Top 12 Best Speechify Alternatives And Similar Apps

Speechify Alternatives

Best Speechify Alternatives And Similar Apps will be discussed in this article. The Speechify app has features that allow users to learn a language through listening to text in the target language of their choice. You may also copy content from other papers and books to your mobile phone. Moreover, you can listen to it directly on your device. However, the app does not always work properly. Thus, you might need these Speechify alternatives to get what you want!

A Quick Look on Speechify

The Speechify Text Reader News PDF application has features that allow you to rewind or fast forward through the book. This is a neat feature you can use to begin listening from a point that is more convenient for you. You can also interrupt the playing by tapping the pause button on the program’s toolbar. Moreover, users have the ability to alter the text’s color, size, and typeface at their discretion. Text-to-speech and PDF reader app are developed specifically by Speechify. It also has a dyslexia app feature. In short, it is a straightforward user interface that includes the ability to modify the rate at which the app reads aloud. Users may hit the plus symbol to make the app read more slowly. Otherwise, you can click the minus indicator to make the program read more quickly.

Top 12 Best Speechify Alternatives And Similar Apps

Top 12 Best Speechify Alternatives And Similar Apps are explained here.

1. Reasily


The Reasily app provides access to a massive library of best-sellers written by several well-known authors from across the world. All from the convenience of a user’s mobile device. To quickly return to a book after reading it, you may save it to your home screen. The EPUB Reader app has features that make it simple for its users to sign up for an account and sync all of their data, including bookmarks and notes, to a cloud server. So, they can access it from any of their devices.

When you highlight some text, you’ll see options to bold, italicize, underline, etc. The text in the Reasily app may be modified in many ways, including font size, style, and tone. Moreover, background colors and the option to switch to a dark theme are accessible through the options menu.

2. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader

The Voice Dream Reader is a great alternative to speechify. This app provides customization options for your preferred eBook’s layout based on how you want to read. Using this app, you can move quickly between sentences, sections, page numbers, bookmarked pages, and other identifiers. Moreover, the Voice Dream Reader – Text to Speech app lets you listen to your preferred papers. You can do this with the motivation of a play button. But you can also adjust playback with many convenient gestures.

Users may utilize the search box to look for a certain term anywhere in the file or eBook. Furthermore, the Voice Dream Reader app has tools to allow you to adjust the voice speed on the fly. It also displays your current speed preferences for each page. Last but not least, users may save certain text sections to return to later or highlight whole passages to reread.

3. Fast Reader

Fast Reader

The Fast Reader is another app similar to Speechify. This app brings the popular fast serial visual presentation style to the convenience of a smartphone. It allows users to read and see their favorite books, texts, and documents on the go.

You can save books and other documents in a favorites list for subsequent perusal. The app has an easy-to-use design and an established eBook manager. Thus, it might assist users to locate books in various formats stored on the phone’s internal storage, including text, pdf, EPUB, etc.Fast Reader has a feature where you can double-tap that text, and it will be copied to the clipboard so you can employ it in a Google search. Furthermore, the options tab allows users to modify the default text size, font, reading speed, and color. The playback may be managed by touching the next and previous buttons and playing and stopping.

4. Speechy


Twelve Stars Software’s Speechy program provides features that make it easier to read text in a wide range of formats, including pdf, txt, EPUB, web pages, and many more. In order to select books automatically, users may alter the audio output directory. With the bookmarking capabilities of Speechy, you may return to a previously read section of a book or article. Furthermore, in the options menu, users may alter the voice engine used for text-to-speech.

The Speechy app has settings that allow you to modify the app’s voice, language, and speaking pace. You can also check out the title, amount of pages, and current page count in the notification bar with controls for playing audiobooks.

5. WebReader


You may copy and paste text from any webpage and have the WebReader app read it aloud to you. It is yet another alternative to speechify. The program includes tools to assist users in copying and pasting text from websites into text files for later sharing. From the options menu, you may choose a different language for the voiceover.

The WebReader app has functions that allow you to look at the past to keep records of your habits and to begin reading from that point. Moreover, with only a swipe, users may access all of their bookmarked URLs from the convenience of their mobile device’s screen. The simple text may be seen in different sizes by tapping the Share button.

6. AlReaderX


Alan Neverland’s AlReaderX is a reading program featuring tools for reading documents in many various formats, including Word, Text, PDF, HTML, Docx, Open Document Text (ODT), and Rich Text Format (RTF). Therefore, you can also utilize it as an app similar to Speechify To quickly find what you’re looking for, users may input keywords or phrases into the search field.

