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Review of Pazu Apple Music Converter

Nowadays we always try to pass our time by listening to some music. It is one of the best ways to refresh your mind right after a long day of work. If you feel the same way then you should also listen to music to calm your mind. Sometimes Apple music or iTunes is quite expensive in terms of subscription fees. In that case, you can use the Pazu Apple Music Converter to convert music easily and keep it in your system forever to listen to them offline. In this article, we are going to discuss a few features of the app and also how to use it in a long run.

What are the features of the Pazu Apple Music Converter?

There are different important features which can be the biggest reasons to choose this software over the subscription fees of Apple music. You may have seen that the subscription fees are quite high on iTunes and that is why you can choose this software to keep the music files in your system forever and listen to them anytime. A few features of the Pazu Apple Music Converter are discussed here so that you can decide whether you want to use this software or not.

Listen to music offline

If you want to keep all the music files in your system and listen to them offline without having internet then this software can serve you well. You just have to download all the music files of your choice and then you will find them in your system and listen to them offline. So it is a great way to make a collection of music instead of listening to them in exchange for some subscription fee.

Download in any format

While downloading the music from iTunes with the help of the Pazu Apple Music Converter, you have to select the format of the music file accordingly. You can download Apple Music songs to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF. Once you will select the format, it will be easier for you to listen to the particular music on any type of media player.

No need for the iTunes/Music app

Once you will use the Pazu Apple Music Converter to convert and download music offline from Apple music, you won’t need to play them with iTunes or Music app. So it will be a great opportunity for you to save some money and save the memory of your phone as well. That is why you should install this software to listen to music offline without this app.

100% original quality

With the help of Pazu Apple Music Converter, you can download music with 100% original quality and that is why it is one of the most liked software among music lovers. You can simply choose the best quality of the soundtrack and then convert it into the software and download it. After that, you will be able to listen to it offline without using the internet in the same quality.

Preserve ID3 tags

These tags will help you to know certain details about the soundtrack and that is why you may need these tags at some point. In Pazu Apple Music Converter, you will be able to preserve the tags so that you can refer to them later on whenever you will need to learn any information about the music file.

Fastest speed in download

Pazu Apple Music Converter works around 10X faster than any other software available in the market in terms of converting and downloading music from the Apple music app. So if you hate waiting for your music file to get downloaded to your system then this software can save you from that trouble. After selecting the song and the format, you just have to wait for a few minutes to get it downloaded to your device.

Unlimited downloads

You can download any number of music files with the help of the Pazu Apple Music Converter. You won’t have any limit to downloading soundtracks and that is why you won’t have to worry about the number of music files given in the queue of downloads. So you can enjoy your playlist according to your mood anytime anywhere.

No loss of data

You can keep the downloaded music in your system forever and you won’t have to lose them over time. If you be attentive to the security of your system then there is no chance of losing any soundtrack which is downloaded with the help of Pazu Apple Music Converter on your device.

How to use Pazu Apple Music Converter?

Now if you are wondering how you can use Pazu Apple Music Converter most efficiently to download and convert the music on your device then here is the step by step process to use it effectively.

Here’s how to convert Apple Music to MP3 using Pazu Music Converter –

1. After downloading Pazu Music Converter, you can either subscribe to the premium version or move forward with the trial version.

2. Log in to the Music Web Player using your Apple ID.

3. Select the settings icon to change the format. There are various formats available like – MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc.

4. Under the Output folder option, you can see where your songs will be saved.

5. Now go back to the Web Player. Here you can search the song you desire to convert.

6. Browse or search the song, album or playlist in the built-in web player. After finding the album  or playlist, click on the “Add” option on the right-hand side to add songs or playlists for converting.

7. Now click on the “Convert” option to start converting your selected files into the desired format.

Now within minutes, all your selected music will be converted into MP3 format. The files will be saved in the output folder on your device.


Will I be able to maintain the quality of the music if I use Pazu Apple Music Converter to download the songs?

Yes. You can download 100% original music files from Apple music by using this software. So you won’t have to compromise with the quality at all if you use this product.

Do I need to be a text-heavy person to use this software?

No. You just have to possess the basic idea about different apps and you will be able to understand the user interface of Pazu Apple Music Converter very easily by exploring the software itself.


This is the complete review of the Pazu Apple Music Converter. If you read it carefully then you will be able to know the basic features of the software and also how you can use it for your purpose. Once you read it carefully, you can decide whether you want to download and install this software to convert music from the Apple Music app or not. So it is always recommended that you read the review properly to decide on your next step.

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