Top 9 Best Hologram Apps For Android And iOS In 2023

Hologram Apps

Best Hologram Apps For Android  will be discussed in this article. Literally anything can be done on a smartphone, including editing photographs and making amazing films. The mobile gadget is also capable of producing a distinctive hologram. You can simply create holograms with images or videos with the finest hologram applications for Android and iOS. Images using hologram apps have a futuristic appearance. These apps can not only help you edit your images but also transform your mobile device into a special 3D projector.

Top 9 Best Hologram Apps For Android And iOS In 2023

In this article, you can know about Hologram Apps here are the details below;

A wide variety of holograms applications can be helpful whether you want to create a creative project for a school assignment or just have fun with your family. Here is a collection of the finest holographic applications for your Android or iOS smartphone.

1. Holo


Adding holograms to your images and movies is easy using the popular software Holo. This innovative app, which is ARKit-optimized, takes pictures and movies to new heights. You may move around and interact with holograms of people or animals as though they were real people or animals by adding them to the system.

For redefining your narrative and material, this app is fantastic. With the help of the Augmented Reality function, you may enhance videos and engage with additional holograms. Holo quickly rises to the top of the list of hologram apps for iOS and Android.

It has a ton of features, including the ability to walk around any character’s hologram that is placed in the actual world. For a more lifelike experience, you can also view life-size holograms of people and animals. By moving, resizing, and moving around them, you can explore your new environment.

Additionally, Holo enables you to take photos and videos in both landscape and portrait orientations. Don’t be reluctant to save to the gallery or share with your relatives and friends. This schedule has a lot to offer, and you can choose from a selection of hologram characters.

2. HoloLens 3D Dinosaurs

HoloLens 3D Dinosaurs

With HoloLens 3D Dinosaurs, you can unleash powerful dinosaurs from your smartphone! This amazing hologram program allows you to simulate a dinosaur encounter on your Android and iOS smartphones. Just save the cash and have fun playing the game; there are 13 dinosaurs ready to be unlocked. HoloLens is more like a 3D hologram simulator in a funny game. It creates a realistic effect by utilizing your camera. This is a fantastic app to download if dinosaurs are one of your favorite animals. Play the game with your loved ones and friends. Also check dakboard alternative

This holographic app showcases hologram that are realistic and appear real. For a better gaming experience, it also has an accelerometer. Additionally, you can select from a variety of dinosaur species, including T-Rex, Triceratops, and many others. It is quite simple to use. on play the funny game, download the app on your Android or iOS smartphone and activate it. This software does not offer real holograms and is only meant for amusement purposes.

3. Holapex Hologram Video Maker

Holapex Hologram Video Maker

Here is another program that might help you get the most out of your pictures and videos. You can improve snapshots and video recordings from your device by using Holapex, which was created specifically to convert any image and video into holographic video.

Holograms made using Holapex Light Pyramid and Holapex Vovod work well with Holapex. All you have to do is choose an image or video directly from the device; no complicated editing or coding is required. You may instantly create holograms out of the chosen image or video in a matter of seconds.

Its success on Android and iOS has been demonstrated by numerous users. On Google Play Store, this app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. It won’t use up a lot of your device’s resources due to the modest file size. If you’re interested, make sure your device is running iOS 8.0 or Android 4.1.

4. Dino Park Hologram Simulator

Dino Park Hologram Simulator

Dinosaur enthusiasts must download this awesome software. In essence, Dino Park Hologram Simulator is a hologram simulation game program. You may enjoy the lifelike effect of dinosaurs using this software. Find your preferred dinosaur species and let your loved ones in on the fun.

How does it function? The hologram effect produced by this app’s use of the phone camera gives the impression that the object is in the air. Even though it doesn’t offer a real hologram, the lifelike appearance it creates allows you to experience dinosaurs in a new way.

Launch the app after it has been installed on your mobile device, then select your preferred dinosaur. You may project a realistic-looking hologram of a dinosaur onto any surface by pointing the device in that direction. There are three different dinosaur species available in this game: Raptor, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus.

