How to Safely Identify High Roller Casino Sites

Ever since the very first casinos opened for business several hundreds of years ago, they’ve been attracting so called high-rollers. These are the individuals who like to play for the highest of stakes in the knowledge that the bigger the risks, the bigger the potential rewards. So these are the people whose Ferraris and Aston Martins will be parked outside the Casino de Monte Carlo and who may be ferried by complimentary limo from Las Vegas airport to Caesars Palace or The Bellagio.

While these examples may seem to be well beyond the realm of most people, the good news is that in online casinos becoming a high roller is a considerably easier proposition.

There are a wide number to choose from and one of the very best ways to identify just which ones are the top high roller online casinos is by looking in this guide. It covers all of the areas that you’ll need to consider before you commit, as well as offering lots of invaluable advice along the way.

Why become a high roller?

Of course, this is the main question to be asked before even starting to look for an online casino that fits the bill. The answer comes in a number of parts. The first is that, as already mentioned, some people simply like to play games for the highest stakes that they can reasonably afford. The more that is potentially at stake, the greater the adrenalin buzz when a bet comes off. Of course, this has to be tempered with the need to bet responsibly and only play with amounts that a player can afford to lose.

Another reason to become a high roller or, “whale” as they’re sometimes known, is because you’re almost certain to get preferential treatment from the online casino in question. This is likely to take a number of forms including access to exclusive bonuses and offers as well as being allowed to play in VIP areas of the site where, no doubt, you’ll come up against other high rollers.

Very often, you’ll also find that your status as a high roller means that you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who will give you advance access to games and other bonuses. It’s also quite often that they will offer tickets to exclusive sporting events and other great rewards to thank you for your loyalty.

Finding the right casino

There are a number of considerations to look at before you choose which high roller casino is for you. The first of these is to check out what the maximum stake is for your games of choice. In roulette and blackjack these can reach unbelievably high sums – in some cases higher than might be permitted in all but the most exclusive bricks and mortar casinos.

Then there’s the question of what payment methods they accept. If you’re dealing in large sums, then you want transactions to be as quick as possible. So finding a casino that accepts a wide range of e-wallet payments as these are generally regarded to be the best in this respect.

It’s also well worth looking into the range of games on offer, and particularly if the site in question also has “live” casino games. In these roulette and blackjack are played in real time, overseen by real dealers, with the action being streamed to your PC or mobile device using some clever tech.

Because they are live games, these tend to have considerably higher table limits than standard online casino games. When you play, the dealers will also be aware of your VIP or high roller status and treat you accordingly.

It’s also worth mentioning slots at this point. Although table games might be more widely regarded as favourites for high rollers, these also offer great opportunities too. This is especially true of ones with multiple win lines – often as many as 20. Playing these can mean big wins for big stakes, if you choose the game carefully.

What the casinos are looking for

There’s a certain amount of confusion out there about the qualifying criteria for becoming a high roller. Some believe that making a few large deposits is all that is needed to be afforded this special status. But, on the other hand, making frequent reasonably large deposits can also achieve the same objective. After all, casinos are looking for loyal players who will stick with them. Gaining high roller privileges will certainly encourage this, but these need to be earned.

Casinos will also be looking for players who continue to bet regularly for fairly high stakes. This is because being given this kind of VIP status is also a right and a privilege that can be lost if a level of activity isn’t maintained for the long term.

To conclude, it’s worth reiterating that being a high roller is certainly not for everyone. You need the money and the mentality to carry it off. But, provided that you have these already, hopefully you’ll have picked up some tips about finding the ideal casino to satisfy your needs.