Jaaxy Review And Complete Guide In 2023

jaaxy review

Guide About Jaaxy Review will be discussed in this article. In the world of contemporary specialty websites, conducting keyword analysis makes the difference between success and failure. With absolutely minimal work, a skilled keyword researcher can rank quickly. It’s possible for someone who didn’t do their research to spend months or even years working on a task that never gets off the ground. It’s fair to assume that keyword research forms the basis on which modern websites are created. And you shouldn’t be employing subpar equipment since your rivals will outperform you.

Jaaxy Review And Complete Guide In 2023

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In this Jaaxy review, we’ll examine the keyword tool and consider whether it’s appropriate for you. I’ll examine what Jaaxy delivers, who it works best for, and the crucial cost. Click here to read my review of Jaaxy, which is available for free. When it comes to presenting you with some distinctive long tail keywords, Jaaxy outperforms a lot of rivals. To grow your business, use Jaaxy to uncover long tail keywords with informational and purchasing purpose. You can join me in the evaluation of Jaaxy and test it out for free.


  • You have plenty of period to test the gadget out with the free plan.
  • Exceptional keywords
  • Several long-tail keywords with strong purchasing intent
  • Several tools
  • Switching between tools is simple.
  • Excellent user training materials


  • Unknown SEO score (keyword difficulty metric)
  • Not all user interfaces are intuitive.



The Jaaxy website appears good when it is first opened. The straightforward user interface drives it easy to register and gain access to the free Jaaxy keyword research tool.

Once more, the Starter account is cost-free, and we’ll be using it for this evaluation. This page appears after account creation:

Perfect. Simple enough. Let’s now peek inside the engine. I’ll go over each of Jaaxy’s features one by one, so let’s start with a keyword. I’ll use the word “protein” as a keyword. Since I used the same keyword in my KWFinder review, we can compare the two sets of results side by side.



The free edition of Jaaxy has various restrictions, some of which are more severe than those of KWFinder or Long Tail Pro. Nevertheless, I ran a keyword search using “protein” and this is what I found. There are some respectable choices there, but in order to fully grasp what is being offered in the keyword search results, it is necessary to decipher Jaaxy jargon. The tool makes use of a few metrics that other tools lack. Let’s look at the top row: SEO, QSR, KQI, Traffic, and Keyword.

These mean as follows.


With Jaaxy’s Keyword Metric, you can see instances of long-tail keywords that are comparable to the search term you entered.


The average monthly digit of searches for that keyword is what makes up Jaaxy’s Avg metric.


Traffic is the number of anticipated site visitors you’ll receive if you rank in the top spot on page 1.


Here’s where Jaaxy departs from other keyword research tools a little bit. QSR is the number of additional websites that are shown in Google for this specific keyword. It’s a different statistic from the ones that are typically used, but it’s quite useful. It provides you with a barbaric idea of how strong your competitors might be.


“Keyword quality indicator” is referred to as KQI. Simple to use: red indicates bad, yellow indicates fine, and green indicates good. The point is that no one understands how to calculate the keyword quality indicator score. The following score, SEO, has the same issue.


The SEO score serves as a gauge for how difficult it is to organize for a certain keyword. Jaaxy operates in the opposite manner from other keyword tools for whatever motive. 1 is the easiest and 100th is the hardest keyword finder tool I’ve ever used. Jaaxy is in the wrong. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

With Jaaxy, 100 is simple and 1 is challenging—I have no idea why. The method used to determine Jaaxy’s SEO score was likewise unknown to me. This presents a small issue. The most effective keyword research tool is one with accuracy. The most crucial factor is to spit out reliable findings if we are to be asked to hand up our money. I compared Jaaxy’s KQI and SEO scores to findings from KWFinder, Long Tail Pro, and Ahrefs to see how accurate they are. Keep in mind that Jaaxy’s SEO ranking is reversed; 100 is simple and 1 is difficult. These results indicate Jaaxy’s KQI and SEO rankings. Each of the other scores from KWFinder, Long Tail Pro, and Ahrefs ranges from 1 to 100, with 100 being the hardest score.

