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How To Fix “Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here” Error

your organizations data cannot be pasted here error

Ways to fix your organizations data cannot be pasted here error will be described in this post. When you endeavor to copy business data or content from Outlook or other managed apps, this notice will appear. Data cannot typically be replicated since its contents have already been used. By copying the text and pasting it once more, you can correct this. The other method is to copy and paste using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

How To Fix “Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here” Error

In this article, you can know about Ways to fix your organizations data cannot be pasted here error here are the details below;

When you attempt to paste business data into an application, you can receive an error notice. Mobile devices and desktop computers may both experience this problem. Quit the program that’s causing the issue, restart the machine, and then look for the error. Use the following troubleshooting procedures to resolve the issue if nothing changes.

1. What is the your organization’s data cannot be pasted here’ error?

Your Organization’s Data


This issue might appear if you were trying to move data from Outlook to another program. If you copy something and then paste it into an illegal program, you will most likely see this error. The majority of the time, this is due to Microsoft’s Intune Policy, which was created to limit the unauthorized copying of data online.

If you experience this problem on an Android smartphone, you can resolve it by long-tapping the area of the screen where you wish to paste the data and then choosing the “Paste” option. You must be able to copy and paste your information. If you’re using Google Keyboard, you can see a window that reads, “Your data cannot be put here.” Frequently, this is just a straightforward Gboard proposal.

2. Where does it occur, and why?

Your organization’s data cannot be copied here because the Microsoft Intune Policy Management forbids or restricts copying, pasting, and cutting from the Outlook app to unauthorized agendas on your smartphone or tablet.

The app where you want to paste the material won’t let you copy and paste because of the problem. Until the Intune setting that forbids copy and paste is changed to let copy and paste on third-party applications, it won’t be copied.

You will need to change the policy so that it will allow cut, copy, and paste on some of the other apps on your device if you want Microsoft Intune to stop blocking copy & paste on other applications on your instrument while utilizing a Mac or Windows computer.

3. Microsoft Intune Policy and how Outlook is involved

As a result of Microsoft Intune Policy, the following scenarios prevent you from cutting, copying, and pasting content from your Outlook account into another program.

Intune Blocked

Cutting, copying, and pasting between Intune applications and other programs on your device are prevented or blocked by this option. The Intune Blocked option is the name of it.

Intune Blocked

Policy Management Applications

You can use this feature to copy, cut, and paste data between this app and any other installed policy-managed apps.

Policy Management with Paste in

This feature allows users to paste data from other apps into this app as well as cut and copy data between the app and other policy-managed applications.

Any Apps

Cutting, copying, & pasting content from one app to another is completely unrestricted.

The Intune software can prevent users from copying & pasting details into the Microsoft Outlook client in a number of ways. Microsoft Outlook screenshots are sometimes taken by users.

End customers like us don’t have much control over this issue once the device has been added to the corporate Intune policy. When you set up Outlook, OneDrive, or other Office apps using company email credentials, your employer undoubtedly informed you about this policy to prevent you from copying or leaking business data. To prevent data from the company from being duplicated or leaked, this would have been done.

We’ll walk you through a few quick fixes for the “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” problem in the section that follows.

4. Step-by-step fix using the reconfiguration of Microsoft intune Policy in Outlook

Let’s say your computer is having this problem. If so, you can attempt some of the fixes listed below to resolve the problem message you are currently experiencing on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer or laptop. Also check outsource data entry services.

Make changes to the app protection policy used by Microsoft Intune

The techniques below can be used to retrieve data that was stored in Microsoft Intune but that you were unable to cut, copy, or paste.

  • View the dashboard for Microsoft Intune.
  • You can access client applications from the dashboard’s left side, where they are located.
  • Navigate to the App protection policies section in the Client apps screen’s left navigation pane.
  • By selecting the ‘Create Policy’ button, you may add a new policy. Or you can select an existing policy from the list of policies and make changes to it. The next step is to select the relevant policy.
  • It could be important to gather further details, such as the platform, before developing new policies.
  • This option is available in the Settings menu. Then locate it under the ‘Data Protection’ submenu, and finally observe it under the ‘Data Transfer’ section.
  • You can now modify the policy in the “Data Transfer” section to prevent cut, copy, and paste in order to suit your needs.
  • To save the policy, you must click the ‘OK’ button.

Make changes to the app protection policy used by Microsoft Intune

When you’re done, you ought to be able to copy data between applications. Your capacity to do so will depend on how you previously changed the configuration of your policy. You would have to delegate any new policies you created inside of Microsoft Intune. Additionally, you should examine if the app has received the most current update if you are still having problems.

Perform manual updates of the office suite

You must manually upgrade your Office package to resolve the issue. Because of the outdated software on your device, data cannot be inserted in this area. By manually updating Office, you can rule out this option. You should perform it on your iOS or Android mobile device as well as your Windows 11/10 desktop PC.

Make the necessary changes, and then save the document

Make certain adjustments to a new file in order to fix the mistake. Open a brand-new Excel spreadsheet as an illustration. Enter some text into one of the cells, then choose the right color to fill in the blank spaces. Then you should press the back arrow. When prompted to confirm that you want to save the file, choose “Yes”.

Check out the file you just saved. To see if the data from your company may now be copied and pasted into it will be helpful. If the problem persists, you ought to save your work. Wait 30 seconds then exit the software. In the problematic file, try to copy and paste your information.

You can try copying data from another Office application if the problem only affects one of your Office applications. Copy some information, for instance, from Word to Outlook. After that, verify that it pasted properly.

For Android

If you encounter the problem that the data from an organization cannot be pasted here on Android, long-press the screen area. then select “Paste” from the pop-up context menu. The data that appears on the screen cannot be copied or pasted.

The message that reads “Your data cannot be put here” if you’re using Google Keyboard is typically just a suggestion from Gboard. You will be able to solve the data issue if you touch your screen for a long time.

Due to a unique part in Microsoft Intune Policy Management (MIPM) that prevents users from replicating data for safety reasons, this error arises. This indicates that the app you’re attempting to copy to doesn’t comply with Microsoft Intune Policy.

Even when uploading data to an app that has been authorized, the error can still happen in some circumstances. If so, this issue can be brought on by an outdated version of Outlook or another Office program on your device.

Customers of Microsoft 365 Business have WIP turned on by default. This proves that “personal” and “business,” two previously synonymous categories of data, are now distinct. Information from ‘corporate’ software programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is referred to as “corporate data.” Other sorts of data, such as PDFs, files obtained from network shares, and local files, are all considered personal data.

The message stating the organization’s data cannot be pasted here (iPhone and iPad) may come from Android and iOS devices. In essence, Outlook has put this limitation in place to stop other programs from accessing private data. When you try to transmit content from the Microsoft Outlook app, this notification will keep popping up. Also check  Database Management System Software

The Microsoft Intune Policy Management lets the app configuration to modify some settings if it appears that the data belongs to your company. As a result, some apps are allowed to cut, copy, and paste content from the Microsoft app. We must take each of these actions in order to fix this problem.


Now that you have this error message, you can easily fix the issue. If you encounter a problem, you must quickly fix it, save the file, and then delete it. Reopen it after that, and then paste your data inside. While holding down the portion of the screen, select “Paste.” The paste menu will appear as a result. If the issue continues, speak with your computer system’s administrator.