Why Players Prefer To Use Gold4Vanilla for all WoW TBC Classic Gold & Boosting Services?

Why Players Prefer To Use Gold4Vanilla for all WoW TBC Classic Gold & Boosting Services?

WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade is the hottest game right now, the “Dark Portal” was opened just a month ago, on 3rd June and WoW Classic “transitioned” to WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade. All players were given the option to either remain on the original, WoW Classic Era, or to migrate to the expansion, Burning Crusade Era on the very same servers. Approximately, 99% of the high level characters have already migrated.

A reminder, the highly popular WoW Classic was (re)released by Blizzard on 26th August 2019 by popular demand of the playerbase who wished to experience the original WoW Classic (dubbed Vanilla WoW) experience from 2004. Millions of players, both new and experienced, resubscribed which resulted with overcrowding of all 70+ WoW Classic servers during the August/September 2019 period.

“The Burning Crusade” was the first World of Warcraft expansion to be launched during 2007. The current WoW TBC Era mimics the former experience, by allowing the players once again to experience the content in Outland, level their characters from level 60 to level 70, obtain flying mounts, battle in the PvP Arenas or conquer Mount Hyjal and Black Temple among other raid instances. The experience brings greater balance and is counted as the favorite of many players, just like Wrath of the Lich King.

However, unlike the recent expansions like WoW Legion, Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, both the Classic Era and the Burning Crusade era have their difficulties. In the earliest WoW expansions, it was very difficult to level to 60/70, boost your reputation, obtain an epic mount or farm gold.The release of Classic, brought back many of the old ‘gold & boost’ services for it. Approximately 30% of the playerbase at some point uses a service like gold purchase, powerleveling or purchase of an account, especially the older generation of players, who simply do not have the time to play like they used to before.

Why Players Prefer to use Gold4Vanilla?

Once Classic was released in 2019, a dozen new websites popped out offering services for WoW Classic. Many of them were based in Asia and not offering genuine service, the players would often need to wait for days before receiving the purchased amount and only if they were lucky. The common marketplace websites updated their pages to include the same services, but it was as though the very same Asian based sellers caused damage to the marketplaces by not delivering the promised service, usually gold. Gold4Vanilla made the difference for many reasons. It was an older website, dedicated exclusively to the older WoW Vanilla, WoW TBC and WotLK expansions. While the retail Classic was still not out, there were highly popular private WoW Classic servers in existence for years, servers like WoW-One Warsong, Nostalrius Begins, Elysium, Kronos, Light’s Hope’s Northdale among others which harbored hundreds of thousands of players which actually triggered Blizzard to re-develop and re-release World of Warcraft: Classic. Gold4Vanilla is a pioneer in that field due to the experience, as it was providing the very same services for years already.

Professional experience and support. Unlike most ‘counterparts’ , it is a website maintained by a team from Europe with a strict refund policy by which the website team adheres to.

Buy & Sell WoW TBC Classic Gold.

This represents the main service of the websites. Players can either sell or buy WoW Classic Gold. When buying, it is available for all European and North American realms, in various packages of 500 up to 10000 gold at once. It is usually mailed within the first hour.

Boost & Powerleveling Services.

The second most popular service. Many of the players aim for quick 60-70 WoW TBC Classic Powerleveling to reach the end-game and then use the TBC Boost services for various needs like reputation boost, profession skill up, increase of Arena PvP rating among others.

Level 70 Accounts.

Many actually enjoy the leveling process, but many more would simply skip to the end game even at start. The Level 70 WoW TBC Classic Account Shop on Gold4Vanilla offers hundreds of ‘ready-made’ level 70 game accounts – playable characters for all regions, covering all game classes, races. Some accounts are even advanced with epic and legendary gear.

Other MMORPG Services.

The Final Fantasy 14 section is quite popular for players who enjoy FFXIV and fans of the upcoming New World by Amazon Games and Ashes of Creation, can buy the very same services as for World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade.