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CR2 Files Advantages and Challenges – When and Why to Convert CR2 to JPG

Canon uses its patent RAW format called CR2 or Canon RAW 2nd edition. CR2 is a standard digital format captured from Canon Camera. The CR2 files have their unique set of advantages and limitations.

Advantages of CR2 format

Many photographers prefer using the RAW format because it allows them to perform high-level customization.

  • High-quality level – When photos are captured in RAW, the camera sensor records every data. Technically all the cameras shoot RAW but when you click in JPG format the camera does the processing automatically. It converts RAW data into JPG. In RAW, you need to manually process and decide how the photo needs to look.
  • Record great brightness level – RAW records 12 bit or 14 bit [brightness level], while JPG captures 8 bit. Extra brightness allows you to adjust more without quality reduction as you can work easily with fill light, exposure, contrast, brightness, blacks, and recovery features. Posterization [banding visible in bright skies]in the images can be avoided.
  • Correct under/overexposed images – With RAW, there is extra data therefore clipped shadows and blown highlights can be recovered.
  • Adjust white balance – For an awesome photo, there is a need for adjusting the color and white balance. RAW makes adjustments easy and quick for better results.
  • Enjoy non-damaging editing – RAW file adjustment means you are not playing with original data. There are no concerns about accidentally saving over or ruining the image because the adjustments can be undone and you can start again.
  • Get great prints – Finer color and tone gradation allows obtaining better prints.

Challenges of CR2 files

  • Files carry huge data associated with the image, so is a major concern in terms of storage and sharing.
  • CR2 format is not compatible with compressing, so it is hard to receive or send emails.
  • They consume plenty of storage space, so while working on limited free space this can cause an issue.
  • CR2 files are not friendly with every type of operating system. There is a need for special tools to edit these files but are extremely expensive.

Now, you are aware of the advantages and challenges of CR2 files. You can convert CR2 files to JPG but concerns arise about how to convert. For CR2 to JPG conversion, use reaConverter software because it is efficient in handling batch conversions. There are online conversion tools but you will have to spend hours converting one photo after another.

ReaConverter is easy to download and install. It even offers image editing options like alterations & orientation, adjustments, watermarking, and creative retouching. Besides JPG format the software supports myriads of file-formats including even the rare ones.

When to convert?

  • If you plan to send files for editing, then send in RAW format but if you have to obtain a review from a client then convert the CR2 file into JPG to avoid accessing issues.
  • CR2 files can be converted to JPG when you want the images to be used on your website, posted on social media, published in blog posts, or emailed to someone.

Why convert to JPG?

Image export becomes easy when the file is compressed, which is essential for website speeds. CR2 files are large and take longer to load and even slow the speed, which is bad for SEO.

CR2 into JPG conversion is great for sharing or issuing!

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