  • Scores from KWFinder Long Tail Pro Ahrefs and Jaaxy KQI & SEO
  • Low-carb, high-protein diet KQI: Normal. SEO: 80 51 55 65
  • KQI: Excellent protein science journal. SEO: 94 21 N/A 2
  • Proteins in a diet KQI: Excellent. SEO: 92 32 50 37
  • Low-carb, high-protein foods KQI: Excellent. SEO: 90 38 45 39
  • See anything a little off about this?

All of these keywords are simple, according to Jaaxy. However, that’s about where the similarities amongst keyword research tools end. They all claim that “protein science journal” is the simplest. Although I can’t say for sure, it seems that the keyword research tool may be suggesting that some terms are simpler than they actually are. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

Inbound links, Page Authority, and Domain Authority are all used by KWFinder. Similar measurements are used by Long Tail Pro. Ahrefs solely takes into account incoming links. Although we are sure in the accuracy of these instruments, Jaaxy provides us a different result. The Jaaxy keyword tool isn’t exactly hitting the target, is the reasonable conclusion. I recommend reading through our reviews of KWFinder and Long Tail Pro if you’re searching for a comparable tool in Jaaxy’s price range. Both are quite excellent quality without being prohibitively expensive.



One last item before we go on to other Jaaxy-related topics. Let’s look at the keywords that appear when we enter “protein” in the keyword search box. Yes, they are long-tail (and excellent informational pieces), however there are no keywords that have the intention to make a purchase. I’ll demonstrate what I mean. When I type “protein” into KWFinder, the following results appear. In case that wasn’t obvious, I made sure to emphasize it. We have keyword suggestions with a strong propensity to buy in the first few results. People who search for “whey protein isolate” online are trying to buy something. The same is true with Long Tail Pro:

Pro protein long tail keywords

With just the first few results from the keyword search, there is an immediate high buying intent. I can only obtain 10 keywords for each search I conduct under the free Jaaxy keyword research tool plan. Jaaxy’s top plan, however, will only yield 30. Continue reading to learn better about how many keyword suggestions you can generate in the “Alphabet Soup” section. What we observe is that long tail keywords with buying intent appear in the top 10 keyword search results of both KWFinder and Long Tail Pro. And unlike Jaaxy, these keywords don’t have a “mystery meat” algorithm for keyword difficulty.

In the “Alphabet Soup” function, Jaaxy delivers long tail keywords with buying intent significantly more effectively. You can see how long-tail these keywords are as I go on to detail it below. Searches for “pure protein plus cookie cream bar review” came up. Keep reading because it does get better since, in my opinion, Alphabet Soup is Jaaxy’s best weapon.


Let’s discuss yet another weapon that Jaaxy has available. In essence, Jaaxy provides a tool that instructs you on how to locate keywords for a website. Jaaxy can provide you with a list of keywords that the URL is ranking for if you enter a specific URL rather than a keyword. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

  • This is what I have. It’s not bad at all.
  • Competition keywords for Jaaxy

Those appear to be keywords for which a piece on the top humidifiers would rank. To be safe, I double-checked with KWFinder, and it appears that everyone is in agreement. Exceptionally, one. Check out those “SEO” rankings. As previously indicated, the ratings range from 100 to 1, with 100 representing the easy keywords and 1 the hardest. According to Jaaxy, it is really simple to rank for each and every one of those keywords.

Given that TheWireCutter is at the top of the search results, do you believe it would be simple to rank for “What is the best humidifier”? No. Not at all, no. Here is what KWFinder has to say on the subject if you don’t believe me. In contrast, KWFinder claims that it is four times as tough to rank for “what is the best humidifier” than Jaaxy would have us believe. If I knew the components that went into Jaaxy’s keyword difficulty metric, I would be much more receptive to hearing their side of the story. Jaaxy’s keyword research tool is, in my opinion, fine overall, although the keyword meter can show that some keywords are a little too simple.


