Top 12 Best CooMeet Alternatives In 2023

CooMeet Alternatives 

Best CooMeet Alternatives  will be discussed in this article. CooMeet is one of the most popular next-generation web-based video dating applications, specifically designed for users who want to chat online with someone they have never met. It has a unique video chat room where you may meet ladies and guys from all around the world. With CooMeet, chatting, flirting and having a good time with people require no personal information or registration. It is considered a video dating solution that allows you to have anonymous video chats with strangers worldwide. The app links you with people online who want to speak and have fun in their private chat rooms, which include many chat options. When you join CooMeet, you may obtain more than 60 verified matches in an hour. It is pretty straightforward to use; turn on the camera, and a random individual will appear, waiting for the user to answer. CooMeet has valuable features such as anonymous and secure chatting, talking to strangers, HD quality videos, and an easy-to-use interface.

Although CooMeet is a safe and legitimate app for users, but in some cases, users may not be able to use this amazing platform. For example, the server may be down, problems loading audio or video, too many active users simultaneously, causing a slow response, etc. In such cases, users may need other similar options to continue enjoying chatting in their free time. Fortunately, there are many platforms similar to CooMeet that offer almost the same features.

Top 12 Best CooMeet Alternatives In 2023

Top 12 Best CooMeet Alternatives are explained here.

1. RealTalk


RealTalk is a well-known alternative to CooMeet. It offers a welcoming environment where you may meet new individuals from all around the world without having to travel somewhere else. The application allows you to enjoy asking and responding to questions to begin conversing with actual people. To round off the experience, it also offers audio and video chat capabilities. However, the video quality is pixelated to provide a smoother experience. The site is designed specifically for those who wish to meet new people and express their thoughts.

RealTalk also requires users to register with an email address and other basic information so that they may be matched with others who share similar interests.

Features of RealTalk

  • Allows talking to real people
  • Lets you play lots of games against a connected match
  • Simple interface
  • Chat with random people
  • Can select your own questions to find matches accordingly
  • Allows to send brief video messages
  • Images can be sent

2. E-chat99


E-chat99 is a web-based application where individuals from all over the world may discuss or chat online about various subjects and spend quality time together. It is a simple and feature-rich platform that does not require registration or additional personal information from users. The platform mainly facilitates text-based and video interactions with random people worldwide.

E-chat99 typically connects people using similar interests algorithms, meaning people who have selected similar hobbies and other information in their profiles are matched accordingly. It is more potent than other comparable services and has established a unique video dating network. The E-chat99 platform offers lightning-fast connections and also allows users to engage in random chats without an account. It allows people to communicate with a furry stranger by simply pressing a button and enjoying innovative features that enhance one’s experience.

Features of Echat99

  • Really quick
  • Anonymous and safe
  • High-quality calls
  • No need for any registration
  • Cam2Cam communication

3. LiveMe


LiveMe is typically a broadcast-based platform that helps users to create and upload live stream video clips. It is a simple and addictive site where users enjoy live video discussions with up to 25 million people from over 85 countries. You may use this platform to stream live broadcasts, have fun video chats, produce vlogs, join a community of thousands of brilliant people, and be paid for doing what you love.

It’s a lovely platform for those who enjoy gaming, music, movies, chatting and sharing, dining, and so on. The best aspect of this application is that users can share live streaming, meet new people, and invite friends to earn virtual cards that can be changed into real money. LiveMe also offers a simple, easy-to-use mobile application for Android and iOS, connecting people worldwide. The application also has a private chat option, which distinguishes it from the competitors. However, users must have registered accounts with email addresses to use this service. It also allows login with phone numbers and major social media platforms, including Google and Twitter.

Features of LiveMe

  • Real-time chat
  • Discovering, meeting and connecting new people
  • Easy to follow a favourite broadcaster
  • Sharing your passion
  • Earning money

4. YeeCall


YeeCall is another great platform, similar to CooMeet, which allows users to communicate whenever and wherever they want for free via 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connections. The platform is only accessible through its application and accessible in many countries, including Pakistan, the UAE, India, Iran, and the US. It mainly helps users to make free video and voice calls.

Users can use the YeeCall app to effortlessly make free calls to people and communicate with their loved ones whenever they wish. The app works on both Android & iOS mobile devices. It offers high-quality video and voice interactions with crystal clear speech, allowing users to hear the other party’s words and communicate seamlessly. This is another CooMeet Alternatives. Also check Alternatives To A Research Paper 

YeeCall has up to 5 million users worldwide, impressed by the high-quality video and phone chats. The app has a strong, straightforward, and sleekly designed UI and is one of the most powerful social platforms for individuals worldwide.

Features of YeeCall

  • Unlimited texting
  • Provides group discussion calls
  • Sending amusing gifs
  • Can seed Voice messages
  • No advertisements
  • A steady voice

5. Chatroulette


Chatroulette is a popular video chat platform that enables people to connect randomly with people worldwide. It has thousands of members worldwide looking for and meeting new people. It offers a random chat option and does not require any registration or personal information to deliver an anonymous and secure platform. This is another CooMeet Alternatives.

Since Chatroulette is mainly a web-based platform, it is accessible on various devices through web browsers. This platform constantly educates you on how to succeed in face-to-face live video chat. Users only need to visit the site, enable the camera and microphone, select the partner type and start chatting.

Features of Chatroulette

  • Users can start random conversations with strangers.
  • Allows users to meet new individuals through video chat.
  • Completely free access
  • Concurrent connection availability
  • Huge users’ base

6. Cam


Cam is a free video chatting application for Android and iOS, created and marketed by Net Tangerine. Around the world, the app has over 300 million successful matches, and it is one of the superb CooMeet alternatives. It offers all the same services with extra features such as rapid matching, private talking, information sharing, and more. With the Cam app, you can instantly discover, connect, and begin video conversations with interesting individuals worldwide. This is another CooMeet Alternatives.

