Unsure About Choosing the Best Battery for Inverter? Read This

Unsure About Choosing the Best Battery for Inverter? Read This

Whenever you think of setting up a power backup system for your home, it’s important to choose the best battery for inverter if you are looking for exceptional load handling capabilities and backup over an extended period. So, the question is, “How do you choose the ideal battery? Or rather, what should it do for you to qualify as the best battery for inverter?” 

Well, to begin. Here are a few things that an inverter battery should solve for you!

Exceptional Power Backup- The battery must be able to deliver power backup throughout the entire duration of a power cut. So, choose a battery that’s designed for either long power cuts, or frequent and short duration power cuts multiple times in a day to meet the power situation in your area. Typically flat plate battery type is chosen, if in your are you face frequent but short duration power-cuts. If you experience long duration power cuts, Tubular technology would be a good choice. GEL technoly offers maintenance performance from battery, however they are comparatively costlier than flat plate or Tubular plate battery.

Load Handling Capacity- The batteries’ load handling capacity must be adequate to take on the entire load of the appliances and equipments it’s supposed to service during a power cut. Therefore, choose a battery that is adequately powered so that it can handle the loads. As a word of advice, it would be better to get a battery that’s slightly overpowered so that in case you add any new appliances, it can seamlessly handle the load without any dip in performance.

Safety Features- Generally lead acid battery is a safe device, unless this is mis-handled. Batteries must be installed in well ventilated place, away from direct heat source or moisture. Renowned branded flooded battery is provided with specially designed explosion proof vent plugs – those plugs muse be secured properly during operation. Batteries require periodic maintenance – it must be followed without failure.

Build Quality- The build quality of the battery must be exceptional. It should ideally be manufactured using only the highest-quality elements and the best of components. Explore the technical features to understand battery quality before actual buy.

Service life and Maintenance Costs- A tubular battery can easily last for at least half a decade and many a times more if proper care is taken. So, any battery that you buy must at the least work efficiently for a minimum of 5 years before needing a replacement. When it comes to maintenance costs, you must choose a battery that requires next to no maintenance, except for that occasional water top up. Always buy good quality batteries if you don’t want to spend a fortune on maintaining the battery once you have got it home, since you may realize that you could buy a new one for the amount you spent on maintenance.

Brand Value- The brand value of a battery is crucial for finding the best battery for inverter. The more reliable the brand, the better the battery would be. So, spend a little extra and invest in a good quality battery from a reliable manufacturer so you don’t end up disappointed with its performance in the future.

The best battery for inverter is a combination of the points we discussed so far and depending on what your power requirements and budget is, any battery that meets these criteria should be good enough for your unique power situation.

In the meantime, you can check out the exceptional lineup of inverter batteries from the Luminous. All of their products are built using top grade elements and the best of components to offer uninterrupted performance even in the toughest of conditions.

Start shortlisting and comparing those batteries on basis of the points we discussed so far. We are sure that it won’t take long to choose the best battery for inverter for you home if you do this right, and you should get the best value for your money!