Jaaxy has a function that is similar to keyword tools, but they present it in a different way. It goes by the name of Jaaxy Alphabet Soup and serves as an additional tool for keyword research. What I received when I typed in “protein” is as follows:

The long-tail keywords with the highest purchase intent are found here, as was previously noted. A person who searches for “pure protein maple caramel protein bar review” is prepared to make a purchase and has their credit card in hand. Although this is a fantastic tool for SEO in affiliate marketing, I’m not sure why it isn’t combined with the Keywords tool itself. The outcomes are distinct, as you can see, but there are very few of them. There are five results for B, three for C, & so on all the way to M. Total results for the seed keyword “protein” were 22. That’s absurdly low! Not that there aren’t other keywords available either. I used Ahrefs to conduct a protein search and then I used “Having Same Term” to focus my findings. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

  • Ahrefs important phrases
  • 1,669,576 results were returned.
  • I got 22 from Jaaxy.

Here is what those findings indicate. In my assessment of KWFinder, I criticized Mangools and KWFinder somewhat because Ahrefs returned 11,000 keywords, but they only returned 700. Such a significant absolute difference. Between 700 and 11,000, there is an absolute difference of 10,300. How much of a functional change, though?

The practical difference between 700 and 11,000 pieces of content is negligible unless you intend to write 700 pieces of content for a single keyword.  An additional 10,300 won’t do much good if you aren’t going to aim for all 700. With the Jaaxy keyword tool, however, such is not the case. Not only is there a significant functional difference, there is also a significant absolute difference (1,669,554 keywords, if you were curious). Not even close to 1.7 million articles can I produce! But I know I can write 22. What do I do after my 22 articles, which Jaaxy supplied me, are published? I might need to use a different keyword tool. Therefore, the 22 findings are a little underwhelming. What’s so absurd about this is that I can find thousands of results when I type in a lengthier keyword, like “best protein.”

  • Results for jaaxy alphabet soup
  • Just a “s” there.

And one aspect of this that I really like is how many of these keywords are long tail with a buying intent. Clicking “Search on this” returns me to the Keyword tool so I can receive the specific information for any keyword if I want them. Jaaxy does provide a ton of term search power; it may have just taken me a little to figure out how to operate it. It’s a fantastic tool for finding a ton of long-tail keywords with strong purchasing intent. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.



The “Search Analysis” section of the Jaaxy keyword research tool also serves as a SERP explorer. Unless you combine Search Analysis with the “Site Rank” function that we’ll cover later, it’s kind of dull. You can observe that the Search Analysis tool’s results are a touch shaky. On the right side, the text and numbers are squished together. There is some amazing information here if you can arrange the results or make them look better on your screen. The “Word count” measure is quite valuable.

I constantly check the word count of other articles that are comparable to the one I’m writing and are already ranked on page 1 when conducting keyword research for a new article. It’s a tremendous assistance that Jaaxy gives this information in their Search Analysis tool. Links on the website, backlinks, and Alexa rank can all be checked. With just these metrics, you can reasonably predict how simple or challenging it will be for you to rank. The Search Analysis feature’s limited number of results provided further down the page was one aspect I didn’t enjoy. I received a total of 11 results from websites that ranked for my search “Protein”.

  • Search Analysis with the Jaaxy Rankings Explorer
  • There is therefore some room for improvement.

You must view more information about search engine outcomes pages (SERPs) to create the most of this Search Analysis tool. Jaaxy uses the Site Rank function to look at that. The outcomes are decent once you combine the Site Rank and Search Analysis tools. Next, let’s examine Site Rank.


