What Is the Buyer’s Persona and why is it important in 2020?

A buyer persona is the ideal buyer profile that you create in order to identify tastes and preferences and thus be able to define a marketing strategy.

Talking is always going to be a lot easier than doing, and it’s a very basic in marketing tactic that you need to be more practical than just saying it.

Surely you have heard or read, a lot that you need to empathize with your potential client to buy your ideas and it is true, and the problem is putting it into practice.

If you want to learn more about how to analyses the buyer’s persona then you can contact SEO Dubai. There is a long way from what has been said to what has been done, and perhaps it is not that you do not have the ability to create that affinity between your company and its potential customers.

But simply that you have not defined who you want to sell or for whom you have designed your offer.

“My Product Is Bought By Everyone”

Do you realize? Not everyone needs what you sell, and that’s not bad, because you don’t need to convince the entire universe of buyers for your business to be successful.

So, you have to put aside that conception that your product can be sold to everyone and begin to define.

Later you will see that even the geographical location of the person determines if he is part of your target market, despite the fact that he satisfies the rest of the profile of your personal Buyer.

Buyer What? What Is A Buyer Person?

A Buyer person is nothing more than an ideal buyer profile that you create in order to identify the tastes and preferences of your potential clients and thus be able to define a strategy to foster empathy that I was talking about in the beginning.

You may find other definitions, but for me, it is a very simple way to explain it. Basically, the buyer persona is an imaginary character that looks a lot like that market you want to convince.

Why Define A Buyer Person?

I have already advanced the answer to this question. Defining your ideal client will help you create strategies to promote empathy between the parties.

If you know the needs and desires of your potential clients, it is easier to devise a marketing campaign with which they feel identified. An SEO Expert can better help you in identifying the buyer’s persona and how to get benefits out of it.

In fact, it is very useful, not to say indispensable, in digital marketing campaigns, since it helps you to segment who you show advertising to – if you do – and to design your website and social profiles in such a way that conforms to market expectations.

As you will see, the Buyer persona is used for everything that has to do with the business, it is even the inspiration to offer a very useful and high-quality product or service, adjusted to what they need and different from what the competition offers.

Creating The Profile Of Your Personal Buyer

It is very easy to define a Buyer person, but how do I create it? I know you are thinking that right now. Well, right now I’m going to explain how to create this profile so that your business is on the right track.

You will find many forms to create a Buyer persona, but the important thing is that you understand what is behind all of them.

A good Buyer person is the result of reflection as a company and study of the market; my suggestion is that you do not assume anything that you are not sure about, always confirm your beliefs.

Create A Basic Personal Buyer Profile

Like everything, always start with the most basic, in this case, put a name, age, and sex on your personal Buyer.

For example, I want to sell alarms for houses, who is my personal Buyer? I would say it is:

  • Name: Maria
  • Age: 40 years
  • Gender: female
  • Marital Status: Married

You may be wondering why 40-year-old Maria? And in that case, you have realized that a name, sex, and age is not enough to define who buys you, let’s continue defining more.

Occupation, Location, And Income Level

When we are talking about ideal buyers then imagine it with specific characteristics.

For instance, I have considered Sara to be professional and she works in the office from Monday to Friday. Sara also runs her house and her income is medium.

  • Occupation: professional, office work (supervisor, manager)
  • Location: Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • Income level: medium-high

Why these characteristics? Simple, because I am selling home alarms and I know (or have investigated) that alarms are a system that cannot be paid for by everyone.

And that also generates interest in people who are away from home for long periods of time; an alarm system can guarantee you much more security.

I think of Maria, because women tend to be more concerned with home security, surely Maria is a mother and a wife, and she does not want her family to be in a dangerous situation.

I chose Barcelona because my store is there, I attend at home and cannot move to another city in Spain.

Do you notice I no longer sell alarms to everyone, now I sell them to someone who may be truly interested; that’s the person I have to convince, but for that, I need to define even more?

But before you ask yourself, what does it matter where I live? Sometimes you can use location to pose a specific problem and its solution, that creates empathy.

