Top 8 Best Postman Alternatives In 2023

postman alternatives

Best Postman Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Postman is arguably a significant collaboration platform for API management. But Postman is not the only option you have. Whether you want to explore options available on the market or simply need to upgrade your experience, a list of Postman alternatives can be taken into consideration.

API management software is useful for testing API, monitoring API, app integration, and more. There are several choices when it arrives to Postman alternatives and competitors, each provides you with similar or better features. Scroll through and get inspired!

8 Postman Alternatives and Competitors

In this article, you can know about Postman Alternatives here are the details below;

Finding the best alternatives to Postman can be daunting especially if you are new in API management. Luckily, we have made everything easier for you. Here we have compiled the best Postman alternatives and competitors, allowing you to choose a program that will help you with the work. Check this out.

1. Paw


Specifically designed for Mac, Paw is an advanced API tool with powerful features. Mainly functioned to test and describe API, it delivers a beautiful interface to make activities easier from composing requests to inspecting server responses and also export API definitions.

Similar to Postman, Paw is a collaborative tool that supports teamwork. It enables you and your crew to make changes & get updates in real time. Plus, it allows you to synchronize API test configurations. Building and testing software is getting easier with this program. And when it comes to describing APIs, you can visually build API requests and describe it through textual description and constraints. It supports JSON Schema yet it is still compliant to RAML, Swagger, and API Blueprint description.

2. Insomnia


Insomnia by Kong allows you to deliver high quality APIs through collaboration. Featuring streamlined API client, sending GraphQL, REST, and SOAP requests comes easy with this platform. You can also manage multiple environments by defining environment variables such as authentication credentials. Also check Hologram Apps

Furthermore, Insomnia has powerful tools to accelerate your team through API development. A built-in specification editor enables you to make the best of API development. Featuring instant design preview, you can easily make changes without switching applications.

Insomnia also has testing suites, allowing you to build functional test and centralize API tests. Other functions to find in this tool includes development efficiency improvement, automated tests through different platforms, and collaboration to work with your team.

3. Swagger UI

Swagger UI

This is another alternative to Postman for easier API visualization and interaction with the API resources. The open-source tool is dependency-free, which means you can work in any environment either locally or on the website. Thanks to all browser supports that allow you to work in all browsers.

Swagger features organized documentations that makes it easy to navigate. You can quickly find resources and work with it for enhanced productivity. Additionally, this Postman alternative is designed to be human-friendly, allowing end developers to interact and try API operations.

One of the best parts is that Swagger UI is fully customizable. Freely tweak your tool to meet your preferences, thanks to full source code access it has. Swagger UI is available in open source and pro versions so you can choose a plan that meets your needs.

4. MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform

MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform

AnyPoint Platform is an integrated platform for APIs, SOA, and SaaS. This is a great tool to quickly design and build APIs with few clicks or codes. Simplify your API development, thanks to a variety of functions it offers from designing to testing APIs.

There are so many features to enjoy in this tool such as API fragment schemas that enables you to reuse data models and a mock service that allows you to collect feedback before implementing the design. You can also automate workflows in a matter of minutes. What’s more, this alternative offers easy connection to any system. You can quickly access and integrate data with databases and other record systems. Additionally, it allows you to create reusable connectors with built-in SDK.

5. Apigee


If you like to try an API tool aside from Postman, Apigee is worth the thought. This platform works well to develop and manage APIs by way of fronting services with a proxy later. It provides security, analytics, quota, rate limiting, and more. Also check UNetbootin Alternatives

Using Apigee, you can change the backend service implementation without having to affect the public API. It also allows app developers to use your services, thanks to well-defined and consistent APIs. It also enables you to enjoy many features like developer portal and analytics.

There are two main components in Apigee, services and runtime. Apigee services enable you to create, manage, and deploy API proxies. Meanwhile, Apigee runtime is a set of runtime services maintained by Google. It also has additional components, including GCP services and back-end services.

6. Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway

Are you looking for a tool to create, manage, and publish APIs at any scale? Amazon API Gateway has got you covered. It is a fully managed service that allows applications to easily access data and functionality from backend services. Using this API Gateway, you can create two types of APIs including RESTful APIs and WebSocket APIs. HTTP APIs work well to build RESTful APIs that are optimized for serverless workloads. Meanwhile, WebSocket APIs can be used to build two-way communication apps. Amazon API Gateway offers a number of benefits, such as efficient API development with the ability to run the same API with multiple versions. It also provides API development at any scale with cost efficiency in mind. Not to mention it offers easy monitoring on API calls.

7. Azure API Management

Azure API Management

Brought to you by Microsoft, Azure offers a great way for API management. This hybrid and multi-cloud supports APIs across environments, allowing you to manage all APIs. There are abundant features that make Azure a cool Postman alternative. It lets you optimize API traffic low, thanks to the ability to deploy APIs hosted in Azure along with API gateways. You can enjoy unified management while still being secure and compliant.

Additionally, Azure API Management comes with authentication and authorization features that allow you to monitor and control how services are exposed to customers or employees. On top of that, it comes with automated API documentation to build app faster.

8. IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect

This is a useful API tool that lets you create, manage, and publish APIs across cloud environments. Driving your business is made simple with this API platform, thanks to easy-to-use features to power up digital applications. Using IBM API Connect, you can securely expose record systems, services, and databases through APIs. This allows you to develop web or mobile applications by applying policies to control and secure API delivery. With this app, you can also analyze, socialize, and monetize APIs. Additionally, IBM offers a powerful function to test and monitor APIs. It enables you to produce high quality API by relying on automated and collaborative testing. Best of all, you can resolve potential problems by monitoring API health.