Top 5 Sendbird Alternatives In 2023

sendbird alternatives

Best sendbird alternatives will be described in this article. Deciding on an API and communication platform with the best of features is key for any brand looking to scale up their business or extend their communication plans. With several competitive brands out there, chat API offering brands have always been on their toes to provide full-scope features to their clients. Be it any client, determining the most important pillars of the project and which client fulfills them is essential.

SendBird and its popularity

SendBird is popular in the market because it has built the reputation of providing robust API and platform services for some years. Since VOIP has started becoming the preferred mode of communication, specializing in Real-Time Chat and messaging (voice or video) is crucial for all communication platform brands out there. The popularity behind SendBird is the premium quality it offers for the services which are followed by payment only upon usage. Pricing has its significance too in this growing market. That is exactly the reason why we discuss SendBird alternatives today – because they too provide the same features and services but with lesser pricing.

What is an API and is SendBird unique with it’s API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface – the simplest way you could imagine an API is your Facebook or Instagram messaging, or checking the weather on your phone. Whenever you access an application, it directly connects to the Internet to send data to a specific server. Here, the data is read, interpreted (by the server), and then follows action. The data is then sent back to your phone and makes it readable so that you can access it. All of this sending, reading, interpreting, receiving is done via an API.

SendBird provides a full-scope API integration to your application with bots to assist with customer support. The API is compatible with multi-platform and even more strongly compatible with iOS and Android. It also comes with limited cloud-storage capacity but can be expanded as you go for the paid ones.

Let’s come to the real question.

Why choose an alternative over SendBird?

With the rise of the digital age and functioning, there have been several competitors to SendBird. As a brand, no matter how robust or customizable features you provide, everything comes down to one single most important factor – Pricing! And this goliath determines everything. One of the main reasons for people to look for alternatives to SendBird is because of the costly pricing it has. Its Starter 5K starts at $399 per month which extends to $4,999/month for Starter 100K. This basic package has modern messaging essentials, ticketed support, and basic moderation. The Pro 5K starts at $799/month to Pro 100K at $7,599 a month.

The pro package includes message translation, advanced moderation & filters, ticketed support along with the starters package features. This pricing structure is expensive. If you can determine the characteristics and requirements of your projects, it is better to have a full understanding of alternatives to SendBird in the market – and that means further saving a lot of money to your pocket. The features you get with these competitors are the same. The answer to save cost and still retain customers is API customization to the web apps.This is one of the biggest explanations why you should consider alternatives. Providing real-time services is king to almost all features.

Top 5 Best And Demanding sendbird alternatives In 2023

Top 5 Best And Demanding sendbird alternatives are explained here.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

CONTUS MirrorFly

MirrorFly is highly competitive with SendBird. MirrorFly is a communication solution provider that specializes in real-time enterprise chat, in-app chat, voice and video chat API, personal one-to-one chat, group chat, and so on. It provides the ultimate solution for improving and evolving communication making sure engagement takes place seamlessly. MirrorFly offers voice and video messaging, unlimited cloud storage, screen sharing, with better pricing. They offer end-to-end encryption with AES 256 security in addition to the standard two-step authentication. Also check Visual Studio Alternatives 

Mirrorfly’s API is employable across multi-platforms be it iOS, Android, or Web applications. It is also an effective API provider as the features are not dependent on third-party vendors. The most important factor of them all is the quota-based pricing system which has a one-time paymentmethod. It also has a wide range of templates ready to be implemented for any web or mobile application. MirrorFly provides several reliable channel types such as Gaming, Healthcare, Social & Entertainment, E-learning, Rideshare, Fleet tracking & dispatch, DevOps, Marketplace, and IoT & connected devices. It also is popular for its massively scalable APIs with low latency. It currently has 330+ million chat users worldwide.

2. PubNub


Offering a real-time communication infrastructure service, the primary product of PubNub is a real-time public or service message API having DSN (Datastream network) as its foundation. PubNub has 99.99% SLA-backed reliability and with that, it has over 75+ SDKs and unlimited concurrent connections. It provides you with a free basic communication service as a package with some features. Other pricing packages include Gold – $500/month, Platinum – $1500/month, and customized Enterprise: $5000/month or 5% of the bill. Also check SofaScore Alternatives

3. Apphitect


Apphitect Being a provider of white label solutions to recognized real-time messaging brands. The strength of the APIs built by them lies in the multiple credible technical stacks building a particular solution. It uses –

  • Erlang – Source code is known for its consistent and superior UI performance
  • Ejabberd – an XMPP application server with admirable compatibility and meager CPU consumption.
  • FreeBSD- an OS that is famous for capacitating advanced networking, security, and storage features
  • HTML5 WebSocket – a bidirectional communication technology

Data is regulated using HMAC authentication and two-step authentication both online and offline making it highly reliable. It also uses the Amazon Cloud Storage server making it highly scalable. It lets you build your app that runs par with top applications like WhatsApp or WeChat. Also check Bally Sports

4. Stream


Steam has a Go-powered backend API, UI kit, React Component, and native chat SDKs. The integration of AI into the API makes moderation a walk in the park. It has chat features like Giphy, Slash commands, Livestream traffic feature switches, and multi-tenant API. Stream allows 5 concurrent connections per 100 MAU in comparison to 2 concurrent connections per 100 MAU in SendBird. It has zero-limitation on the number of members in a chat room. It has a 99% uptime SLA guarantee. It also has fully customizable component libraries. Providing simpler migration from existing communication to the new, Stream is two to four times more cost-effective as opposed to SendBird. Stream has a pricing structure of $499/month for the Standard Chat package with 3 million messages per month and 7 million message storage to start with

5. Applozic


Applozic follows an on-site server management system or message functionalities. This messaging service app is designed for internal messaging. It gives you two options to choose from – build an entirely new customized UI for a branded experience or use a drop-in UI. It has a strong ability to make custom design mocks and a personalized chat experience. Applozic offers – Starter: $49/month, Growth: $149/month, Professional: $499/month, and Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing.

There are more competitors to SendBird all having their unique strengths and capacities. Choose the best API provider according to the need of your business while also keeping in mind that the market is vast and there are several options for cost-cutting without compromising on quality. It ultimately depends on your game plan backed by the right information and wise decisions.

Looking for alternative to SendBird? Tons of people want Communication Platforms to help with community support. What’s difficult is discovering out whether or not the API/SDK you choose is right for you. We have compiled a list of Communication solutions providers that reviewers voted best overall compared to SendBird. Based on data you can see how SendBird stacks up to the competition, check pricing and other features, and find the best fit for your business.MirrorFly,PubNub,Apphitect,Steam and Applozic are the most popular alternatives and competitors to SendBird.