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How to Produce CBD Oil? New Technologies

If you have been looking for legal cannabis, you probably saw that CBD oil is an excellent product with a lot of benefits and advantages. CBO oil is useful to treat diseases, fight stress, and muscular pains, as well as many other effects for health and relaxation.

There are three families of cannabis oils. This article aims to present them and guide you in your choice based on the extraction method … but how do the best producers and CBD online shops get the best CBD oils? Which are the techniques and processes that they use?

Manufacturing CBD oils

Cannabis is a plant with a large number of molecules, having different properties. In the natural state, the molecules are present on the flowers, but they can be extracted to use a part of them. This extraction makes it possible to concentrate only on an active ingredient, for example, or to vary the modes of use. These processes give a product with a high level of cannabinoids, which is why we dilute them in CBD oil.

If you are looking at the science behind CBD oils, you will find many ways to make CBD oils. Until now, there is not yet a unique production process, recognized and used by all manufacturers, but some trends and techniques are more often used for many reasons. However, the CO2 extraction process remains the leading production technique for CBD oil, a method used by most CBD manufacturers, CBD Oil Benefits.

CBD oil by CO2 extraction 

As we explained before, CO2 extraction is the main processes for making CBD oils is the extraction of CO2.

CO2 extraction is based on the chemical stage where CO 2 is between its gaseous form and its liquid form. The process is relatively similar to that described above. However, it is impossible to obtain a supercritical fluid machine for an individual, and this requires very advanced knowledge of chemistry.

The  CO2manufacturing process

In this method, the gaseous CO 2 is compressed to make it supercritical (neither gaseous nor liquid), and it is this solvent that will be used to extract the cannabinoids from the raw material.

It is possible by precisely varying the pressure and the temperature, extracting the different molecules in the cannabis, and keeping, separately, the cannabinoids and the terpenes, while the latter is destroyed during the process. It is what is called splitting.

At the exit of the various taps, it is common that terpenes are extracted on one side, and a material called wax, containing the different cannabinoids sort of another. This thick, full-fat material has a look close to crystallized honey. It then passes a process called winterization to make it soluble like the result obtained after the RSO method.

This process involves immersing the wax in ethanol, and as in the RSO process, to evaporate it to keep only a dark brown liquid solution.

It is standard for laboratories working with CO 2 extraction to purify the liquid by removing the chlorophyll. This is why highly reputable, transparent online CBD shops such as Cannacares are using supercritical CO2 extraction methods to provide the best quality in the market.


  •     This method using CO 2 is good for the environment and not harmful to health during production.
  •     The CO 2 extraction does not denature the molecules present in cannabis and does not alter its taste. It also keeps the terpenes, which will be added later in the oil, or other preparations. It allows us to play on the taste of the final product.
  •     disadvantages


How to achieve CBD Oil extraction with solvents?

The most effective techniques and technologies are costly, requiring a full laboratory set up, so we will be satisfied here with a method that has proven itself and that everyone can achieve quickly requiring simple “home technology”.

The 3 steps for a proper extraction with solvents

The method we are going to talk to you about must be done with the greatest discipline regarding the few basic safety rules that we are going to discuss throughout this article.

The basic principle of this method is the use of a solvent.

The latter will have the mission to bind chemically to the molecules you want to extract, which will allow us to separate the plant materials agents we want to recover. The final stage makes it possible to evaporate the solvent to retrieve only the finished product.

It is quite simple to explain on paper, but it will be necessary to respect a few rules to obtain a product of quality, healthy, and without hurting itself.

You will use butane as a solvent extractor, but if it has the advantage of producing a perfect quality oil with a comfortable performance, it is highly flammable.

You will therefore always respect three basic rules to carry out this operation:

Always practice this manipulation outdoors.

Keep away from all sources of heat and spark.

Wear protection for eyes and skin.

Equipment and material:

  • one or more bottles of butane gas without impurity.
  • a Pyrex dish.
  • a second dish that can accommodate the first for the bain-marie.
  • gloves or cloth to protect against burns that may be caused by cold.
  • an extraction tube.

Step 1

You will begin by filling the extraction tube with your CBD cannabis plant and flowers. There is no need to reduce it to powder; it will even reduce the quality of your oil. We will content ourselves with a coarse crumbling for a result free from any impurity.

It will fill the tube as homogeneous as possible, to allow the butane to infiltrate all the material by loading active ingredients in passing. It will take a little tamp your material to slow the progression of butane without exaggerating too much.

The best is to add small amounts of material while tapping on the tube and tamping by slight pressure as filling. In this way, you will obtain a homogeneous and optimal result.

Then, place the filled tube in the freezer for 24 hours with the gas bottles. This step is optional, but it will allow you to optimize your final output.

Step 2

It is time to start the extraction itself. To do this, you will place your Pyrex dish a few centimeters under the exit of the extraction tube. You can then set the tip of the gas bottle into the inlet of the extraction tube. This butane gas will cross the plant material before coming out on the other side in the Pyrex dish; this one will be charged with active and aromatic elements.

Note: The ideal ratio is around 500 ml of gas for 30 grams of cannabis flowers covered with trichomes.

Do not be surprised by the latency between when you inject the gas, and when it comes out of the other side of the extraction tube, the gas must rise in pressure so that it is in liquid form and does its job. In the same way, do not immediately remove the bottle when it is empty, at the risk of releasing the pressure inside the tube; wait until the tube does not drip at all to change the bottle or to stop the extraction.

You will get a mixture of liquid butane and active and aromatic elements in your Pyrex dish. Depending on the ambient temperature, you may already notice a boiling micro-boiling gas.

Step 3

To accelerate the process of evaporation of butane and to purify our oil, you will use the bain-marie. It will be enough to heat a little water to plunge our dish Pyrex in a second dish that can contain it. During this stage, you will be careful that the water does not enter the Pyrex dish that carries the mixture.


o  You should also avoid exposing the mixture to a temperature above 40 °, which will have the effect of degrading the terpenes and, therefore, the flavor of the oil.

o  No high heat source or spark should approach the mixture during this step!

Once you notice that your oil is no longer producing small bubbles, it has got rid of most of the butane.

There are systems for purging cannabis oil, such as hot plates or vacuum bells that remove the maximum amount of butane residues from your oil. If you consume this oil only occasionally, these accessories will be optional, while if you often make extractions, I recommend this investment to preserve the quality of the product and especially your health.

You now have a high-quality cannabis oil! I advise you to go in small doses to assess the power of the product: its concentration, as you could quickly be surprised.

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