Top 11 Best Clubhouse Alternatives And Similar Apps

Clubhouse Alternatives

Best Clubhouse Alternatives  will be discussed in this article. Clubhouse, which grew rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic, originally required users to be invited by an existing user or to seek to be added to a waiting list. If you haven’t got any invitation, there are many Clubhouse alternatives with more open policies.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media software that is built on audio. The developer promotes the app as a new sort of social media centered on voice that permits people from all over the world to communicate, share experiences, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet intriguing new people.

Basically, it’s like a live, free-flowing podcast where you may jump in and out of different talks on various topics. You have the option of merely listening or contributing your own ideas. The social-media software simulates real-life interactions by bringing together live podcast-style dialogues, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and beneficial multiple-room use. The audio, on the other writing, does not leave the app. Conversations aren’t recorded, and they aren’t saved.

Who uses Clubhouse?

Celebrities frequent Clubhouse. You might hear them if you browse around the app when they host online talks. That is, in some ways, part of Clubhouse’s attraction. You get the opportunity to listen to and perhaps participate in candid talks with well-known and prominent people.

Apart from celebrities, the app appears to be geared toward what it deems to be an exclusive customer. After its debut last year, it became somewhat of a status symbol for tech-savvy or “influencer” types. The invitation-only aspect of the event was evidently handled quite seriously. However, it is presently expanding.

What’s the problem with Clubhouse?

Clubhouse already has issues with abuse and lack of content regulation. Numerous accusations have been made that Clubhouse has done nothing to safeguard people from abuse. Moreover, ever since the invite-only hype died down, most users are already done with the app.

Top 11 Best Clubhouse Alternatives And Similar Apps

1. Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces

After the takeoff of Clubhouse, everyone seems to think that Twitter should have been the precursor of the audio chat social network. Most people think Clubhouse works on the same idea as Twitter that nearly everything is open to the public. Twitter, on the other hand, had to be jolted awake by Clubhouse’s entry into the mainstream. Twitter has now announced Spaces, which is similar to Clubhouse but is incorporated into Twitter and works in tandem with Fleets.

Twitter Spaces may be accessed by hitting the “Compose” icon on Twitter and then selecting Spaces. Keep in mind that Spaces, like Clubhouse, is open to the public, and anybody can listen to your Spaces. However, you have the option of allowing who to invite to speak in your Twitter Space. Also check Eclipse Alternatives

Aside from that, only ten users can speak at the same time at the moment. Nothing will be publicly viewable when you finish your Space, just like Clubhouse. At the time, there wasn’t an option to record audio. In the event of a violation, Twitter will keep a copy of Spaces for 30 days. Finally, protected accounts are unable to create Spaces but are able to join and listen to conversations.

2. Discord Stage Channels

Discord Stage Channels

You’re losing out on a lot of fun if you only use Discord for chatting or talking to your friends while gaming. Stage Channels, a Discord-based alternative to Clubhouse, is now available to download. It’s a new sort of Discord channel where you can invite users to conduct a public conversation, similar to Clubhouse. It also comes with the same controls that Clubhouse does.

The “raise hand” option allows listeners to send a request to the moderator, who can then choose to enable them to speak in Stage channels. The moderator also has a lot of power; for example, they can remove someone from the channel and so on. You should make use of Discord Stage Channels as a superb alternative to Clubhouse.

3. Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Facebook had unveiled a slew of new audio capabilities, including a competitor to Clubhouse called Live Audio Rooms. In June, Live Audio Rooms became available to select Facebook Groups and U.S. public personalities in good standing with Facebook. Since then, the function has been discovered to work as a lightweight form of interaction and dialogue across groups, where it has been adopted by creators, according to Facebook.

The premise is similar to Clubhouse in that up to 50 people can speak at the same time about a given topic. Plus, Facebook Live Rooms allow hosts to put up a fundraiser if they want to promote a cause, something Clubhouse currently does not allow.

