8 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Plumber

A plumber is one of the most important people you will ever invite into your home, which is why you need to make sure that you hire the right one. There are a series of questions you need to ask prospective plumbers and you should only hire the one that gives you the right answers. Fortunately, it is usually quite easy to find information about any plumber you are thinking of hiring. So, if you are hiring someone for plumbing services in Los Angeles, make sure to do your homework first.

Make Sure That The Plumber is Licensed

Most states require that a plumber have a license before they are allowed to operate. It is important that you know whether the plumber you hire is licensed because the work of an unlicensed plumber may not be up to the local building codes. That could be a problem if your home should ever come under inspection.

However, it is easy to find out if a plumber is licensed, just call the plumber and ask them for their license number, if they refuse to give you one, then you should not even consider hiring them. If they do give you their number then you can check online to see if it is legitimate. In California, you can go to the website for the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State Licensing Board to check and verify that their license is real.

Find Out If They Are Insured

A qualified plumber will have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. That means that you will not be liable if the plumber, or anyone who works for them, gets hurt while on the job in your home.

Get a Written Estimate

A reliable plumber should be able to give you a complete estimate of what the job will cost before they get started. That estimate should include everything that the job entails, from labor costs, parts costs, and so on. You do not want to be presented with surprise or hidden fees once the job is completed. So make sure to get an estimate once the plumber has performed an inspection on the full scope of the problem.

Get References and Referrals

The best way to know if the plumber will do a good job for you is by finding out if they did a good job for someone else. Ask any prospective plumber about their previous clients and then contact those clients and ask them about their experience. This will give you a great idea of what to expect should you decide to hire that plumber.

Availability and Response Time

You should find out if the plumber in question has an emergency services option that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Plumbers work regular hours like everyone else but an emergency option is helpful should an urgent plumbing problem appear out of the blue. Those emergency services are usually more expensive, understandably, but the option should be there.

On a similar note, you should find out how quickly the plumber can get to your home. Naturally, shorter times are better, especially for emergencies, but even for less severe problems, you do not want to have a plumber that will keep you waiting for too long.

Learn Their Payment Rates

Find out how and when the plumber wants to be paid. You should avoid anyone who asks for full payment upfront, instead opt for plumbers who only ask for payment after certain milestones are reached, or who want to be paid over a period of time. You also need to find out if the payment is a flat rate or by the hour. A flat rate will not change because of labor costs, but an hourly payment can increase if the job runs long.

Find Out If They Offer a Warranty or a Guarantee

Any good plumber will stand by the quality of their work by offering a warranty or a guarantee to perform a repair should something go wrong with the job they did. Make sure to get this promise in writing before they start the job.

Find The Right Plumber By Using This Checklist

Finding the right plumber can be a difficult and daunting experience for most people because there are so many to choose from. However, if you use this checklist and ask the right questions, then you are guaranteed to find a plumber with whom you will be completely satisfied.

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