We now reach a section of the game where I believe Jaaxy excels. With Site Rank, you can enter a term and a website’s URL, and Jaaxy will provide the site’s historical performance in the rankings. You can view the most recent week, month, or period of time. When I enter “best humidifier” as the keyword and as the site URL, I get the following results. I appreciate how closely the right side resembles a search engine results page (SERP). More information is provided on the left side. Jaaxy displays the website’s position in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

Additionally, you have the option of keeping tabs on the phrase in the search engine results page and choosing how frequently you want alerts. The ability to view some statistics, such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, inbound backlinks, etc., would be helpful. Jaaxy ought to take into account transferring those outcomes from the Search Analysis tool to the Site Rank tool that we’re looking at right now. However, when combined, you can obtain a fairly accurate picture of search engine rankings. You may convey a fair idea of how challenging it will be to rank on the first page of SERPs by using the Search Analysis and Site Rank tools.

As long as you disregard the Jaaxy keyword difficulty rankings. The Site Rank page does have one small flaw; it appears to be a little buggy. There is nothing displayed in this tiny box on the Site Rank page. Any setting or keyword display option will not change the fact that there is a tiny blue dot on the right side. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

Jaaxy’s keyword research tool will benefit greatly if this problem is fixed. You have a fantastic opportunity to comprehend search intent if you are aware of how frequently sites are shifting to and from the first pages. All aspects of SEO ranking become a thousand times easier when you understand the search intent and address viewer needs. Therefore, perhaps Jaaxy will repair this bug before you use the tool. One of the less popular tools, Jaaxy is a powerhouse when it reaches to keyword analysis. You can benefit much from this. Jaaxy offers such distinctive, long-tail keywords, yet few people use them. You can use this to target keywords that your rivals aren’t even aware exist. The best part is that Jaaxy is free to test out for keyword research.



Jaaxy offers many advantages, but its greatest one is how effective it is at conducting keyword research. Here are a few advantages of choosing Jaaxy over other keyword finders.


One benefit of Jaaxy is that it provides a free plan so you can avoid guesswork. The free plan has no time restriction but has a cap of 30 total searches or site lookups. That choice give you a good idea of the tool and what it can do. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.


Although Jaaxy doesn’t provide many keywords, the ones it does provide are difficult to obtain elsewhere. Jaaxy gave me search terms like “pure protein plus cookies cream bar review” in Alphabet Soup. I’m at a loss for words if that isn’t a long-tail term. Better yet, there is a desire to purchase. Of all the keyword research tools I’ve ever seen, Jaaxy may provide the most unusual keywords.


If you ask me, this is Jaaxy’s best asset. Thousands of long-tail keywords with strong purchasing intent are returned by Jaaxy, making it the ideal keyword research tool for affiliate marketing. If you’re looking for these kinds of terms, Jaaxy may do better than practically any other tool. With other tools like Long Tail Pro, KWFinder, or Ahrefs, I haven’t exactly seen anything like.


The fact that the Jaaxy keyword research tool is so simple to use is another thing I like about it. Changing from one tool to another is quite easy. It’s simple to take a term you find and plug it in to the Keywords tool once you’re in the site rankings, looking at SERPs, or swimming in alphabet soup. Also check Webex Review.


There are numerous tools available on Jaaxy. In addition to the services I looked at for keyword research, keyword management, and SERP exploration, Jaaxy also enables you to identify affiliate programs relevant to your field. Since you can easily search for “[niche] affiliate programs” in Google, I didn’t review it, but it wouldn’t hurt. Additionally, Jaaxy includes a tool that displays the availability of domain names for the keywords you’re pursuing. Although exact match domains are less important than they once were, having one is still a good idea.


For new users, Jaaxy also offers a ton of training resources. They provide walkthroughs, videos, and PDFs on an entire page of their website. This is really beneficial because certain technologies have a steep learning curve and might be daunting (hello, Ahrefs). Additionally, businesses should make it simpler to learn how to utilize their tools if you’re paying money each month. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

  • The training page for Jaaxy can be seen here.
  • Jaaxy instruction
  • I adore it.
  • For a free trial of Jaaxy and to boost your keyword research abilities, click here.
  • To try Jaaxy for free, click here.


