How the Tech World Reshapes Education

There is plenty of evidence that hardly any sphere of human life is left apart from the influence of technology. We see these results everywhere around us – in business, medicine, finance, schooling, science. While it’s not our goal today to judge if there is more good or bad in these novelties, we are going to find out the significant ways how the progress in technology has made (and is continuing to make) the world different than yesterday.

If we compare the schools of the previous decade and the way students and teachers handle classes now, we will see that there are two sides of the medal. On the one hand, smartphones and other devices come up as powerful distractions that sap students’ motivation, – hence, such an impact isn’t welcomed. On the other hand, technology provides endless possibilities of learning and discovering (for those who can resist distractions), taken, for instance, online courses by world-renowned universities; for learners of third-world countries, this is heaven. The recent study of its impact made in 2018 approves of the second idea and gives solid evidence.

Starting from this ‘classical’ view of the tech world, we’ll go a little bit deeper and see what other trends in education technology offer today.

Technology That Improves Learning

Needless to say, every teenager and student experiences the impact of tech in many ways. Relationships with teachers and groupmates change, classroom learning takes new forms, education comes within an easy reach of all, rich or poor. Here are the ways in which technical devices impact learning the most.

  • High tech innovations boost learner autonomy.

There is so much information at learners’ disposal nowadays that opportunities are endless, – learning an instrument, subscribing to scientific channels, finding engaging content, etc. With their own desire and plans, students now can master any skill online from programming to cooking.

  • The front line innovations provide good help for students.

This might be good news for those who like making excuses and putting their responsibility on somebody else, but for the majority of learners who try to grasp every detail and are simply too tired or too busy, this is salvation. Mathematics, chemistry, English, philosophy, programming, – today, answers to all disciplines are easily accessed on high-quality online writing services like By sending a message of request ‘Do my statistics homework for me’ and simply explaining what is your problem, you get the experts’ assistance with homework or even term papers and dissertations. No zeros at college, no stress and sleepless nights, and all of that is thanks to the technological progress that makes platforms like open.

  • It makes learning faster.

Again, if a decade ago you needed a teacher to give a course of history o literature, today apps like Udemy, Coursera, TED, Duolingo, or SkillShare can make you aware of literally everything: foreign languages, the next big things in science and technology, or the relevant events. Within a few minutes, you can, for instance, cover the whole grammar topic in Spanish with all practical exercises included or dive into the coding essentials. That’s how simple and quick it is!

  • Technology promotes the international student community.

Getting a doctor’s degree online, taking qualification exams, or enrolling in a course that is taken only in one college in the world, – all of that drastically changes the picture of today’s education for the better. If some 15 years ago the post-soviet countries were still ’frozen’ and remained isolated, in education as well, today technology opens up new horizons to chase.

  • Assessment is more efficient with technologies.

The effectiveness of tests and exams can now be raised with computer-assisted evaluation. Besides, the chances of cheating in tests drop and the types of test questions allow variety.

  • Gadgets are all-in-one.

In schools and colleges of today, you can bring a tablet or smartphone and don’t burden yourself with 5 or 6 books daily. This is especially crucial for young learners’ health; still, the time with devices is also advised to be limited not to damage the young generation’s eyesight.

As a visual sum-up for the whole list of pluses technology brings to our education system, we suggest looking at this bright infographic to illustrate everything mentioned above.

So, with the outstanding technical abilities of the modern that are transforming the world of education and the choice to use them for your good, you can move mountains!