Top 8 Best Triberr Alternatives For 2023

Triberr Alternatives

Best Triberr Alternatives will be described in this article. Are you trying to improve your social media presence and are looking for the finest Triberr substitute? Perhaps you wish to change triberr’s community features, content curation features, or content promotion features. In either case, I have you covered.

Top 8 Best Triberr Alternatives For 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 8 Best Triberr Alternatives For 2023 here are the details below;

In order to help you make an informed choice, I’ll break down the top Triberr alternatives that I have personally used in this piece and give a brief overview of each platform.

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Which Triberr features do you want to replace?

I should start out by saying that I still think highly of Triberr. It still has its problems, but I still use it frequently. The problem is that there are no direct alternatives because Triberr is a unique platform.

It all boils down to knowing which of Triberr’s features you want to replace and how to use them.

Triberr assists us in three specific ways:

  • Content promotion: Encourage other social media users in your niche to share your content. The most typical application of Triberr is this.
  • Content curation: Find intriguing stuff to share with your own audience by using content curation.
  • Micro communities: Form tribes of individuals with like interests and join tribes of those individuals.

It is not practical to employ only one method for content promotion. By employing more of these tools, you will be able to reach a wider audience because each content promotion tool gives you access to a ifferent audience.

The best triberr alternatives compared

Here is a brief description of each platform:

Getting your content shared is simple with Quuu Promote, a potent tool for content promotion. You can choose to distribute your material automatically or manually.

Missinglettr’s curatorial work In addition to promoting your own material to other Missinglettr users, seek out intriguing content to share with your audience. The Missinglettr platform’s core automates the creation of social media campaigns.

One of the top Pinterest marketing systems available is Tailwind Communities. Finding new pins to share and gaining shares for your own pins is simple with Tailwind Communities.

Sendible is a comprehensive social media management solution with effective content curation features.

Find interesting things to share with your audience using Quuu. connects to well-known social media scheduling applications like SocialBee and Buffer.

Another effective strategy for promoting content is Viral Content Bee.

Using Flipboard, you may post your own stuff or locate intriguing content to read.

Quora – Primarily regarded as a Q&A website, Quora has a community feature called Spaces that may be used to advertise content.

Let’s examine each Triberr substitute in greater detail now:

1. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote

A platform created specifically for content promotion is called Quuu Promote. Additionally, there is nothing else like it available.

You have the option of either manual or automatic promotion of your material. The automatic option saves a lot of time.

The manual method entails entering a URL, choosing an appropriate category, and creating some social media descriptions. For Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can select several ones.

Then, for as long as it is pertinent, your material is promoted.

The predetermined choice? That is comparable to having a content marketing team available to you. Each post will have several descriptions, related categories, interesting hashtags, etc.

Quuu Promote is the tool to use if you want to promote your content quickly.

Price: There are no share limitations, but the manual plan costs $50 per month and the automated plan costs $75 per month. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

2. Curate by Missinglettr

Curate by Missinglettr

Missinglettr is a fantastic social media automation tool that automatically develops social media campaigns for your fresh blog posts and then schedules them for you after they have been approved.

Curate is a platform add-on that enables you to increase the number of shares for your content.

You can add many of your blog entries to the Curate dashboard each month so that other Missinglettr users can share them. The procedure is simple. Copy and paste your desired content, choose your categories and subjects, and submit. Also check Teachable Alternatives

Curate gives you the ability to curate material to distribute with your own audience, as you may guess from the name. It’s possible to schedule other people’s content to share with your own audience because it’s all organized by category, making it simple to identify pertinent stuff.

Price: The main Missinglettr platform is offered with a free plan. Curate is an add-on that has a monthly cost of $49. There is a free trial period of 14 days.

3. Tailwinds Community

Tailwinds Community

I have tried several Pinterest marketing platforms, and Tailwind is the best. It is made to follow Pinterest best practices and manages scheduling, reporting, and analytics.

Landing page for Tailwind groups Tailwind Communities is an add-on that enables you to participate in (or start) groups centered around particular interests.

You are supposed to share other people’s pins, and they are supposed to share yours. Additionally, there are community-based elements that allow you to communicate with members of your tribe.

Because of this, it’s a fantastic platform for finding material to pin, gaining more exposure for your own pins, and connecting with other people in your niche.

Price: When invoiced annually, Tailwind for Pinterest costs $9.99 per month. This also grants unrestricted access to five Communities. There is a plan that is Forever Free.

