Top Free Registry Cleaner Softwares of All Time

Working with a slow computer can be troublesome, but it is inevitable. PCs tend to get slower as you keep using them. The programs you install log their information in the windows registry and these entries remain in the registry even after the program has been uninstalled. The good news is window registry can be cleaned of those invalid and unneeded entries. There are best registry cleaner softwares that can do the work for you. But first, some explanations.

What is a registry and a registry cleaner?

The registry or windows Registry contains information, options, settings, and other values for programs, applications and hardware installed on the Windows operating system. When a program is installed, information such as its location in the disk, its version and details on how to start the program are all entered in the windows registry.

And as you install and uninstall programs, all the information gets stored in the registry and it bloats the memory and hampers your PC’s performance.

A registry cleaner scans the registry and eliminates all the invalid and broken entries which are clogging up the memory. But not all registry cleaners do the job perfectly. An improperly written program is potentially dangerous to your system. So it is wise to know the best registry cleaner softwares and choose from them. Here are some of the Top free registry cleaners.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner 

Auslogics is one of the best free registry cleaner softwares available online. It is a good software for cleaning your registry and it groups the detected errors based on their type which is very useful. It scans and highlights the areas in the windows registry that require immediate attention and separates them by colours based on their severity.

It provides automatic backup before cleaning the registry and restore points which will be useful if something goes wrong and you have to roll back the changes. It also has an ability to pause the scan and continue it anytime.

Auslogics has a search facility with which you can search for specific registry files.Because every error in the registry can be viewed separately, experts may find this feature very useful. It scans and fixes your PC by clicking a single button called “Scan and Repair”.

Auslogics is a totally free software. In the pro version, it also provides other optimization tools like disk defragmentation and a scheduler which lets you schedule your scans.

Advanced SystemCare 

Advanced systemcare is a free-to-use registry cleaner software with a well organized interface. It comes with a lot of tools and functions that not only cleans the registry but also makes your computer fast and secure. It also provides real-time monitoring of the system.

In addition to cleaning and fixing the registry, it also makes more space in the disk by cleaning the junk files and speeds up the PC by clearing RAM (used by unwanted background programs) and monitors web browsing to block any suspicious content. The scan targets about 12 areas in your PC like startup and registry.

Wise Care 365 

Wise Care 365 is one of those best registry cleaner softwares which offers many features. It’s simple and clean interface lets you clean the windows registry swiftly. It’s features include automatic backups, creating restore points and also a disk defragmentation tool. This registry cleaner removes invalid and broken windows registry entries.

It also backs up and restores windows registry easily, cleans windows temporary files, cleans browser caches & invalid shortcuts and makes your computer run faster and be more stable. Wise care 365 finds all the unwanted programs that consumes the system resources and disables them.

Eusing Registry Cleaner 

Eusing Registry Cleaner is a tool with an user-friendly interface. This tool enables safe cleans and repairs the windows registry problems with just a few mouse clicks. It scans the registry for invalid or obsolete information and lists the errors found.

After fixing the invalid entries, it also makes a backup of repaired registries so that you can restore the changes by choosing restore registry backup. It improves your PC’s overall performance and stability.


Another light and easy- to-use cleaner software is the JetClean. It scans the entire windows registry within seconds and fixes all the issues. It also has a disk defragmentation feature which speeds up the pc and a rescue centre which contains restore points to restore any changes that are made. It offers automatic scan & fixes and shuts down the system once it is done.

JetClean records all reports so that they can be reviewed later. It is an effective software for optimizing your PC since it reduces system errors, locates and deletes junk files. But JetClean keeps a lot of cookies which can be a little disturbing.


WinUtilities is an all-in-one cleaner that cleans the registry and also optimizes your PC. It lets you choose the areas to scan which reduces the scan time to a great extent as the full PC scan tends to take more time. It automatically creates restore points and also removes old restore points after a number of days and keeps your PC light. The scans are fast and effective.

This software intercepts startup programs and other softwares which automatically load with windows (but are not needed). The program’s registry optimizer defragments and rebuilds the registry and makes the system run more smoothly. The disk cleaner removes clutter and unnecessary files that are clogging up in your disk and keeps the windows running faster.

Though there are many registry cleaner softwares, cleaning the windows registry should be your last resort. Altering the registry files without precautions can cause bigger problems on your system. And cleaning the registry may not always give you the result you are expecting. Therefore it is always better to backup your system to ensure safety.

So, When to use a registry cleaner? 

It is advised to use a registry cleaner under two circumstances

  • When your PC’s performance gets very slow and you start getting errors while working.
  • When you are experiencing application crashes too often

Use registry cleaners only if nothing else has helped. Try and find the error with windows troubleshooter. If it doesn’t help, use the best registry cleaner software to clean the windows registry.