Plunge into Summer- Why You Need A Plunge Pool

Several things make Summer special, but nothing beats a dip in a pool. Unfortunately, only a few homeowners can afford a swimming pool on their property, or at least we thought. The plunge pool is a unique installation that offers the benefits of swimming without compromising on size. It’s a small pool designed for cooling off, lounging, and a lot more. However, is a plunge pool worth it?

The cost

What makes a plunge pool attractive is the price tag. The pool uses fewer materials than a standard swimming pool. As a result, material costs are low. Furthermore, the fittings in the pool are scaled down to match the size.

The labour costs surrounding installation are also low since the pool is small and construction is fast. On average, it takes around two weeks to install a plunge pool. However, other factors surrounding fittings and decking can prolong construction.

Plunge pools also require almost no maintenance. The small design reduces maintenance significantly. Since most users only lounge in the pool, damages to the structure are also unlikely.


Plunge pools are revered for their economical use of space. The pool is a suitable match for properties with small lawns since the dimensions fit seamlessly regardless of backyard size. Although size is kept to a minimum, plunge pools can accommodate deep designs.

Furthermore, the simplicity of the design leaves room for other installations around the backyard. You don’t have to give up your garden to fit a plunge pool. In the end, the economy of space boils down to design specifications. Since there are no laws governing dimensions, it is prudent to leave the details to a designer. When the area is limited, there is no room for error.

Property value

A plunge pool is certain to improve the value of your property. In addition to making the property more attractive, it also increases the price. Furthermore, tenants are likely to buy a rental property with a pool.

The property market is difficult to navigate as buyers have a refined taste and property owners offer unique amenities. Therefore, a competitive edge is necessary if you want to survive the market. A plunge pool is an effective way to gain a competitive edge.

The long-term returns on investing in a plunge pool are high, making it a worthwhile undertaking.

Outdoor design

Outdoor spaces are empty canvasses waiting for creative input. A plunge pool accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the backyard. Furthermore, the installation creates a seamless transition between functional spaces in the backyard like the garden and patio.

The plunge pool has several design options. The most popular plunge pools are square and rectangular, while circular and oval pools are also quite common. Additionally, owners can choose custom designs. Other design elements include depth, slope, and lighting.


A plunge pool has unique functions that make it ideal for Summer. It’s great for wading and lounging to cool off. Although it’s small, you can also swim across the pool and make laps.

Furthermore, the area around the pool is suitable for entertainment. You can set up an outdoor dining area or a lounge to host evening get-togethers.


Plunge pools can accommodate several fittings, including versatile light installations. Lights options include deck lighting and pool lights. Furthermore, the colours of the lights can change and accentuate the mood in the space.

Despite the small design, a plunge pool can also fit wall fountains. These installations improve the overall aesthetics of the outdoors and exude a calming feel.

There are several compelling reasons to invest in a plunge pool. Regardless of why you get it, it’s worth it in the long run.