Interests, Expectations, And Buying And Consumption Habits Of My Personal Buyer

I have told you, you need to create empathy and therefore you need to know what your client likes, I would say that you must have in common some topic for communication to occur.

In this case, I have thought and investigated, and I have concluded that Maria is interested in my product because she is a person concerned about safety.

I know that because María visits Security Blogs, shares information about it on her networks, and was seeing alarms in an online store of my competition.

Maria is most likely weighing the pros and cons of my competition to see if she decides to buy or not.

Obviously, Maria usually researches security products on the Internet and is used to shopping online.

  • Interests: keeping her home safe, creating a space where she, and her family, are safe. New technologies and quality time with your family.
  • Expectations: A security system (alarms) that is effective for your home, that has a good relationship between price and quality, although you are willing to pay a little more if necessary.
  • Where you look for solutions: on the Internet, check home security blogs and virtual stores that offer these products, also check and share information on social networks.

Analyze Purchasing Power

This point I want to clarify even more because you must understand that your products are not for everyone.

You should define who you want to sell. The reason is in this way you do not waste time with other market who are not interested in your services.

For Instance, you are giving a Luxury product and it has high quality.

Then you should direct your attention to those consumers who are willing to invest a little more and not to those who buy the cheapest they find.

Now yes, we already have a personal Buyer profile with which you can start designing the marketing strategy. I have given you the most basic if you want you can expand the information as much as you think necessary.

More Than One Buyer Person? Think About What Unites Them

One of the main disadvantages that companies encounter when they create a personal Buyer is that they realize that there are different profiles from those they want to sell to.

For example, I have realized that although María is a good buyer, Pedro, who has a company, is also a person to whom I can offer my products.

In that case, you can create several profiles, but at the strategy level, look at what unites them, in this case, the need to be sure.

Chances are, you should launch different campaigns for each group, for example highlighting the benefits of my alarms for home and businesses.

In fact, at the level of Internet advertising, you could create different ad groups depending on the audience you want to attack, or merge all your objectives and based on the things that unite them.

Who Pays Is Not Who Consumes What Do I Do?

This is a very common problem, especially when we sell children’s products. For example, if you sell toys, you must convince the child to tell her parents to buy it.

The product must be good for both the child who is going to play and the parent who is going to pay for it.

You must seduce the child with the possibilities of fun; parents with the value for money.

Personally, I think that the definition is always made on the end-user and not on who buys, but if you must make it clear to who pays, that would be an attractive solution for whoever is going to consume the product or service.

Where Can I Find Information On My Target Market?

When I was defining the Buyer person I assumed information that helped me at work; You should look for those data that support your beliefs, but where?

If you already have a company, surely you have data on those who enter your website, or on your social networks, that will help you define Buyer persona.

Undoubtedly, you should do deep market research. Many times you will have to survey these potential customers about what they expect from the products you sell in order to define your attack plan.

For example, you can use platforms like Quora, which is nothing more than an online survey system that can help you gather information about the likes and preferences of your potential customers (social networks are also useful).

One strategy which you can use is to study the customers. Study which customers are using your competitor’s products. Create a list of these buyers because it will help you define your ideal buyer.

On the Internet, there are systems like Similar Web, Ahref, and others that help you analyze the competition.

However, if we see it from a technical point of view then we have to identify where these visitors are coming from. What is their gender, Male or Female? What is the Traffic volume etc?

In social networks like Facebook, there is also information about the audience, if you analyze it you will be able to determine who is most interested in what you are selling and you can plan to attract many more potential buyers.

I Have My Personal Buyer, And Now?

Once you have defined your personal Buyer, use it for what I have previously mentioned.

You can plan to advertise more efficiently, you can create a Web page that better transmits the message that your potential customers expect to receive.

You can design the speech you are going to give to convince them (at the tone level of the message), you can plan content strategies to offer information that is relevant and that helps convert them into customers.

Above all, you can analyze your products and services to determine to what extent they meet market expectations and study the possibility of adding value according to what your customers want and do not get from the competition.

Now, you can see there are a lot of details to be considered along with your web design and development.

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