CarGuard Trevor Smith: What Customer Service Means for Your Business

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The goods and services produced by every business organization are aimed at a specific audience, referred to as consumers.

Customers will come to a business through advertising, marketing, and pitching, among other methods, but customer service will keep them coming back. The policies, plans, and actions that govern how a company interacts with its consumers are often referred to as customer service.

Quality customer service, such as the one provided by  Trevor Smith and his team at CarGuard, is when customers are treated with dignity, appreciated, and acknowledged by personnel. Considering customers frequently share their ideas and opinions about firms online and via social networking sites, the significance of customer service cannot be overstated. To project a positive image to outsiders, brands must invest in customer service and maintain a positive relationship with their clients.

Importance of maintaining good customer service

Here are reasons why maintaining good customer service is critical to a business;

Brand image representation

The owner and workforce are always clear about your brand image, goal, vision, of what and who you represent.

You, like your staff, know what you like to deliver and achieve as a business owner. For instance, at CarGuard, Trevor Smith and his team are clear of what the company provides to its customers: a tailored vehicle protection plan. Still, the customer support team is responsible for expressing a brand and what it entails to its clients and the public.

Customer service is crucial since it interacts closely with users and is tasked with portraying and enhancing the company’s image. According to a Harris Interactive survey, seventy-three percent of customers stated they are devoted to a company thanks to excellent customer care agents.

Competitive advantage

The competitive edge that customer service provides you over other brands is one of the most important aspects of customer service. There will be competitors who offer the same product and services as you, regardless of the industry or climate in which you operate.

Brands must focus on their customers and make them feel valued to stand out. Customers will depart for a better option if they do not love the service provided by a brand or are treated with disrespect. Similarly, brands must entice customers away from competing firms with exceptional customer service and keep customers returning for more items and services.

Customer referrals

Every company strives to grow, expand, and reach a broader audience. Another benefit of excellent customer service is that satisfied customers are more inclined to tell their friends, relatives, acquaintances, and even strangers about a company. A referral is critical to a company’s growth and success and acts like a chain reaction. When customers are happy with a brand, they instantly advertise and refer others, growing the customer base in the long run.

Improvement through customer feedback

As a business owner, one must be adaptable and flexible to provide the best service and please your clients. Another benefit of good quality service is that it assists a business in gathering feedback and replies from customers and the public, which helps improve the services and goods a company provides.

The customer service team has direct contact with the consumer; they manage complaints and assist in resolving issues, allowing them to determine what the clients want and don’t want. This is the service standard you expect from Trevor Smith and his team at CarGuard. The responses are collected and acted on to strengthen the quality of customer service. Customers develop a sense of affinity and devotion to the company when they see that their proposals have been incorporated.

Revenue Generation

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Every company’s primary goal is to create a profit. Profit and total revenue determine whether a company or business organization is successful. As CarGuard Trevor Smith does so well, prioritizing your client’s happiness and needs boosts patronage and revenue, which is why customer service is so important.

Service quality and profit do not directly relate, but the former has a multiplier effect on the latter. When a company has a lousy customer service culture, its customers tend to take their money elsewhere, leading to revenue losses. Similarly, excellent customer service impresses a brand to its customers and encourages patronage, which leads to increased profit.

Business Longevity

Excellent customer service is the right strategy for any organization to maintain growth and avoid failure. Twenty percent of enterprises die during their first year, and 50% collapse by their fifth year due to challenges related to bad customer service, according to research by Fundera. Customers and patrons are the lifeblood of every company; they are always correct.

The customer’s welfare should then be addressed to ensure that a company doesn’t go out of business. Customers that are handled like royalty keep showing up and referring others, which illustrates the value of customer service. The longer a brand stays in the marketplace with excellent customer service, the more clients it will gain.

A brand’s longevity is a competitive advantage in and of itself. Since it was founded, Trevor Smith and his team at CarGuard have continued to provide best-in-class customer service, earning the company awards and accolades in the vehicle service contract industry.

About CarGuard Trevor Smith

Founded in 2015 in Overland Park, Kansas City, CarGuard Trevor Smith set out to disrupt the vehicle protection industry by ridding the market of insensitive administrators. With its unique and client-centric approach, CarGuard Trevor Smith continues to be committed to maintaining positive relationships with clients in adjudicating their claims. Contact CarGuard today to know more about their vehicle protection plan.

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