Zero depreciation cover in bike insurance: Maximizing protection for your ride

When it comes to bike insurance in India, opting for a “zero depreciation” also known as “depreciation cover” can be a game-changer. Depreciation refers to the reduction in the value of your bike over time due to wear and tear. Kotak general insurance will help to explore the concept of zero depreciation cover in bike insurance, its benefits and how it can maximise the protection for your beloved ride.

Understanding zero depreciation cover

In a standard bike insurance policy, depreciation is a part that affects the claim settlement process. When you file a claim for damages, Kotak bike insurance takes depreciation into account and you receive a reduced payout based on the depreciated value of the damaged parts.

However, with a zero depreciation cover waives off the depreciation element during claim settlements. This means that you are qualified to receive the full cost of repairing the damaged parts without any deduction for depreciation.

Benefits of zero depreciation cover

  • The major benefit of zero depreciation cover is that it ensures higher claim settlements. Without depreciation deductions, you receive a higher payout for repairs, allowing you to maintain the original quality of your bike without compromising on the budget.
  • In the absence of zero depreciation cover, you would have to bear the depreciation cost for parts that need repair. This can be a significant expense, especially for parts that are prone to higher depreciation rates like plastic, fiber or rubber components. With zero depreciation cover, you save on these costs and minimise out-of-pocket expenses during claim settlements.
  • Zero depreciation cover enhances the overall coverage of your bike insurance policy. It ensures that you are adequately protected against damages. It also allows you to restore your bike to its original condition without financial strain.

Considerations for zero depreciation cover

  • It’s crucial to note that zero depreciation cover comes at an additional premium cost compared to a standard bike insurance policy. The value of your bike increases if add-on features like zero depreciation cover is added with the coverage.
  • Like any insurance coverage, zero depreciation cover may have limitations. It is essential to review the policy terms and conditions.
  • Specific criteria such as the age and condition of the bike to be eligible for zero depreciation cover is considered. It is crucial to check these requirements and ensure that your bike meets the criteria.


A zero depreciation cover in bike insurance is a valuable investment that maximises the protection for your ride. While it comes with an additional premium cost, the benefits far better than the expense, especially for newer bikes and those with higher market values. Consider opting for zero depreciation cover to ensure that your beloved bike receives the best care allowing you to enjoy the joy of riding with complete confidence.