Best Betting Tools in 2020

Best Betting Tools in 2020

Betting tools review for 2020

2020 has come and brings new events for sports bettors. And to be in trend, the player must know the world of sports, be aware of new betting tools and of course, learn new things.

Undoubtedly, the success of sports betting depends on the bettor’s strategy and his experience. But why not use some useful tools that make life easier for the player? So, what betting tools will be in trend this year?

Betting Calculators

Not all people are super-mathematicians to quickly and accurately calculate odds and odds. And it is quite normal to resort to additional tools, for example, calculators. These tools will help you calculate your chances faster, more accurately, determine odds and just better predict the event.

Odds calculator

This odds calculator will help determine the potential odds of a player in a format convenient for him or her:

  • American format
  • decimal number
  • fractional number

This is a great tool for those who want to make sure that the bet is feasible to get a higher probability of winning.

Parlay calculator

This app takes odds from 100 games. The tool combines odds, calculates the payout for games that interest you and displays the possible winnings, in the case of a bet.

Kelly calculator

The Kelly Calculator is a very useful professional bettor tool, with which everyone can find profitable markets in the bookmaker’s list and accurately determine the size of the bet for each transaction. In essence, this is a symbiosis of a financial strategy and an online calculator. Such a calculator is based on the Kelly criterion formula.

This is one of the few financial strategies supported by mathematics, which allows calculating the size of the bet depending on the coefficient of the bookmaker and the probability of passing the event.

To get the amount of the bet, the bettor enters the coefficient value, his estimate of the probability in percent and the amount of money in the game account.

In-depth statistics for football events

Speaking of mathematical tools, football bettors will benefit from statistical applications. Such apps open up opportunities for observing football teams, specific players, match statistics, etc. This is very important because it is based on statistics that the most accurate forecasts are made. And it is these data that are taken into account by bookmakers.

For example, if the match is your favorite Chelsea with Manchester City. And you know that the first ones scored 2.5 goals in the last 5 matches out of 10. At the same time, Manchester has not scored any of the goals in the last 10 matches. So, according to statistics, the probability of Chelsea’s victory is high. And a bet on 2.5 goals takes place.

Statistical apps optimize your chances of winning and give a detailed picture of the game event.

Reliable news sources

A prudent bettor is always aware of what is happening in the world of sports. Especially if it concerns an event or a team on which he is going to bet.

In anticipation of a match, game or competition, it is especially important to understand:

  • how many times has a team or player won previous competitions
  • what is the condition of the athletes
  • what injuries happened before the upcoming event
  • and even what salary the player receives

There are many resources on the Internet dedicated to sporting events. There are even ratings of the most popular and reliable sites. Therefore, follow what’s happening in the world of sports and predict your bets with accuracy.

Comparison list of last chances

The better you control the odds before a sporting event, the greater the chance of winning. For better awareness, it is worth comparing prices and odds of different online bookmakers.

A lot of information is displayed in the live line betting section, where bettors can select events in real-time and place a bet.

Also, don’t forget about the bonus offers that bookies offer to players. An especially popular option is an extra bet on your first deposit or registration bonus. Such a feature will give odds at the beginning of betting.

Tips from professional bettors

To tell the truth, not all pros like sharing the secrets of their success. After all, they went their own way, with failures and wins. But… This doesn’t mean that you can’t trust betting tips and considering them unprofessional.

Many betting  gurus, on the contrary, are glad to share their knowledge, as if out of solidarity with their new “colleagues.” Just find the source with reliable betting information where the article is written by a professional. It will be great if you can still find out information about this bettor.

To do this, you can visit tipster forums or blogs, listen to them on the YouTube channel, or go to special portals. In any case, the advice of an experienced player won’t make it worse.

Fork scanners

Forks don’t lose popularity because they are very profitable. Free fork scanners will allow you to find profitable arbitrage situations to build the most profitable strategy for playing on bets. Such services will allow you to have a stable income using betting.

The fork scanner is an analytical resource that has flexible settings. With them, you can choose the exchange rate, type of coefficients, and also enable notifications about the addition of a new plugin the system. Also in such tools have filters, thanks to which you can determine the conditions for displaying arbitration situations.

Discretion and attention

In addition to various apps, tips, and various services, a bettor should have another important tool: a cold and clear mind. Many players make the same mistakes because of: rush, impatience or inability to stop. The desire to get everything at once always leads to failure.

Therefore, no matter what tool you use, whatever sport you like, first of all, think, analyze and then make a decision.