In real time, users of the AlReaderX e-book reader app may switch between a wide variety of languages. Furthermore, on the main menu, you can see how far you’ve gotten through the book. Thus, you may check how many pages are left, how many pages you’ve read so far, and what page you’re now on. This is another speechify alternatives. Also check Eclipse Alternatives

The AlReaderX program has a simple user interface with buttons for opening the file manager, getting assistance, and customizing the app’s settings. Moreover, to adjust for varying levels of illumination, users may choose between a light or dark theme.

7. Quickify


With the help of the Quickify app, avid readers may experience their preferred works at a pace more akin to that of viewing a video. The ability to copy & paste text from several sources into the app makes it ideal for scanning large amounts of information quickly. Therefore, this app is a perfect alternative to Speechify.

The program has functions such as touching the plus and minus symbols to speed up or slow down the text. Moreover, you can swipe right to go from one word to the next. The controls for changing the font and size are conveniently located on the same screen.

With a single swipe, users of the Quickify app may access their reading list, publications, resources, devices, store, help, and settings. Furthermore, you can also use the app’s built-in sharing options or post it on one of your social media reports to let your family & friends know about the content.

8. Speech Central

Speech Central

You may also use Speech Central, which is another tool to turn TXT files into spoken text. It’s one of the most widely-used app packages around, and it comes with a few handy keyboard shortcuts. Thus, you can quickly and easily convert web pages, papers, PDF files, and many other types of files for use on macOS and other platforms.

The tool is user-friendly, responsive, and routinely updated to ensure you have the multiple recent data at your fingertips. However, Speechify’s web browser extension is much more user-friendly than Speech Central’s. This is further highlighting the app’s superior usability. Still, you can try Speech Central yourself to check out if it’s the right tool for you. This is another speechify alternatives.

9. Evie


Alfred Faltiska’s Evie is a text reader app with excellent text-to-speech functions. Thus, the alternative to Speechify may let you enjoy your favorite readers while on the go. The app lets you translate material into any language and choose a specific piece to copy. Furthermore, you may choose from several various speech engines in the eVoice book reader app, including Google text-to-speech, Amazon Polly, Acapela TTS, Speak TTS, and many more.

The user may look at the contents list to see what chapters are available, and then choose one to begin listening right away. Users may see articles in the read option and pick a phrase to modify the pace of speech to suit their requirements using the Evie app’s customizable features. Moreover, users can also find other features, such as the sleep mode, which automatically disables the reading even before the user-specified time. This is another speechify alternatives.

10. I2S Talkie OCR

I2S Talkie OCR

Users of the I2S Talkie OCR app may scan images and have the resulting data converted to reader, which can then be read aloud utilizing the app’s sophisticated text-to-speech capabilities. It is a bit more advanced than Speechify but you can also utilize it as an app like Speechify. This is another speechify alternatives. Also check MagnetDL Alternatives

Picture-taking and browsing the phone’s photo library are both accessible from the home screen through dedicated buttons. Moreover, the I2S Talkie OCR program includes tools to assist users translate text into a wide variety of languages. The language, text, and orientation may all be detected and played automatically depending on your preferences. The I2S Talkie OCR program has tools that let users listen to text read aloud in the native tongue of their choice, therefore expanding their linguistic horizons. Furthermore, converting the text file to PDF format makes it easy to share with coworkers and loved ones.

11. ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

There are features in the ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form app that allow you to safely distribute sensitive documents to your coworkers and other users. To ease eye strain while working in dim environments, users may activate the dark style theme while accessing the menu. This is another speechify alternatives.

You may view the pdf file to modify documents and add new hyperlinks, lists, and contents with the help of the ezPDF Reader: PDF Reader, Annotator & Form Filler program. Advanced text-to-speech technologies allow users to listen to such documents while doing other things on their devices.The ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form program provides tools for incorporating media such as photographs, videos, and audio files into your PDFs. Users have the option of editing the PDF file by adding or removing pages.


The platform is an AI-powered voice service that offers authentic, emotive voices for use in app that utilizes sound. Regarding developing interesting, realistic voices, has you covered with over 5,000 choices. not only has a vast voice library, but also APIs for simply creating apps that work with sound. And if you like to complete something really original, you may use to make a clone of your voice.

You can be confident that you’re always bringing the exact most out of your time with since it is continually updated with brand new features and enhancements.’s simple interface makes it a good choice for both novices and pros in the field of text to voice translation.

Most people compare vs Speechify. However, the goal of is to replicate the voices of its users and their favorite public figures. Speechify is designed to give a large library of voices for a variety of uses, such as recording voice overs for videos, listening to audiobooks, and attending lectures. Therefore, both of them have slightly different usage. You can try the 12 Speechify alternatives above to get features similar to Speechify. Examine for the one that is appropriate for your needs!