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How To Access Control Panel Sound Settings On Windows

How To Access Control Panel Sound Settings On Windows

How To Access Control Panel Sound Settings On Windows will be described in this post. Users will have to make educated guesses as to why and where particular settings have vanished following a significant feature upgrade for Windows 10.

The Sounds option is absent from the context menu that displays when you right-click the speaker icon in Windows 10 1903. It no longer exists, but it once allowed users to access the Control Panel’s sound options. You may access your basic sound settings in the Settings app by clicking the sound icon in the system tray.

How To Access Control Panel Sound Settings On Windows

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The same thing is happening; Microsoft is transferring scenes from the Control Panel to the Settings app and it begins by modifying or eliminating the quickest method of doing so. Although the Control Panel sound options are still present, the System Tray no longer provides access to them. What you can do instead is as follows.

Control Panel sound settings

This can be done in four different ways.

The Settings app

The Settings app

The Settings app’s Sound tab is still accessible from the System Tray. Sound Control Panel is a selection under the Sound tab. It will launch the Control panel sound settings when you click it. Also check online file converters

Control Panel

There is still a control panel. The old Sound window with the Recording, Playback, Sounds, and Communications tab will appear if you start the app, navigate to Hardware and Sounds, and then select Sounds.

Control Panel

File Explorer

By pasting the following into File Explorer’s location bar, you can navigate directly to the Hardware and Sound category.

The window will still need to be opened by clicking Sound.

Desktop shortcut

Of course, creating a shortcut to the Sound settings is the simplest solution and requires the fewest clicks. Go to Hardware and sound in the Control Panel to accomplish this. Create Shortcut can be chosen by right-clicking Sound. Also check  instagram viewer without account

On the desktop, a shortcut will be produced. This shortcut can be used to launch the Sound window. With the shortcut, you won’t have to navigate the Control Panel, but it has drawbacks.

If the Start Menu is your preferred method of opening programs and files, it will be a problem because this shortcut cannot be pinned to it. It can only be launched from the desktop, and unlike a typical shortcut, not much can be changed about it.

Desktop Shortcut

While the Sound options in the Settings app provide access to the essential settings, if you wish to modify communication device functionality, reroute sound, or alter system sounds, you must open this window.