Best Guide and Complete Webex Review In 2023

webex review

Complete Webex Review will be discussed in this article. Users can hold virtual meetings using reliable conference call services without risking their security or productivity. As you may anticipate from a service provided by Cisco, one of the top technological corporations in the world, Webex can be relied upon to carry out exactly that task.

Best Guide and Complete Webex Review In 2023

In this article, you can know about Best Guide and Complete Webex Review In 2023 here are the details below;

Webex is a collaborative workspace that incorporates document sharing, conferencing, and messaging. However, there might be more effective and cost-effective alternatives to conference call software.

Compare Webex to The Best Conference Call Services


Webex is still a good platform, particularly for the enterprise, even though it doesn’t make our list of the top conference call services on the market. It excels in a variety of use scenarios, including conferences, live webinars, IT assistance, and slide and video presentations. Also check sendbird alternatives

The user experience is excellent. And when compared to numerous alternatives, the user experience and security are unquestionably higher. For those who are interested, we’ve outlined this in more detail below. If Webex isn’t the best choice for you, we’ve put together a buying guide for conference calling services that includes a variety of tools and our approach criteria.

Webex: The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • You can rely on Cisco to protect your privacy and data during a Webex call because it is the biggest enterprise cybersecurity firm in the world.
  • Whichever plan you choose, Webex encrypts all of your data.
  • Companies who place a high priority on data security can rest easy knowing that this is taking place.
  • Collaborative audio and video conferencing: Do you prefer conference equipment with extra bells and whistles?
  • With a strong user interface, Webex has it all.
  • Up to 25 participants can be seen at once on the HD video display that you receive.
  • In-call chat, whiteboarding for group note-taking, and breakout rooms for training sessions or team-building activities are all available.
  • The ability to share or switch between different windows or the entire desktop is extremely convenient, and unlike other solutions we’ve tried, it doesn’t degrade display quality.
  • Supports Multiple Use Cases: You can do a lot with it (budget permitting) because it is so fully featured and enables for so many participants.

Webex is a strong contender for use cases like webinars and online classes because it can accommodate up to 3,000 participants, 40,000 individuals can stream a conference, and video can be played during them (Webex offers separate solutions for these).

  • This implies that you can all use the same technology even if you use conferencing for various organisational goals.
  • The drawback is the cost of stacking various solutions (see pricing details below).
  • Fast Conference Bridge Connection: This is crucial for both audio and video conferences, and we’ve found that, especially when compared to other collaborative workplaces, the connection speed is typically instantaneous.
  • Additionally, you can check that your system and browser are operating normally by logging in before you join.
  • This enables a better user experience if you’re running a webinar rather than spending time assisting folks connect.

Extensive Integrations Available: Webex can map directly to Google Workspace and Outlook to sync your meetings with your preferred calendar, in addition to interacting with Google Cloud and Microsoft technologies like Teams and Sharepoint for simpler collaboration throughout the enterprise. This makes it simple to plan meetings, confirm attendance, and distribute invitations outside. When compared to competitors like Zoom, for instance, this level of integration is not offered.

Multiple Ways to Connect: You may join a conference right from your Cisco phone or DX80 monitor thanks to Webex’s seamless integration with any Cisco hardware.

Webex is platform-neutral, so you may connect from any device, anywhere. The desktop programme can be used without being installed, and it offers many of the same capabilities as the browser extension.

You may be able to call in, depending on the package you select, which is helpful if you frequently experience poor internet connectivity or use a computer without a microphone. As far as we can tell, the VoIP functionality, which works well and isn’t provided by rivals, allows you to switch between several audio devices.

The Bad

Occasional Call Quality and Connection problems: The majority of the time, the call quality is excellent, and the component that reduces background noise is superior to other tools we’ve used. However, due to the widespread use of Webex, outages are always a possibility. Over the process of testing various products, we have encountered a few instances in which Webex periodically takes a while to connect or in which we briefly lose video or audio.

On a few occasions, we’ve also experienced problems accepting participants. Limited Personalization Options: While Webex does offer virtual backgrounds, the variety is not as extensive as those of competitors like Zoom. There aren’t as many enjoyable customization possibilities as there are in other applications, such as colour schemes and window layout choices.

  • Mobile App: You may join meetings with only one press and it’s fairly simple to use.
  • We appreciate that the smartphone version maintains the high standard of video and audio calls.
  • But in contrast to Zoom, it doesn’t feel as seamless.
  • You could notice that it is slower and that it lacks some features.
  • Multiple Ways to Connect: This has both positive and negative implications when connecting specifically via a desktop.

There are other ways to connect via desktop programmes, including Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, and your own conference bridge, which may be perplexing to some users. You may also discover that connecting via Teams is substantially slower than connecting via Webex Meetings.

“Call Me” Feature Available Only as an Add-On:

Webex does not by default provide the option to call participants to join, in contrast to several other tools.