My major concern with the Jaaxy keyword research tool is this. Nobody seems to understand the components of their “SEO” formula. Keep in mind that their SEO number corresponds to the difficulty of the term, with 100 being the simplest and 1 the toughest. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

It doesn’t appear to be particularly correlated with other tools. I am aware that other keyword programs, such as KWFinder and Long Tail Pro, make use of indicators such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, backlinks, and site age. Inbound site links are important to Ahrefs. What is Jaaxy utilizing if it doesn’t correlate with these tools? When compared to other tools, Jaaxy alone gives the impression that keywords are simpler than they actually are.


Jaaxy makes switching between tools simple, although the header interface can be a little challenging to use. There are numerous tools that accomplish jobs that are extremely similar. Although it’s not a big deal and probably goes unnoticed by Jaaxy experts, I believe their tools may benefit from some consolidation.


Jaaxy offers the Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans.


The Free (or Starter) plan on Jaaxy is a free trial that gives you unlimited time but a set number of queries. You can access two keyword lists, 30 keyword searches, 20 site lookups, a website analyzer, and affiliate program lookups. The major restriction on this plan is that you can only access the first 5 results for Alphabet Soup. I’m done. Because Alphabet Soup is where Jaaxy excels, it would be worthwhile to test out a premium plan merely to get a ton of interesting long tails. Your rival doesn’t target and doesn’t rank for these kinds of distinctive long tails with strong buying intent. With a pot of gold, you’re out of trouble. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.



Jaaxy Pro has a $49 monthly minimum. That’s not a insufficient price at all if your goal is to conduct extensive keyword research.

You have access to the first 15 results for each letter of the alphabet in Alphabet Soup as well as an unlimited number of search results. Additionally, you’ll have more access to a few manual search capabilities as well as improved categorization and keyword management. Jaaxy Enterprise has a $99 monthly minimum. I advise buyers who fall under the category of “Content Production Machines” to purchase this package. Continue reading for a discussion of who Jaaxy’s keyword tool is best for. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

You can obtain an even quicker version of Jaaxy through Enterprise. You receive unlimited searches, more results per keyword search, and unlimited keyword lists. Each search in Alphabet Soup might possibly produce 1300 different, long tail keywords with strong buying intent because Enterprise enables you to look at 50 results for each letter. There is absolutely nothing to criticize. However, you can test Jaaxy without spending any money.



With this group of people, Jaaxy strikes gold. You probably need more material if your firm is new or you make less than $1,000 per month. Numerous long-tail, distinctive keywords with absolutely no competition are offered by Jaaxy. These keywords are so effective because your rivals don’t even consider using them. If you’re among them, don’t be concerned. When building new specialized websites, Spencer used to be here as well. The most crucial thing is that you continue to put in effort and use good judgment. You can uncover profitable affiliate marketing keywords with the aid of Jaaxy.


The established business community can benefit much from Jaaxy as well. If the monthly revenue from your website exceeds $1,000, let’s include you in this group. If your earnings are at that level, you’ve probably already researched a number of long-tail keywords that are relevant to your industry. The ideal opportunity to take advantage of Jaaxy’s special strength may be with you. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

You can find slightly more esoteric long tail keywords by using the Alphabet Soup tool. People are conducting these incredibly specialized searches, and Jaaxy can assist you in meeting the needs of your viewers. Being able to meet needs makes you more powerful. More people trust you, and more people are prepared to buy from you. For people with existing enterprises, Jaaxy is a wonderful fit.


I refer to them as “marketing agencies” as a kind of umbrella word. This could be a link-building company, SEO company, content agency, or another. Depending on what you do, Jaaxy might be an excellent fit for your company. Jaaxy can provide you with more than enough keywords to target if your agency focuses more on the content side and less on the majority of other stuff. There will be an abundance of original content for both your personal blog and your clients in any niche.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool can be helpful but might not be the greatest fit if your focus is more on SEO or link development. You can find some practical information on the websites that are showing up in the SERPs based on the data available. You may view the keywords for which they are ranked. However, there is no way to view specific backlinks. If your focus is mostly on content, Jaaxy is good, but SEO-focused companies will find KWFinder or Ahrefs to be more beneficial. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.


