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How To Convert YouTube To MP3 On IPhone In 2023

convert youtube to mp3 iphone

How To Convert YouTube To MP3 On IPhone will be described in this article. Since five years ago, downloading YouTube videos has become significantly simpler. You can download videos in the resolution of your choice from several services with a single tap. A few apps for the iPhone can directly convert YouTube videos to MP3 to save us the trouble. We have compiled a list of several YouTube to MP3 converter apps for iPhone that can be used to convert YouTube to MP3 swiftly. Let us examine the matter. We’ll also show you how to install and use these YouTube to MP3 converter apps on your iPhone to assist you in getting the job done.

How To Convert YouTube To MP3 On IPhone In 2023

In this article, you can know about How To Convert YouTube To MP3 On IPhone here are the details below;

1. YouTube++


The slickest YouTube to MP3 converter for iPhone you’ll find is YouTube ++. One tap is sufficient to convert any YouTube video to MP3 using the YouTube++ app. It draws inspiration from the iteration that was produced exclusively for Android. Its features are of interest to you. Also check How To Fix Purple Screen Of Death On Windows

  • A device capable of rendering nearly all file formats, excluding those downloaded from YouTube.
  • Convert the audio and video formats of the download.
  • Stream in the background using the audio-only viewer without launching the video. You’ll save money on your data costs as a result.


  • The user interface is intuitive and identical to that of the official app.
  • To conserve capacity on the iPhone, it is possible to play audio in the background.
  • Use it as a standard YouTube client while profiting from the additional features.


  • Consistency needs to be improved in client update transmissions.

How To Convert YouTube To the MP3 On IPhone With YouTube++?

  • On an iPhone, launch the YouTube++ app.
  • In the central area of the YouTube++ app, copy and paste the YouTube video URL.
  • Hit the extract icon located on the lower side of YouTube++ to extract audio from videos.

2. Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro

A modified web browser known as Video Downloader Pro enables the downloading of videos, audio, phones, and other media from any website on the Internet. Its features, in some detail.

  • Before converting and downloading YouTube videos into MP3s, use the fully incorporated browser to search for them.
  • A password-protected repository for downloaded files.
  • Transfer the file to the iTunes Offline Library via sharing.


  • Lack of advertising.
  • Automatically searches YouTube for files to download.
  • A straightforward user interface.


  • Need more tutorials to commence.

How To Convert YouTube To the MP3 On IPhone With Video Downloader Pro?

  • Launch the Video Downloader Pro website in your iPhone’s web browser.
  • Note the URL of the YouTube video from which you wish to extract the audio.
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube tape into the URL field of the Video Downloader Pro app.
  • To download YouTube to MP3, use the search function.

3. Shortcut App

Shortcut App

One of the more rudimentary utility apps for iOS, the Shortcut app enables the creation of shortcuts for particular apps. The following Shortcut app features are quite remarkable. Also check How To Convert YouTube To MP3 On IPhone

  • Instantly convert downloaded YouTube videos to audio.
  • There are two available audio formats: M4A and AAF.
  • One-tap conversion following initial configuration.


  • Convert in bulk to audio.
  • The quickest method for converting video to MP3.
  • A manager dedicated to downloads.


  • Moderately challenging initial configuration

App Permission For Installing Third-Party Apps

Please note that, for security purposes, iPhones do not, by default, permit the execution of apps installed from authorities other than the app store. The permission to activate third-party apps must first be enabled for security reasons.

  • Navigate to Settings > Select General > Locate the Profiles option. Tap the section labeled Untrusted apps.
  • Tap Trust Name of App after locating the app you wish to install. Hit the words “Verify App” to confirm your choice.

How To Convert YouTube To the MP3 On IPhone With Shortcut App?

  • On your iPhone, launch the YouTube to MP3 Shortcut App.
  • To convert a YouTube tape to MP3 audio, use the search, find, and select options on the home screen.
  • To convert YouTube to MP3, hit the convert icon located in the lower-right corner of the interface. Shortcut App offers the option to convert YouTube to various audio formats, including MP3.

Final Words:

There are few iPhone converters for YouTube videos to MP3. It is prudent to use a reputable app for this purpose. Be wary of phony apps that request your YouTube credentials but don’t offer the utility. Additionally, a free video converter may be used to habilitate YouTube to MP3 for iPhone on a personal computer.