App.

About SyncMate

It is a syncing application that helps or allows the users to sync their Mac data with the Android, iOS, and another Mac, MTP, and as well as allows to sync the Mounted device and Google, Dropbox, and iCloud accounts. This is the best synchronization tool for Mac users. This SyncMate Software provides an all-in-one sync service and Mac users can use this service to sync the files and data across all devices, accounts, and computers. It is a universal sync tool for the users that allows users to synchronize Mac with cell phones, and other devices. It is one of the best apps to transfer data from the iPhone to the Android device. This Software can transfer music from iPod to the computer also.

App Specifications

License- It is for free

Language- Allows English, French, and German

Version- 8.1.475

Total Downloads- 204k

Developer- Eltima Software

How do SyncMate works?

This SyncMate App works as syncing the data between the Mac and the Android. This software offers users all the possibilities to sync almost all any data in your Mac with your Android directly so that the users don’t need to use the third party storage or apps. Users can easily sync android with Mac and it does also allows multiple devices to sync like-

  • iOS device
  • Android device
  • Windows applications like office 365 Business, Outlook, and Home Accounts.
  • Google devices
  • iCloud device
  • Mounted device
  • MTP device

Basic features of SyncMate App

These are some of the basic features of using SyncMate App

  • This device allows any Android phones or other devices to sync with the user’s Mac.
  • It users SyncMate instead of iTunes for general data and the extent version support iTunes data to sync as well as for the users.
  • It also supports iTunes and other data for iPod users.
  • It allows to connect android to mac
  • This software still comes in two Free and Expert flavor for the users. The free edition supports these sync options-
  • ICal Outlook 2011, and Entourage are also supported in the SyncMate.
  • When the user’s phone is connected SMS reader will Plugin and pull the text message to your Mac.
  • It supports Contacts Encourage 2008, Outlook 2011, and Address book for the users.

Basic benefits of using SyncMate 

These are some of the basic benefits of using SyncMate App

  • SyncMate is Highly flexible that means the users don’t need to do the complected procedure for using this SyncMate software
  • This software does not take users much time in loading and syncing the data. As it is not time taking software.
  • The options are available for the users that which device they want to sync and to check the options for it.
  • It offers auto-sync options for the users which helps the users to set various boundaries for any supported devices.
  • It provides a free syncing service for basic editions. And enables the synchronization of Contacts, calendars, and the synchronization can be performed in the background also.

This software is safe to use for the users so users don’t need to worry about it.

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