The best part about this application is that it conceals your true identity while displaying the profiles of only people with similar tastes to yours.

Features of Cam

  • Provides streaming of high-quality video
  • Users can share media files
  • Exclusive chat rooms
  • A safe and secure space
  • One swap switch connection

7. Free Chat Roulette

Free Chat Roulette

Free Chat Roulette is a social media-like mobile application for those who wish to explore and meet new people worldwide. Paradise.029 Inc. created and released it, with thousands of users worldwide. It is an essential and user-friendly application that can be readily downloaded into your Android device. After finishing the registration process, you may begin talking with people. You don’t need to share your personal information on this platform. This is another CooMeet Alternatives.

The application has random chat capabilities that allow users to speak with strangers and create new acquaintances. It is an entirely anonymous and secure platform where all messages are destroyed after being sent to others, and no IP or connection data is saved. Also check Trend Hunter Alternatives 

Features of Free Chat Roulette

  • Sharing images and stickers
  • Anonymous chatting option
  • Video messages
  • Zero tolerance for abuse
  • Discovering new friends under one platform


ChatBlink is the most convenient method to make and meet new people online using your device. It is mainly a web-based programme with millions of users worldwide. It may be used to find new acquaintances and express sentiments for free with others. Users must first join to use its services by validating their email address, complete name, age, and other information. After finishing the signup process, they will be only a few minutes away from meeting new strangers.

ChatBlink is more secure and feature-rich than all other similar web-based programmes. It also provides an entirely new system for finding people and starting conversations. To locate unique individuals, the users may use ChatBlink’s incredibly complex search box, where they may enter names or places to look for people. Users may send photos, video, and audio messages to their pals, acquaintances, coworkers, and others in a safe manner. ChatBlink is a fantastic chat platform for anyone looking to meet new people worldwide.

  • Users can chat anonymously
  • Easily locate people
  • A massive community to explore
  • No tolerance for bullying and other offensive behaviour
  • Provides secure and protected space for users

9. Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a global free live stream app and platform that provides everything from real-time interaction to live video broadcasting. It is an addicting tool that lets users stream their live moments, interact with friends, admirers, and favourite broadcasters, and follow their most probable ones with a single click. This is another CooMeet Alternatives.

Bigo Live is paving the way for a completely new and efficient world of communicating and sharing whatever is on your mind. It has elegantly reached over 150 million users worldwide and is growing daily. It’s comparable to other social apps but has many innovative and intriguing features that improve the social experience. The multi-guest room is a far more enjoyable method to connect with people since it allows you to see what the groups are conversing about and doing before joining them.

The Bigo Live app’s most prominent feature is the ability to randomly match with a buddy and ask to go live together. The application allows users to go live and broadcast their dancing, dining, conversing and blogging. It also lets users discover the fascinating world through hundreds of live videos.

Features of Bigo Live

  • Group broadcast
  • Streaming of gameplay
  • Interaction in real time
  • Users can play quest-live
  • Exchange of beans for money

10. Uplive


Uplive is a free and best live streaming smartphone application that allows users to make friends online in their local areas and around the world. The app connects millions of consumers and thousands of brilliant hosts from Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and many other countries. More than 5,000 supermodels and part-time hosts make the site more engaging and enjoyable. Uplive is one of the most straightforward and basic methods to broadcast talent and lifestyle live on the internet. The app is available for use on Android and iOS devices.

Like other similar apps, Uplive also allows users to garner admirers and be showered with presents. Before people can start using the platform, they ought to sign up using their email address or Facebook. Users can later access it from anywhere in the globe at any time. Everybody should give it a shot if wanting to demonstrate their talent to others and establish a large fan following.

Features of Uplive

  • Voice transmission
  • Real-time streaming
  • An essential feature like messaging
  • Creating and joining communities
  • Users can post Short videos and pictures.
  • Users can exchange interactive presents.

11. Private Call Video Chat and Flirt

Private Call Video Chat and Flirt

It is a smartphone app that allows its global users to enjoy video chatting and meet new people worldwide. It provides an easy method to meet new people and initiate a rapid connection. Users can swipe right to be matched with potential companions based on shared interests and location. The most excellent part about this app is that it uses location filters to link you with folks locally or worldwide based on the location configuration. This is another CooMeet Alternatives.

Users can also interact exclusively with females or only males, depending on their preferences. Private Call Video Chat and Flirt is a one-stop platform for anyone looking to connect and create new acquaintances. It also has a reporting mechanism, making it more secure and superior to others.

Features of Private Call Video Chat and Flirt

  • Easy to use
  • Can send images
  • Video and audio messages
  • Tons of stickers that make chat more interesting

12. StreamKar


Tipping Point Technology created and launched one of the multiple popular live video and audio streaming apps, called StreamKar. From live video streaming to real-time engagement, the app allows you to watch fresh live videos daily, broadcast your life activities, video chat, and meet new people worldwide. This is another CooMeet Alternatives.

With StreamKar, the users may demonstrate their talent to their friends and the rest of the world to become famous. StreamKar has several new features and tools that make it more exciting than its competitive platforms. One of the most delicate features of this entertainment application is the ease of use, and users can connect all their social networking accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

StreamKar is one of the most incredible entertainment applications for consumers. Users may join the network anytime, from anywhere on the globe, and play hundreds of fascinating games with strangers. StreamKar also allows you to search for nearby people and browse through millions of others worldwide.

Features of StreamKar

  • One-touch live video streaming
  • Full HD live video calls
  • Audio calls facility
  • Send and receive virtual gifts
  • Thousands of gorgeous filters and stickers, and so on.