If you don’t purchase the “Call Me” add-on, you’ll have to rely on participants’ calendar reminders or their own recollection to phone in.

Webex Pricing and Options

Webex Pricing and Options

Three plans are available for Webex:

  • Basic Plan: Free Meet Plan: $15/monthly licence (paid annually), maximum 50 users
  • Call Plan: $17 for each monthly licence (paid annually), for a maximum of 100 users.
  • When compared to other products, Webex offers a higher level of security and quality, therefore you might say the price is fair.
  • However, we don’t like the pricing approach.
  • For starters, even though the Basic edition is free, it is extremely constrained—you can only use it with one person and you can only test out some conferencing or messaging functions.
  • The free plan has no calling or phone system functions.
  • In contrast to some other collaborative workspace solutions, Webex offers separate plans for conferencing (Meet) and calling, rather than combining them across plans with varying levels of functionality (Call).
  • Because you have to combine the two plans, Webex can get pricey even though it can serve a variety of purposes (or call sales for an enterprise or customised quote).
  • For firms that only require the fundamentals, each individual plan could be costly.

Each plan comes with a tonne of functionality that could be added-on to rather than making you pay for features you don’t actually need.

On the other writing, there are a few extras that we believe ought to be included by the cost.

Let’s examine what each plan includes in terms of calling, conferencing, and other services as well as who each plan is suited for.

Webex Meetings and Video conferencing

For anything from meetings to online classes, the Meet plan is the one to select if you want to make the most of Webex’s conferencing features. You obtain the most participants for the longest calls possible. Up to 10GB of call recordings and transcriptions are automatically kept in the cloud, and the speech-to-text feature is remarkably precise.

You can switch the host or presenter, who has complete control over guests’ participation and mute. Additionally, you have the excellent calendar integration that was described previously. If you want this feature with the Basic or Call package, you’re out of luck, which we think is unfortunate given that email and calendar integration is becoming more common in conferencing services.

Compared to other tools, we believe that features like the ability to switch hosts, which is a pretty fundamental requirement for many businesses, should be provided across all subscriptions.

Webex Calling and Phone System

If you’re utilising Webex primarily as a business phone system, for use cases like administration, customer support, or sales, then this is the package you’ll want. Use the quick remote desktop connection, for instance, to provide IT support.

You might also use call forwarding to take calls while you’re on the go, as well as calling waiting and routing for customer service or support issues.

The Webex Control Hub is where you can access the “Advanced calling capabilities,” including the Webex Calling app, call quality, call queues that may be customised to your needs, and calling analytics that highlight your most active users.

The Meet or Basic plans still let you utilise VoIP to call anyone with a Webex account, even though this is the ideal option for VoIP requirements.

But keep in mind that you must upgrade to Enterprise if you require a toll-free number.

Webex Messaging and Collaboration

The functionality of Webex messaging are essentially the same across all subscriptions, although organisations using Webex for things like online lectures or webinars may find it useful to be able to regulate who is added to a space (with the Meet plan). This allows you to monitor who joins for security purposes.

Other than that, Webex is a really basic messaging platform. We don’t necessarily see it as a replacement for services like Slack, but more as a nice-to-have supplement to the meeting and calling functions.

Webex Security

Webex Security

Comparing this level of protection to other tools across all plans, it is generous. The Meet plan appears to have more options at first glance, but only encrypted recordings as it is the only plan that allows you to record meetings. Also check Construction Services 

Meet plan is the only choice open to government agencies, school departments, or particular service providers because FedRamp authorization is the deciding factor.

Webex Support

You can only receive assistance online if you need it while trying anything out before you buy it, but from our experience, they usually respond to requests quickly and competently. Additionally, with the Meet and Call plans, you can receive on-the-spot technical support while on a call.

Webex Optional Add-ons

These are the aforementioned “Call me” options. The Meet plan is the only one that offers them. Being called into a meeting saves you the hassle of having to type in the meeting number or ID, but they can be a deal-breaker if you frequently dial into calls because of a poor internet connection.

Although it’s accessible in more than 70 nations, the cost to utilise it internationally will be much higher—starting at $35.75 per user per month as opposed to $4 per user per month domestically.

How Webex Rank

Overall, Webex is more expensive than competing conference call providers but also more sophisticated in terms of security and enterprise features. However, it didn’t rank among our top choices for the majority of firms. After investigating dozens of conference call services, we discovered seven that work well for most customers.

  • Visit this page to view the full comparison table.
  • Webex’s Basic plan has some usefulness, despite its limitations, so it’s worth a shot.
  • Because everything interacts so seamlessly, Webex is also a no-brainer for businesses employing Cisco hardware.
  • Otherwise, just be realistic about your expectations for Webex’s reliability.
  • Given its cost, Webex isn’t the first option we’d suggest to companies seeking for a straightforward conferencing solution, but for enterprise use, it excels.