Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

Speechify Alternatives URL Shortener Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Google just announced the discontinuation of their well-known URL shortening service, “”. The links users have already generated through the service will continue to function, but as of April 13th, users won’t be able to build new links, according to Google. For the millions of somebody who have been utilizing “” to shorten links, this is devastating news. If you use too, you may take comfort in the knowledge that there are a number of other excellent URL shortener services available that let you not only shorten URLs but also modify them to suit your needs. So, if you’ve been searching for a service to take the place of Google’s link shortener, here are the top 10 alternatives available right now:

Note that all of these tools provide free URL shortening services. However, if you use other services like link tracking, performance index, etc., you might have to pay.

Top 10 URL Shortener Alternatives You Can Use

In this article, you can know about URL Shortener Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Bitly


Bitly is most likely the option to consider if you’re seeking for a Google URL Shortener substitute that is not just superior to but also more potent. One of the most widely used link shortening services is bitly. Although bitly has developed over the years into a service that allows you to do more than just shorten links, including measuring metrics, track individual link statistics, improve your links’ performance, and more, the site’s fundamental functionality has not changed.

Simply access the bitly website, paste your link, and instantly obtain the reduced URL. Then you can send that link via direct message, social media, or email. Everywhere will be able to use your shortened link. One of the most reputable link shortening services available is bitly, and for good reason. It always works and is simple and fast. The best part is that if all you intend to do is use the link shortening tool, you don’t even need to register.

2. is a straightforward alternative to that merely allows you to shorten links. Simply access the website, copy the URL, and paste it into the link shortener box to finish. The best thing about utilizing is that it opens up quickly no matter how sluggish your internet connection is since the website is so simple. Give a try if you’re looking for a straightforward and quick link shortening solution.

This service’s ability to quickly let you modify your connections is one of its wonderful features. I only needed a few seconds to build my personalized URL, as you can see in the image below. Nevertheless, you might need to make a few attempts since if your personalized URL is too general, it’s likely that someone else has already used it.


The link shortening service is an additional quick and simple option. The service delivers a very simple page that loads quickly, just like Additionally, you have the choice to personalize your links and the capability to monitor their effectiveness. I’ve used it for a while and it’s one of my favorite URL shortening services. Since the service has never let me down, I wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone searching for a substitute. This is another URL Shortener Alternatives . Also check Clubhouse Alternatives

4. is yet another user-friendly and straightforward URL shortener service that enables you to shorten URLs without logging in or creating an account. Visit the website, paste the link you wish to shorten, and then click the Shorten button are all that are required. The service not only provides you with a shortened URL, but it also generates a QR code that is useful if you want to open the website on your smartphone without having to copy and paste the address into your browser. The service is excellent and a respectable substitute for

5. is a URL shortener service that is identical to Bitly, so if you’d want, you can add a lot of extra features on top of the standard link shortening service. The fact that you must establish an account even if you only want to utilize the URL shortener service is one aspect of this service that I dislike. Having said that, there are many aspects of this that I admire.

I enjoy the option to submit a link to many social media accounts at once the best out of all the features, including link performance, individual link metrics, and others. You only need to connect your social media accounts to the site, and then you can post your personalized and shortened links with a single click. Don’t hesitate to give a try if these qualities appeal to you.


Consider employing a URL shortening service that earns you money rather than costs you money while you are considering them. It’s true what you just read! There are services that shorten your links and pay you based on how many clicks you can get from those links. Although there are many such services, is my favorite. The best thing about using is that you don’t have to register for an account if you don’t want to take part in the earnings program. This is another URL Shortener Alternatives . Also check Speechify Alternatives

However, you must register with the service if you want to make money with your shared links. While registering for the service, keep in mind that it rewards you since it places adverts on your links. As a result, before being forwarded to your linked page, your visitors will first see advertisements for a little while. Therefore, if that’s something you don’t want, utilize one of the other services on this list.

7. Shortener by GoDaddy

Shortener by GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a well-known domain name service that can help you not only find the ideal domain name but also create a website around it. There is a good chance that GoDaddy provided your domain name if you run your own website. It would seem easy to use the URL shortener service that GoDaddy offers at no additional cost if you are already a customer. Having said that, if you are not a GoDaddy subscriber, this service is not for you since you need a paid account to use it.

8. Sniply


With a secret weapon under its sleeve, is a very good link shortener tool that can help you increase traffic to your website or social media profile. With sniply, users may add unique call-to-action buttons directly to the page. Consider the scenario when you wish to share an article you found with your audience. You can build a shortened URL that leads readers to the article using This is another URL Shortener Alternatives .

Visitors will also see a unique call to action button at the bottom of the page in addition to the content itself. The button might point people to your website, social media account, or any other location you want them to go. Using sniply is a fantastic approach to guide your audience to the location of your choice without interfering with their user experience.

9. Pretty Links

Pretty Links

With the help of Pretty URLs, you may not only shorten your URLs but also make them readable, memorable, and easy to speak. Anyone with a WordPress website who needs an easy way to distribute links that stand out can use this service. Users of Pretty Links can make unique links that include your primary domain name. It not only makes URLs simpler to share and recall, but it also aids in raising your brand’s visibility. Use a service like Pretty Links if your website is powered by WordPress.


Popular link-shortening service enables users to quickly shorten links. You can easily trace the links you make with To determine which links are working better than the others, you can also compare them. For those who make money through Amazon’s affiliate marketing resources, has a significant advantage over the other link shortening providers on the list. In order to improve your affiliate income, ensures that the links shortened using its service direct consumers to the local Amazon store. Having said that, it’s a fantastic tool to create short links and track their effectiveness even if you are not into affiliate marketing.

Which Google URL Shortener Alternative will you use?

Despite reports that Google is discontinuing its URL shortening service,, the truth is that there are many excellent alternatives that perform far better than I sincerely hope that this article assisted you in locating the link shortening tool you required. If so, please share its name in the comments area below and let us know which one it was.

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