Life hacks for smart shopping: How to track prices on Amazon

Online shopping is the new normal, and Amazon is the leader in the eCommerce sector. You can score great deals on Amazon through promotions, such as Prime Day, but why not find the best prices all year round?

Let’s learn more about how to track prices on Amazon.

What is an Amazon shopping assistant?

With an Amazon shopping assistant, you can stay ahead by monitoring price fluctuations on Amazon products. A shopping assistant is a price tracking software that lives in your browser that assists you in finding the best deals and lowest prices while shopping online.

Through a shopping assistant, millions of Amazon products are scanned daily, and often many times per day, for price fluctuations – users get notified if the price of a given product changes. Sugar’s Amazon pricing tracker extension continuously monitors millions of Amazon products. Each time you add an item to your price tracking list, Sugar notifies you when prices drop, allowing you to purchase a product at the best possible price.

Amazon has changed our shopping habits

Shopping was traditionally a social, in-person activity for generations. We know from history that ancient city centers were bustling with merchants hawking their wares. People came not simply to shop but also to socialize, philosophize, and discuss their lives. Fast forward to today, when shopping may be done alone and without communication.

Amazon did not invent online buying; however, it hastened the spread of online shopping and changed consumer behavior quickly. The coronavirus crisis amplified this sensation of supercharged consumerism, as our shopping demands changed overnight, necessitating the purchase of hand sanitizer and PPE. As we were primarily housebound, our internet spending increased. Now, online shopping is the new normal, and while many of us may feel well-versed in how to get the best deals possible, dynamic pricing can make online shopping more like a game.

How does Amazon shopping assistant help to buy at the lowest price?

There are several benefits an Amazon shopping assistant can afford users. Price tracking software allows you to compare prices across all sellers on Amazon. You will be notified instantly if your desired pricing drop point is reached. This lets you make informed decisions quickly and proactively respond to the market.

Dynamic pricing, sometimes known as real-time pricing, is a very flexible method of determining the cost of a product. Dynamic pricing aims to enable a business that sells services or products over the Internet to alter prices on the spot in response to market demands.

Let’s break down some concrete ways an Amazon shopping assistant changes the online shopping experience and helps users buy at the lowest price.

Get notified

If you want a specific item but don’t want to spend much or wait for a reasonable offer, you can use price tracking tools to get a price alert. You can use a tool like Sugar to set up alerts for the items you want, ensuring that you are notified if the price of a product falls below the price you set as your target.

Weed out the phony deals

Putting the word “deal” on an item and lowering the price by a few dollars doesn’t always indicate you’re getting a good deal. While some sales can save you a lot of money, others aim to get you to buy items you’d typically pass up. Keeping track of a product’s price history might help determine whether a specific price is a good deal. A price tracking tool like Sugar, which can show you a complete pricing history for Amazon listings directly from Amazon and third-party sellers, is the most effective way to achieve this.

Compare offers

Use a price tracker to ensure you’re receiving the greatest possible deal. You can quickly monitor Amazon pricing for your favorite products and observe how they’ve changed through a shopping assistant. The lowest price of any item on Amazon may be discovered in minutes thanks to scraping software, making it easy to find the seller advertising the lowest price.

How to track prices and get price drop alerts

With Sugar, it’s easy to set up price drop alerts. When a significant price decrease occurs for any item on your watch list, Sugar will send you a notification straight to your browser, enabling you to snap up the thing at the best price.

Prices change with the seasons and even the time of day, especially on eCommerce sites like Amazon. When you add an item to your watch list using Sugar’s price drop notice, Sugar begins tracking its price for significant changes. It will notify you in your browser when the cost of an item in your watchlist goes below your set threshold.

It only takes a few basic steps to get started with Sugar. Install the Sugar browser extension first, then navigate to any Amazon product’s product page. Add the item to your watchlist and choose a price decrease sensitivity appropriate for your budget. That’s it; once the price drops, a notification will be sent immediately to your browser.


Tracking prices on Amazon is a smart way to find the lowest prices on desired products. Set up price drop alerts with Sugar, sit back, and let it work for you. Buy when the time is right – for the best price.