Reasons you should choose WooCommerce as your eCommerce Platform

WooCommerce is a useful tool for business. It is used for increasing sales and growing the business. A WooCommerce webshop is a good choice as it has no complications and simple functionality. Woo-commerce is an open-source platform like Word Press. It can be customized by adding some extra functionalities and features by the developers. Therefore, it is designed to support e-commerce platforms.

1. It is free of cost

WooCommerce is a free plugin. Anyone running a business can take advantage of this factor. Yet, the user has to pay some amount of money in the condition of hosting the site. But, after that paying that specific amount, an individual can sell anything without paying any more, even not for the software license. In case, the user wants to add some extra functionality, he would need to pay some amount for that. But it would make his work more efficient and would save a lot of time in the development. It would increase the number of sales. It is guaranteed, that the Woo-commerce will be a free plugin for WordPress forever.

2. WooCommerce is modular

WooCommerce is similar to the Word press, as they both carry a huge variety of different features and modules. These features of WooCommerce can be used by adding some more plugins in it. By using WooCommerce, the business owner gets a huge advantage from this feature. At the same time, he can get access to the collection of different themes and plugins of Word press, as well as a lot of e-commerce extensions. These extensions are built and are only used in WooCommerce. The best advantage of a system that has modules is that it increases the network between a group or community of developers. Those developers design the specific extensions which add that extra functionality in the program. And that functionality cannot be done with a solid or basic application.

3. WooCommerce is simple to use

A lot of business handlers do not know much about programming and computer language. It could be tough and difficult for them to manage a website or an eCommerce store. But, the WooCommerce plugin is the easiest way to manage all stuff about the eCommerce store. Even a beginner can use it without being into any sort of difficulty or confusion. The installation and the process of its usage are so simple for an individual even with the most basic information about Word press and the computer in general. The simplicity of WooCommerce is one of the reasons for its growth and more popularity nowadays. As this plugin is free of cost and easy to use, it attracts people’s attraction towards it and the users of WooCommerce are growing day by day. If someone is still not able to use this plugin, he could hire someone to do work for him.

4. It has a huge community of developers

Because WooCommerce is an open-source tool, so a lot of changes and upgrades could be made in it. The developers have the freedom of adding extra extensions and modules to increase the efficiency of the business and sales. Many custom themes could be created and applied in WooCommerce. Not everyone with the basic information of this tool can add extensions and extra functionality. There are experts and are capable to do any sort of customization. But they are too expensive to hire because this skill is not common in the eCommerce industry yet.

5. It is evolving day by day

There is not a single person or a company that built and brought WooCommerce in use. There are varieties of eCommerce industries and group members who made changes and customizations in WooCommerce by time. And it is still getting better and improving on today’s date. WooCommerce has different sorts of functions and features built by hundreds of different developers all around the world. These evolutions and customizations not only affect the working of WooCommerce but also make the business work more efficiently. In case of any breakdown in WooCommerce, you do not need to contact a specific organization or company member. There are hundreds of developers and experts who can fix any problem with WooCommerce.

6. It grows with the business 

It is always beneficial to think about the business in future terms while choosing the right application or platform for eCommerce stores and businesses. Choosing WooCommerce for your eCommerce shop is one of the best options as it helps the user to support any amount of sale products. The business could be slow at first but it would grow time by time if the perfect application has been chosen. WooCommerce can easily handle and manage the working of stores scaling from the tiny to massive. It can manage all this without any complicity or other difficulties. Some of the best examples are Amazon, eBay, etc.

7. The User is the boss himself

There is a beneficial factor of using WooCommerce, that the user does not have to share any part of information with any third party. The owner has his control all over the business. He can make any changes and customizations he wants. This factor helps the owner to manage and run the business all by himself according to his own will. It also helps customers. Because the customers do not have to share any personal information with other people of the company, but only you.


Some main reasons to choose WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform are that it is free of cost. It is fast and efficient. There is a huge community of developers of the WooCommerce extra functionalities. WooCommerce is evolving and getting better day by day.

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