The Future of Advanced Robotics

The role of technology and robotics has changed over the past decade. Technology has evolved and its capabilities and practical applications have expanded; robotics are integrated into energy, medicine, and everyday life. As we enter 2020, robotics will experience more innovation that will inspire sophistication in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic programming.

 Robotics in the Job Market

Automation in the workplace will have an impact on the job market, but instead of taking jobs from workers, as is the fear, technology will create new job opportunities. The Center for Economics and Business Research found that robotics research and investment contributed 10% of GDP per capita growth between the years 1993 to 2016. There’s a positive relationship between automation and economic growth, and there’s evidence to support that employers who bring in robotic technology will experience an increase in job opportunities, as well as changes in job skill sets.

The Regulation of AI Technology

Due to its new state, there are few laws that affect AI technology’s use and regulation. However, as AI and other robotic technology are integrated into aspects of our lives, like finance, healthcare, and security, systems of regulation and accountability will be established. Regulatory legislation is already a point of discussion and we should anticipate more industry leaders, in addition to Elon Musk, to advocate for laws and restrictions for AI technology.

The Increase/Rise of Smart Technology

Voice-operated devices, cloud technology, and advanced robotics are all part of smart homes and smart technology. LG’s CLOi is an example of smart technology that can integrate with everyday appliances. It can learn preferences, determine which items are in a washing machine, and facilitate communication between ovens and refrigerators. However, smart technology in self-driving cars is the peak of AI technology. Driverless technology is estimated to contribute roughly $7 trillion to the global economy and save half a million lives over the next decades.

We may not be living in a science fiction life as depicted in “The Jetsons,” but over the next decade, we will see more innovation, investment, and development of smart technology and AI systems. To learn more about how Tomahawk Robotics is helping develop advanced technology, visit

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