4. Telegram Voice Chat

Telegram Voice Chat

Telegram has jumped on the bandwagon and created Voice Chat to clone what Clubhouse does. It’s not a separate app; it’s part of the Telegram app. Only a group admin or channel owner has the ability to enable Voice Chat. Before you can start a voice chat, you must first form a group. This is another Clubhouse Alternatives. Also check Parsec Alternatives

Unlike Clubhouse, which is open to the public and allows users to search for audio conversations, Telegram does not. It’s only available to members of the group or channel. Of course, anyone can ask others to join the voice chat by sharing the invite link or adding them to a group.

5. Reddit Talk

Reddit Talk

Finding like minded people through audio chat in a subreddit may be the greatest choice for those who use Reddit frequently, and may even be better than Clubhouse. This feature, known as Reddit Talk, currently only permits moderators to host a talk. This is another Clubhouse Alternatives.

The site has signaled that it is testing the tool and that Reddit Talk may be rolled out to a wider audience. Reddit Talk, like Clubhouse, lets subreddit moderators initiate a public audio conversation. Anyone can listen to the discussion and make a request to speak. The user interface is very comparable to Clubhouse. Overall, Reddit Talk is an excellent software with an audio social network similar to Clubhouse if you are a Reddit user.

6. Riffr


If you’re not familiar with Riffr, it’s a micro-podcasting medium rather than a new social media site for audio-only talks. Riffr has been doing well in this micro-podcast section for the previous few months. Your audio chats are public here, just like they are in Clubhouse, and they are more conversational. Your followers will be able to respond to your talks and you will be able to do the same.

You can also look for themes, things you like, and micro-podcasts that appeal to you. Riffr features a sharing tool that lets you convert your audio to video, allowing you to effortlessly share your micro-podcasts on various social media platforms. Riffr may not be identical to Clubhouse in every way, but it does bring a fresh layer to the audio-only social networking craze. It’s something you should certainly look into.

7. Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram Live Rooms

To mimic the audio-only app, Facebook has added some new capabilities to Instagram Live. While the fundamentals of Instagram Live have remained the same, the platform has evolved to become more social, allowing creators to connect and participate in their feeds.

Instead of being confined to just one other person on a stream, Live Rooms allow you to go live with up to three others. Users are encouraged to establish a discussion show, organize a jam session or collaborate with other artists, conduct more engaging Q&As or tutorials with their followers, or simply hang out with more acquaintances. This is another Clubhouse Alternatives.

Live viewers can buy badges for hosts, and other interactive features like Live Shopping and Live Fundraisers provide even more chances for brands and organizations. Thus, this made Instagram Live closer to becoming one of best Clubhouse alternatives.

8. Stereo


Clubhouse began as a forum for Silicon Valley insiders to discuss technology and has evolved into something more enjoyable as time has passed. Stereo, on the other hand, feels like it was made to entertain from the start. You can also host or listen to live chats, with the possibility for listeners to participate. However, a weekly cash incentive of up to $20,000 for the finest show encourages hosts to be as entertaining as possible. It’s no surprise, then, that there are thousands of shows to pick from, ranging from news to sports to comedy. Fortunately, the app has excellent search capabilities, including the ability to filter by topic and personality. Stereo, unlike Clubhouse, allows you to listen to prior episodes and even informs you when people are set to speak next, ensuring that you don’t miss out. With its features, Stereo is a distinct Clubhouse alternative.


People who wish to engage with others but don’t like being on camera will find audio-only apps appealing. For the introverted extrovert, these types of meeting settings are ideal. There are a variety of voice chatting applications available, ranging from micro-podcasting to audio chat room apps, and from exclusive to non-exclusive. Everyone can find a voice chatting app that suits their needs. Clubhouse has inspired a slew of competitors. And, with social media networks like Instagram working on Clubhouse-style audio platforms, this is only the beginning of a new trend of Clubhouse alternatives.