4. Sendible


As an all-in-one social media management tool, Sendible is best known. In what way might that replace any of Triberr’s main features? Also check Social Media Contest Tools

Homepage for Sendible Sendible has a robust content curation tool that makes it simple to identify excellent information to share with your audience. All of the content is organized into logical categories and has a search function.

This is a fantastic choice if you require a social media tool. All of your scheduling, publishing, analytics, and reporting requirements will be met.

The ability to schedule events is really strong. You can publish the content you source immediately, schedule it for a later time, or put it in a queue to be shared at particular times and days.

Additionally, a social inbox is available, making it simple to reply to messages and comments. You have several opportunities to interact with your audience because it also allows social streams.

As a side point, Sendible makes it feasible to indirectly promote material. Since RightRelevance is used to source content recommendations, you can discover that the platform has already recommended some of your most popular material.

Price: A 14-day free trial is offered and prices start at $29 per month.

5. Quuu


Specifically designed for content curation, Quuu Quuu. It was produced by the same group that worked on Quuu Promote, as one might anticipate.

They add stuff from Quuu Promote and manually gather content to distribute with your audience.

All content is personally reviewed, nevertheless, and must abide by high standards of quality. Which is fairly amazing considering how much time must be spent reviewing each piece of information.

You have the option of checking the suggested content before it is shared automatically. Although Quuu doesn’t have a dedicated social media scheduling tool, it does interact with well-known ones like Buffer and SocialBee.

Price: Free to begin with.

6. Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is a platform for content promotion that utilizes a credit-based structure. Try Quuu Free 7. In actuality, this platform was among the earliest of its kind and has been around for a very long period.

The credit-based system encourages people to assist one another in promoting material, which is why I enjoy it.

By sharing other people’s material, you can earn credits that can be used to promote your own content.

It serves both as a tool for content filtering and promotion.

If you’d rather share content other than your own, there are paid solutions available.

Price: Free to begin with.

7. Flipboard


A information aggregator called Flipboard makes it simple to access content relevant to your personal interests. Although it functions just as well on desktop, mobile devices are where it is most popular. There is content available on more than 28,000 different themes.

Homepage for Flipboard Most people probably wouldn’t think to use this platform for either content curation or content promotion, yet it can.

Finding fantastic material to share with your audience that you might not have discovered on other platforms is simple thanks to Flipboard’s content suggestion engine.

Many individuals are unaware of the fact that you can design your own digital magazines and add content to them. Your material will be elevated to main subjects on Flipboard once it has received a sufficient number of shares, which will increase traffic to your site.

Although utilizing the browser extension to save content to a magazine only takes around 5 seconds, it is quite hit or miss. I’ve occasionally had a few hundred Flipboard users view a certain item.

Price: Nothing at all.

8. Quora


Although Quora is primarily recognized as a Q&A platform, there are many more functions that are rarely used.

Using Quora, you may advertise your material by responding to pertinent queries.

To avoid forcing them to read the content on your website, you must provide a response to the query. And you have to say that it’s your own work.

Additionally, there is a component of the community called Spaces that enables you to create your own communities focused on interests of your own.

Additionally, there is a benefit to utilizing Quora: if you contribute enough answers, you may be invited to join their partner program, where you can receive payment for answering questions.

You basically just need one tool or platform to take the place of Triberr’s content curation and community features.

However, the more platforms you can use to promote your material, the wider your audience will be. And as a result, you’ll increase website traffic and social media shares.

I continue to use Triberr because of this.

People that share content from websites like Quuu Promote and Missinglettr’s Curate typically only select one website. Therefore, you can reach a whole different audience by utilizing both of these sites.

It enables you to scale up your content promotion activities.

Utilizing as many content promotion platforms as you can makes sense.

Some applications, including Sendible, Tailwind, and Missinglettr, provide additional functionality that is quite helpful. Take Sendible, one of the top all-in-one social media management solutions available today, as an illustration. As a result, your money is well spent.

In any case, take into account the platform features that you utilize with Triberr and choose alternative tools based on your requirements.


Finally, you’ll undoubtedly notice that I haven’t covered the kinds of outcomes each instrument for content promotion can produce.

This is because your niche and the content you publish have a big impact on your outcomes. I could create a case study for each of them, but the conclusions would largely be irrelevant as they would be focused on my content and my niche rather than yours.

Naturally, content with a wide audience and well-written headers and descriptions will perform best.

The key is to experiment with different platforms while making sure you have a sufficient sample size of material.

Make sure you don’t submit a single obscure piece that few readers would be interested in and then wonder why it isn’t receiving a ton of social media shares.