Slow MacBook: How to Speed Up for a Better Performance?

Are you troubled with a slow MAC system? If you have not yet resolved the problem of the lagging MAC, it is time to speed it up. But, before following the steps below, it becomes essential to know why the system has slowed down. Going to the root of the problem becomes necessary. In order to settle the issue of the slowdown of the MAC in the longer term, knowing what is troubling your MAC is important.

In this article, you shall be exposed to the best 5 tips to speed up your MAC. So, let us brace uptight and begin the journey.

Steps to speed up your MAC

  • Keep the updates turned on:One of the main reasons for the lagging MAC is not updating the OS. Keep on updating the OS such that you can catch up with the latest features of the MAC. Moreover, you must take special care of the hardware and the OS of the MAC. There should not be any mismatch between the hardware and the OS of the MAC, else the lagging will continue.
  • Keep the maintenance scripts on:Don’t shut down the maintenance script. Switch it on, if it is not yet done. It operates in a secret way such that it can optimize the operation of the MAC. The system gets refreshed and shaken up which enhances the optimization of the system. Such small operations help to speed up the MAC, thus improving the performance of the system.
  • Say no to visual effects:Though the visual effects are the most attractive features of the MAC, yet, they are of no use – if, your system is lagging. A MAC is known for its excellent performance and efficiency. Turning off any form of animation is regarded as the best measure to speed up the operation.
  • Look into the hard drive:Cleaning your hard drive helps to reduce the pressure on the hard drive. If you are looking to speed up your MAC, you must clean up the drive. Since the almost full hard drives perform 20% slower than half-filled ones, it better to clean them. If you are to visualize them, they could be compared to the brick-weights on the parachute, that prevent fast operation. Get rid of the many troubles that come along with filled hard drives, by cleaning them, now!
  • A quick scan:Scan the system for any form of virus and malware. Detect them and troubleshoot them to increase performance. Though the majority of the malware victims are the Windows users, marginal attackers have also made MAC as a hunting ground. It is always suggested to install the best MAC anti-virus software.

Have you tried all the above steps, yet failed to optimize the speed of the MAC? Then one question may arise in your mind that how much can I sell my MacBook for?

Well, if you are looking to sell your device, the best price to sell the MacBook shall be at a depreciation of 15%-20% per year if you have used it for more than 2 years.

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