On Google Play, this app has been downloaded more than a million times. Make sure your smartphone is running iOS 6.0 or Android 2.3 for the best performance. It has a minimal file size, so you won’t have to be concerned about your phone’s resources or memory. Also check Mobdro alternatives 

5. Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator

Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator

Installing the Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator program is a terrific idea if you prefer cats and kittens. One of the funniest and greatest hologram apps to trick your friends or entertain your family is this one. Even while it doesn’t offer a true hologram, it may still be a ton of fun.

You can play with a 3D holographic pet in holographic Kitten 3D Simulator, which is essentially a simulation game. It functions effectively on your Android and iOS mobile without the need to purchase any additional hardware. Your camera is used by the game to produce a realistic effect. This is another Hologram Apps.

Through the Google Play Store, Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator has been downloaded by thousands of users. Make sure your Android device is running 4.1 or higher in order for it to function properly. This software needs iOS 4.3 or later if you’re using an iOS device. On your device, the software won’t use up a lot of resources. This app’s 27MB file size allows it to run smoothly on most Android and iOS devices.

6. Assemblr


The main feature of Assemblr is the ability to generate 3D graphics and augmented reality. Despite not being created as a hologram software particularly, it offers a novel way to create a hologram from an image in your gallery. It’s quite easy to create a hologram with this program. Start by choosing your favorite pictures, which might include everything from characters to animals to skyscrapers. Add images, movies, or text to create a special hologram or 3D graphic. To make it unique, you can also start from scratch. You may make flyers, greeting cards, business cards, and even invites using it in addition to creating holograms. Amazingly, people can share your design on social media sites. This software has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times from Google Play, and the size it takes up on your smartphone varies. This is another Hologram Apps.

7. Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

This hologram app is useful for Android users. Vyomy, which is only available on Google Play Store, is an excellent hologram projector that functions well with Android 4.1 and higher. It features simple processes that enable you to create holograms from your photographs without the need to buy additional hardware. This is another Hologram Apps.

Vyomy includes a number of functions that allow you to use holograms directly from your smartphone. 3D hologram videos can be viewed with the projector. You can also make a hologram video from a video you already have. Just choose a video from your gallery, and it will be transformed into a stunning hologram. Use an Android device with a bigger screen for the best experience. With the help of this hologram software, entertain your loved ones. Now that the app has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times, it’s your chance to experience the thrill. There is no necessity to be concerned about phone resources because the file size is little.

8. Hand Spinner 3D Hologram Pyramid

Hand Spinner 3D Hologram Pyramid

No matter if you enjoy spinning fidget spinners, you should not miss out on this hologram app. With the help of this fantastic simulator app, you can make a hologram hand spinner. It operates flawlessly on Android devices and has more than a million downloads on Google Play. Use a holographic pyramid if you want to experience hologram effects. Install the pyramid on your Android device to view original 3D holographic images or films. A realistic hologram with a lovely 3D impression is now available directly from an Android smartphone.

You might need to use a device with a larger screen for a better experience. How does this app work? Simply download the software, run it, and a holographic pyramid will appear on your Android screen. You can notice a lovely hologram if you look from the side. How does it function? You may witness a wonderful hologram in real life thanks to the four images that are mirrored in the holographic pyramid. It is improved by its tiny file size, which is limited to 25 MB. Make sure Android 4.3 or later is installed on your smartphone. This is another Hologram Apps.

9. Holographic Experience 3D

Holographic Experience 3D

Another fantastic app for enjoying a fantastic hologram directly from your smartphone is this one. Without using any other tools, Holographic Experience 3D enables you to experience the magic of a true 3D hologram. The software does not support iOS devices and is only available on the Google Play Store. This is another Hologram Apps.

There are several features in the hologram app. Experience the thrill of watching fireworks on your Android screen. You can find new planets while experiencing a true sense of being in space. Holographic Experience 3D is something you should install if you like the splendor of the solar system. Android 2.3 and higher works great with the app. Your smartphone won’t be slowed down by the 37MB file size. These are the top holographic applications for iOS and Android devices. Choose your favorite hologram app and experience the thrill of a hologram right on your smartphone.

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