This kind of person manages large-scale outreach campaigns. The Link Building Monster spends 15 of his 16 waking hours in Ahrefs. When this individual does take breaks, it’s to play The Legend of Zelda, which they only do since Link is the name of the main character. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review. Also check Heatmap Software Tools

Jaaxy may not be the greatest tool for you if you fall into this category. No option exists to find backlinks to a website, so return to Ahrefs and let us all construct our niche websites in peace. But I’ll venture a bet that you’re not one of them. You are not one of the Link Building Monsters horde unless you count the number of referring domains using four digits this year.


The high quality, long tail, purchase intent content on a website is what the Content Production Machine is more concerned with than links. Every year, the Content Production Machine produces over a million words. This person requires a lot of keywords, either through an agency or independently. For the Content Production Machine, Jaaxy is a good fit. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.

Jaaxy might even save this person’s life. Unlike any other keyword research tool I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot), Jaaxy provides long tail keywords. There are many informational terms as well, however these incredibly long tails frequently have strong buying intent. The Content Production Machine and Jaaxy work together seamlessly. There are no daily or monthly keyword search caps, and you can look up to 1300 terms at a time in Alphabet Soup. There is nothing to belittle there.


Relying on who you are, you may or may not be a good fit for Jaaxy. It is slightly more expensive than some tools, such as KWFinder or Long Tail Pro, but costs less than half as much as Ahrefs. The Jaaxy keyword tool is a decent option for bargain hunters.  Jaaxy is an excellent choice if your new business is producing less than $1,000 per month from your website. It assists you in finding a ton of long-tail keywords that can increase your authority, trust, and revenue. You will have entrance to a lot of both recent and upcoming information using this tool.

If you are in a more established firm and make at least $1,000 per month, Jaaxy can be a wonderful option for you. By providing you with distinctive keywords that your competitors won’t use, Jaaxy could be quite helpful to you. Before you start ranking for these keywords, your competitors won’t even be aware that they exist, by which duration it will be too late. Jaaxy is an excellent tool if you work for a content production company. In order to excellently serve your clients, you can uncover a ton of keywords in every niche. There are better choices available if you work for an SEO or link building agency, such as KWFinder or Ahrefs.

There isn’t much of a debate on Link Building Monsters. You’re better off staying with Ahrefs as Jaaxy doesn’t give any backlink analysis. Jaaxy might have Content Production Machines in her house. There are a ton of terms with informational and purchasing intent. Until it’s too late, it’s impossible to compete with these long tails since they’re so distinctive. Jaaxy’s lack of popularity just makes it easier for you to produce more and better content than the competitors. This is another aspect regarding jaaxy review.


When it comes to presenting you with some distinctive long tail keywords, Jaaxy outperforms a lot of rivals. To grow your business, use Jaaxy to uncover long tail keywords with informational and purchasing purpose. You can join me in the evaluation of Jaaxy and test it out for free.


  • You have plenty of time to stretch the gadget out with the free plan.
  • Exceptional keywords
  • Several long-tail keywords with strong purchasing intent
  • Several tools
  • Switching between tools is simple.
  • Excellent user training materials


  • Unknown SEO score (keyword difficulty metric)
  • Not all user interfaces are intuitive.


Thank you for reading my review of Jaaxy! I hope that was of use. If so, kindly inform me in the comments. Would you please take a time to explain why it hasn’t if it hasn’t? Your comments allow us to make Niche Pursuits content better overall. Anyone wishing to create a lot of material quickly and efficiently should check out Jaaxy. It provides a far greater number of unique keywords than some more well-known tools. Remember that Jaaxy offers a free trial period if you desire to furnish it a try. There is no fee or time restriction, but you are only allowed to conduct 30 keyword searches. These 30 ideas may be sufficient for some time if you’re just starting out or managing a small firm.