How Predictive Dialer Benefits Call Centers?

Time efficiency is among the most crucial component of thriving a call center. The ability to drastically reduce the time an agent takes to place a call has a direct effect on the overall efficiency of a call center.

So, here we have compiled a list of some of the top benefits that how predictive dialer benefits call centers:

1. Refines Call Center Operations

The automatic predictive dialer helps the businesses to refine their call center operations. Many call centers even use auto dialer software or virtual phone system to overcome the major shortcomings of manual dialing – call drops, mis-dialing and additional wait time.

Moreover, the predictive dialer software detects busy tones, disconnected calls, unanswered calls, voicemails accurately and answering machines. The route only connected calls to call centers agents. Thus, the outbound calling solutions provide callers with a myriad of self-service options for practical sales tips.

2. Increases Agent Talk Time

The call centers are switching from manual dialing to automated dialing to improve agent productivity and efficiency. Additionally, to dialing phone numbers automatically, this is how software routes only connected calls to the agents.

Thus, on the other hand, the agent talk time and call connect ratio increase, simultaneously. The businesses can further use progressive dialers to curtail wait time because of calls and connect the agents with the customers with some of the information in hand.

Likewise, they can use predictive dialers to connect live call transfers to agents who are available to handle the next call. A predictive dialer uses the average handling time of the agents to improve the process of calling.

3. Decreases Agent Idle Time

Along with increasing agent utilization, auto-dialers also help managers to bring down agent idle time significantly. The agents can spend more time interacting with customers and drive sales without even wasting time in handling unanswered, busy and disconnected calls.

The auto-dialers have the capability to differentiate easily between unproductive and productive local phone numbers. The predictive dialers even check the availability of the agent, and route answered calls to agents who are free to handle the next call.

4. Detects and Separates Unproductive Numbers

The sophisticated automatic dialing solutions are designed with a capability to detect the unproductive numbers like DND (Do Not Disturb) and fax lines. A business can integrate the cloud-based auto-dialers seamlessly with its customer relationship management system.

The integration will also help the software to detect and filter unproductive numbers based on updated customer data. The DND filtering feature further even saves the time and effort wasted on calling some of these unproductive numbers.

5. Generates More Leads

The business can use auto predictive dialers as a robust tool to generate more leads. As the software reduces agent talk time, it becomes much easier for telemarketers to interact with more number of customers and meaningful prospects.

The sophisticated automatic dialers even facilitate customer information collection by offering a set of self-service options.

The managers can further simplify lead generation and management by importing contacts from various other sources. They can further leverage auto-dialers to generate a number of new and promising leads by increasing the number of call connections.

6. Increase Lead Conversion

Apart from generating more leads, predictive dialers also help marketers to enhance lead conversion rates. The new age automatic dialers come with the latest features to facilitate time zone management. The feature enables the marketers to set and adjust the time zone for each marketing campaign.

The managers can use the feature to call the right customers at the right point of time. They can further change and adjust the time zone via a simple and interactive dashboard.

7. Facilitate Real-Time Performance Monitoring

The latest predictive dialer solution feature user-friendly interfaces. The interfaces help manger to generate a wide range of reports which are based on real-time data. The managers can monitor call center activities and measure agent productivity by checking real-time reports on a daily basis.

They can even assess call quality level and agent skills by evaluating both the recorded and live calls. Moreover, auto-dialers make it much easier for managers to streamline call center operations by taking the right decisions at the right time.

8. Launch Press 1 Campaigns

The self-service options which are provided by auto-dialers enable customers to gather much more information about a product or service without even interacting with a live agent. These options further even help businesses to generate qualified leads by allowing customers to interact with a live agent after playing a recorded audio file.

The callers can further even interact with a live agent simply by pressing the appropriate button. The businesses can launch press one campaigns to promote product/services, increase sales conversion and generate more relevant leads.

9. Manage Multiple Marketing Campaigns

A business can use predictive dialer solutions to conduct market research and promote the products/services. The sophisticated predictive dialers even come with features to help businesses to run and monitor marketing campaigns.

They even allow managers to generate and check campaign reports without even putting extra time and effort. The managers can refer to the latest campaign report to assess the business performance of individual marketing campaigns based on specific criteria and considering some of the specific goals.

The enterprise and individual users can take advantage of automatic dialers for a wide range of purposes. But it is always essential for the users to pick the right automated dialing solutions. The users must compare the auto-dialers according to their precise telecommunications need to take advantage of the outbound calling systems fully.

10. Lower operational costs

While the predictive dialers can fuel generate sales, the lower costs to the contact center are just as appealing. Fewer numbers of outbound calls need to be placed on the expensive voice channel, while fewer agents are needed to handle calls. Eliminated dead time for agents and lower customer abandonment rates further even lead to significant reductions in cost and increased profits, while on the other hand predictive dialers with CRM integration offer the benefit of not requiring any of the additional costly telecom integration or hardware.

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