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best ways to automate Lexoffice will be described in this article. For small and medium-sized businesses, Lexoffice is a programme for payroll accounting and automatic bookkeeping. The commercial programme utilises a so-called API interface and runs in the cloud. Lexoffice is perfectly suited for thorough, economical automation for this very reason. Lexoffice can therefore be linked to other programmes that use the same data.

The aim? Processes that are lean and effective, and data that is always accurate and current. The software itself does, however, present certain challenges, which we have surmounted with the aid of Make. This makes your bookkeeping and payroll accounting considerably simpler because lexoffice automatisieren can now be fully mapped. This leaves you with more time for everything else while your bookkeeping is totally automated.

Automate Lexoffice: Your Benefit

Automate Lexoffice

  • You undoubtedly employ several programmes and tools in addition to Lexoffice.
  • By automating Lexoffice, you can drastically cut down on human tasks and data maintenance.
  • You can use that time to complete more frequent, time-consuming chores.
  • This enables you to boost production, narrow the sources of error, and concentrate more on your main business.
  • Particularly among the entrepreneurial responsibilities, bookkeeping is rarely enjoyable.
  • Allow automation to handle this time-consuming labour so that you can focus on the tasks that are truly crucial.
  • Administration savings
  • Additional value
  • Lean and effective business techniques
  • Sustainability and innovation
  • Expansion by scaling
  • Data can be transferred from one piece of software to another using the API interface provided by Lexoffice.

This makes data interchange between your various applications simple. There is support for numerous programmes, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, and OneDrive. Despite how lovely that sounds, lexoffice automation is currently less than ideal.

Lexoffice Functions

Lexoffice Functions

We can automate a variety of applications using the API (interface) provided by Lexoffice:


Automating your invoicing is now possible thanks to connections to other project management applications, your online store, or your sales system. Invoices can be created, closed, or even rectified.

Quotation Preparation

If you link your CRM system to LexOffice, you can automate order confirmation, invoicing, or even the status of your clients’ payments, cutting down on the time it takes to prepare quotes by a large margin. The reading, making, and finishing of offers are all included. Also check Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer Review 

Synchronisation of Contact

Duplicate contact maintenance takes time and is no longer necessary:

  • You only need to manage your address data in one tool thanks to networking with your industry software.
  • Additionally, this decreases duplicate contact maintenance problems and boosts productivity.

Document Creation

By integrating Lexoffice with other programmes, such your project management software, you may also have your legally compliant papers created automatically.

Automate Lexoffice: The Problem with this

On its website, Lexoffice itself promotes Zapier automation. Zapier is, in a nutshell, a tool for integrating and combining web apps. This makes it possible to automate many web tools and ensures that cross-software procedures run entirely automatically without human interaction.

The issue is that the automation via Zapier does not include the file upload if you wish to automate LexOffice and use the functionalities indicated above. In order for lexoffice and Zapier to process invoices and files in the following step, you must first manually upload them, for example from email attachments, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Also check scrolller Authentic Review

Manually uploading files does not, in our opinion, fit the definition of automation.

The Lexoffice automation solution is called Make

The Lexoffice automation solution is called Make

We aim for a long-term satisfactory solution for your internal process flows in all of our automation projects. The required file can be easily added to the integration process in order to automate the file upload stage.

Because of this, we used Make to completely map and standardise the automation in Lexoffice. You may now incorporate your files into the workflow thanks to this.

Make independently retrieves the pertinent files from Google Drive, email attachments, Dropbox, and many other programmes before starting the subsequent automated process.

Examples of possible Lexoffice automations

E-mail attachments:

Important accounting papers are provided by email as attachments, like invoices. Automate LexOffice to automatically send and upload these attachments to your account.

Upload documents: Documents can be quickly uploaded to LexOffice and used as fresh receipts by connecting to Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

Transfer files from OneDrive:

Link a few OneDrive folders to your Lexoffice account, and fresh files will always be added there automatically. Manage contacts: The Lexoffice API interface allows you to manage your contacts.

In a contact collection, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses can be gathered together and produced, retrieved, or updated automatically. This implies that all other applications are directly synchronised, and data only needs to be maintained in one location, such as your CRM.

Create credit notes: Credit notes of various kinds, including net, gross, and tax-free, can be produced automatically with or without mentioning an invoice. Thus, you can refund both a portion and the full amount of an invoice to your clients. Changes to data in LexOffice: You can sign up to receive notifications when information about your resources is changed, such as when a contact is added or removed. Because of this, manual data retrieval is no longer necessary, and you can always get the information you need right away. Also check Webex Review

You too can automate Lexoffice to get the most out of the software

You too can automate Lexoffice to get the most out of the software

To make the most of the software, you may automate as well. Whether fully comprehensive, partially standardised, or simply for you, automating Lexoffice is absolutely customizable.

You’ll save work, time, and effort as a result, giving you more time to devote to activities you enjoy doing other than bookkeeping. Do you intend to follow suit and make your business future-ready? Make an appointment for automation and IT advice right away to start guiding your business towards the future.

We would be delighted to help you in the analysis and subsequent automation of business processes, as well as to clarify options and speak with you about your specific business processes.


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