TOP 24 Automation Software to Speed Up Your Workflow

Competition for leads and sales volumes is becoming more intense every year. Therefore, companies are constantly looking for effective ways to track the behavior and actions of leads at every stage of their interaction with the company website. This is where dedicated end-to-end customer relationship management tools come into play. Tools for building communications with the target audience are aimed at developing and increasing the efficiency of relationships with clients through various communication channels to increase sales, and automation tools speed up and facilitate this process.

The use of modern CRM-tools is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  •         Interaction with databases through electronic marketing.
  •         Automation of various marketing tasks.
  •         Preservation of leadership positions of the organization.

To select the best sales CRM software, it is recommended to evaluate its functionality, the ability to integrate with other software solutions, analyze the available marketing tools, user support methods used, etc.

What is a CRM system?

CRM is a special software designed to manage customer communications. CRM is an easy-to-use online tool that enables small and medium businesses to manage the entire sales chain.

Using CRM, commercial organizations have access to detailed and diverse information about the preferences, desires and interests of their customers. It is collected from various channels: social networks, phone calls, online chats, feedback forms posted on the websites of firms.

The main task is to improve the quality of customer service, turn potential buyers into real ones, increase sales and, accordingly, increase the profits of enterprises.

With the help of CRM, the company’s management unites all structural divisions in a single system, from marketing and personnel to warehouse and logistics. Information about customers, orders and products is available to each employee in real time.

List of Top 24 CRM Systems for Business Automation

1. is Best in class LinkedIn and e-mail cloud automation tool, which has a built-in CRM.

This multi-channel outbound platform develops effective sales tunnels for B2B companies. Due to the unique automation platform and many years of expertise, outbound lead generation becomes more efficient. Getsales all-in-one sales platform works together with the company to define target audience segments, develop content for all interaction channels, automate all routine processes such as sending social messages, e-mail, and so on. It also provides detailed analytics for each segment.

2. HubSpot CRM is a CRM with an impressive array of marketing automation tools.

HubSpot CRM is a powerful marketing suite that is great for sales people to use.

3. Zoho – CRM for small businesses

This is a simple and easy-to-use software solution that allows you to get a complete picture of the current state of affairs in the company. In particular, it can be used to successfully convert conversion requests into sales, track the results of marketing strategies implemented by management.

4. Freshsales – CRM with smart sales features

Freshsales is a multifunctional CRM based on artificial intelligence technologies that allow you to evaluate leads and analyze email activity.

5. Salesforce is the best enterprise CRM system

The cloud software product is designed to serve various industries and business activities: Marketing, sales, service, analytics, etc.

6. Nimble – Easy to use CRM

Its use allows you to update contacts and provide users with access to information about them, control transactions, and manage various business processes.

7. Pipedrive – Sales Success CRM

To automate repetitive, routine tasks, the software developer used artificial intelligence technologies.

8. NetHunt CRM – for collaboration with Google accounts.

CRM is designed to work with Google accounts and many other software solutions. The program has the full functionality of traditional CRM.

9. Nutshell CRM – designed based on the Amazon Web Services online platform

The Nutshell CRM system is a comprehensive cloud-based software that allows you to successfully solve various tasks that arise in the course of doing business.

10. Insightly is an easy-to-use CRM platform.

Insightly is a powerful and easy-to-use CRM platform that allows you to scale and grow your business with help by establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with customers.

11. Engagebay – cloud based CRM

Cloud CRM-system Engagebay is designed to improve the efficiency of managing all business processes of the organization. Functional software is focused on automating routine and repetitive tasks.

12. PipelineDeals – CRM for SMBs

PipelineDeals is a universal CRM-type software designed for use by small and medium businesses. Its excellent features are the presence of an intuitive interface, the use of cloud technologies, wide functionality aimed at successful interaction with customers and increasing sales.

13. Agile CRM – focused on combining marketing and sales on a single platform

Universal and functional Agile CRM is focused on combining marketing and sales on a single platform in order to automate core business processes.

14. Adsoup – CRM focused on the sale of goods and services

Adsoup is a multi-platform software designed to provide effective and mutually beneficial communications between a business and its target audience. CRM is focused on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises that sell goods and services.

15.  EasyWeek

EasyWeek is a CRM with online recording features. In addition to the traditional functionality for CRM software, the platform gives users the opportunity to create a custom mini-site with its subsequent connection to their domain.

16. is a universal automation platform.

Designed for sales departments. The platform effectively tailors’ messages for each recipient.

17. Zapier is another platform on the list of handy automation tools.

Automates web application integration.

18. Mailchimp – email automation.

Generates in one place all the data on leads and ways to sell your product.

19. Picreel – conversion rate optimization and lead generation.

Allows you to create pop-ups to increase sales.

20. Leadfeeder is a tool for converting web traffic.

Informs which leads visited the company’s website.

21.Everstring is a trusted data management platform.

The tool combines machine learning and natural language processing with hand-verified, extensive data.

22. RollWorks is a tool for attracting potential customers.

Provides automatic lead generation.

23. Bombora is a convenient platform for collecting information.

The tool finds useful information about leads.

24. Copper is an easy-to-use CRM.

Helps to track leads and develop interaction with them.

Summing up, we can say that when selecting software, companies need to take into account the specifics of their business in order to find an effective tool to speed up the workflow. But it is also worth paying attention to the simplicity and clarity of the software interface.

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