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How To Use VoiceOver On Mac In 2024

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How To Use VoiceOver On Mac will be described in this article. Screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA have made it easier for visually challenged users to navigate apps and webpages. On the other hand, VoiceOver, an integrated accessibility feature, is advantageous for Mac users. This feature offers a highly customized and intuitive user experience, supporting Apple’s accessibility choices. We’ll cover all you need to know to get started with VoiceOver on your Mac in this article.

How To Use VoiceOver On Mac In 2024

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Users utilize universal screen readers like NVDA and JAWS to navigate and comprehend apps and websites. However, Mac users can use VoiceOver, an integrated feature of macOS, without installing any additional screen readers. Highly configurable and Apple-friendly accessibility settings are supported by the tool’s design. This covers everything, from changing the focus settings on your keyboard to installing a new braille display, among other things.

This is all the information you need to get started with VoiceOver on Mac.

How to Turn on VoiceOver?

On the Mac, VoiceOver can be enabled in a number of ways. They are as follows:

  • Through System Preferences: Open System Preferences, select Accessibility, then VoiceOver from the menu on the left under the Vision category. Finally, click Talk Back. After that, you may rapidly access the Quick Start training menu by clicking the Open VoiceOver Training button. You can adjust voice profiles and reading speed in the menu that appears when you click the Open VoiceOver Utility button.
  • Using a keyboard shortcut, you can activate VoiceOver by pressing Command + F5. Click the Use VoiceOver button when the window opens. Then, by selecting the Learn More option, you may discover the essential commands and discover how to use the function.

Through Siri Is Siri turned on on your computer? You can ask Siri to enable VoiceOver if that’s the case.

Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > VoiceOver to set it up to turn on automatically when your Mac boots up. select the Login Options button located at the user list’s bottom. If the lock symbol on the bottom left is closed, enter your administrator password. select Accessibility Options from the menu. check the VoiceOver > box. Press Apply.

How to turn off VoiceOver?

There are a several ways to disable VoiceOver on Mac, but the simplest is to figure out the keyboard shortcut for doing so. Just hit Command + F5 to disable VoiceOver. Please be aware, though, that this shortcut also activates this utility. It is also deactivable through System Preferences. To disable VoiceOver, simply uncheck the box next to it and follow the above instructions.

Can you customize voiceover settings?

Yes, you can use the VoiceOver Utility application to change the VoiceOver settings. To find out more about your options, launch VoiceOver Utility and select the Help button.

When VoiceOver is enabled on a Mac, press VO-F8 to launch the VoiceOver Utility. Alternately, select VoiceOver > Open VoiceOver Utility from the Apple menu > System Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver. Also check How To Send And Check Voicemails 

Using the toolbar located in the VoiceOver Utility window, you can search for options. Enter your inquiry term in the field provided, then use the down or up arrow keys to scroll through the list of results. The VoiceOver Utility software will highlight the choice and display the pane containing it for each result.

After making the necessary adjustments, you can use VoiceOver—the macOS screen reader—any way you choose. You have access to a variety of voice options, braille devices, customizable web page navigation, and much more.

How to use VoiceOver Gestures?

You can use VoiceOver motions to interact with screen elements and navigate if your Mac is equipped with a trackpad and the Trackpad Commander is activated. Holding down the VoiceOver modifier while moving two fingers clockwise anywhere on the trackpad will activate Trackpad Commander. Holding down the VoiceOver modifier while spinning two fingers counterclockwise will turn this off.

You are unable to modify the motions that come with VO when browsing or interacting with the objects on the screen. Other gestures, however, are customizable. You can give them VO instructions to make them more unique.

To find out what’s in your VO pointer, just tap three times if you can’t see it on the screen. If you hear something you wish to pick while dragging your finger, just keep it on the trackpad and tap with your second finger. We call this a split tap.

How to use braill displays with VoiceOver?

You must connect a compatible braille display to your Mac in order for VO to utilize it. After that, VO will recognize the display on its own and relay data on what’s on it. Multiple braille displays can be connected to your Mac. You can also personalize your braille experience by using the VoiceOver Utility software.


One useful and effective screen recorder included with Mac computers is VoiceOver. For users who are blind or have other visual problems, this feature is helpful as it reads everything on the screen. To activate the feature, simply move your finger over various items to hear them read aloud. If you haven’t yet, take some time to learn what your Mac’s VO function can do.