Top 5 Best Tasker Alternative Apps In 2023

Tasker Alternative

Best Tasker Alternative Apps will be discussed in this article. One of the most user-friendly programs out there, Tasker enables you to automate your gadgets in unimaginable ways. The sole drawback to utilizing Tasker is that it has a high entrance barrier and could be difficult for non-technical users to utilize. To get you started with Tasker, we previously showed you 15 of the greatest actions. However, we also understand that not everyone likes Tasker, which is why we have put together this list of six reliable alternatives that will also let you automate some tasks on your Android smartphone.

Top 5 Best Tasker Alternative Apps In 2023

In this article, you can know about Tasker Alternative Apps here are the details below;

1. condi


Condi, formerly known as the “mini-tasker,” performs exactly the same duties as Tasker but has a much lower entry level and doesn’t require root access for the majority of actions. Once the app is installed, adding a new action is simple. To select from a range of options, such as opening an app, turning on or off connectivity and sensors, muting incoming calls, and more, simply hit the “+” button on the menu bar. When you choose an action, the app will ask you to select a trigger, which can be based on time, location, or when it notices activity on your hardware (like when you plug in a charger, for example). When the criteria necessary to trigger the action are no longer met, you can also specify an exit task.

Architect: Anton Wolkov

2. Llama


This software must be very good because it has a large 4.6 rating and more than 1 million downloads, and it is! On your smartphone or tablet, Llama uses your current position to initiate specified actions (such as starting programs, adjusting screen brightness, terminating apps, and much more). It uses phone masts to pinpoint your location so you can trigger different activities based on the time of day and where you are. There are various predefined actions that come with Llama that can be changed or added to, most of which are sound profiles. In order for Llama to know which phone masts are for which area, you will need to educate it how to recognize your present area (such as Home or Work) by long tapping either choice and choosing how long you will stay there. Also check IFTTT Alternatives 

Because GPS is not used, this method will function best in a densely populated area with lots of phone towers. You can simply use time-based profiles to set off your predetermined events, or you can use the experimental wifi-based location tracking. Location Profiles for Llama are available for free on the Google Play Store.

3. MacroDroid


With ample functionality, MacroDroid is a wonderfully designed program that adheres to the material design trend and may tempt you to abandon Tasker. Only five tasks and five macros are available in the free edition. However, you can remove those limitations by upgrading to pro (available as an in-app purchase) for just $2.99. Simply hit the “add Macro” button to bring up a new screen where you can choose an event trigger and the action to be taken in order to create a new event. For instance, I have my phone set to snap a screenshot each time I shake it. Some activities are only available on rooted devices, although the majority are also usable on non-rooted devices. If you wish to allow or disallow your macro from running based on specific circumstances, you can also define a constraint. Giving your macro a name and a category is the last step before saving.

  • Architect: ArloSoft
  • Android 4.0 or later is required for compatibility.
  • Device Automatin (Free) by MacroDroid is available from the Google Play Store.

4. AutomateIt


Another well-liked alternative to Tasker is AutomateIt, which offers both a free and paid edition. It uses rules to operate and has an odd yet straightforward interface. You must first click the “add Rule” button, then choose an event trigger, followed by the action you want to conduct. Additionally, you can choose several actions, but to access that option, you must first register in their database. Additionally, you may browse the rules market to see some highly respected rules that the community has produced and that you can apply to your device. This valuable tool will let new users create practical automatic activities for their device. Also check Postman Alternatives

  • Creator: SmarterApps Ltd.
  • Android 2.3 or later is required for compatibility.
  • Accessibility: Google Play Store, AutomateIt, Smart Automation (Free) / ($3.2).



Through the creation of straightforward recipes, IF enables you to connect a variety of well-known apps, like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and many more. For instance, you may use ESPN to automatically notify you of the final match outcome for your favorite team, post all of your Instagram photographs to Twitter, or even save links from your favorite Tweets to Pocket. Once you join in, IF gets you going by displaying the most popular recipes so you can get started with those right away. By picking a trigger and the appropriate action after pressing the “+” button, you may even construct your own formula.

  • Creator: IFTTT
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and later in order to be compatible
  • IF by IFTTT is accessible via the Google Play Store for free.
  • Automate automate

This program, as its name suggests, assists you in using “Flows” to automate chores on your device. Simply tap the “+” icon in the menu bar to start a new flow. You can utilize some sample flows that are already pre-configured and check out the top-rated flows made by the community through this app, which you can download and start using right away. Automate contains strong features for more experienced users as well as the ability to execute shell commands, REST requests, NFC, and many other actions that are frequently performed by regular users.

  • Creator: LlamaLab
  • Android 4.0 or later is required for compatibility.
  • Available from the Google Play Store: Automate automatic tasks for free.


Tasker is a fantastic android automation software, but it’s not the pinnacle of android automation. The apps on this list perform admirably and may even be better suited to your requirements. The best part is that you can install and test them out right away because they are all free (or have free versions). Please allow us know what you think by leaving a comment below.