Top 10 Video Cropping Tools for Win & Mac & Online [Not Trim]

Are you looking for a high-quality video cropping editor to crop your videos? Undoubtedly, there will be a time when you need to crop your video. The best video editor provides an easy-to-use platform to crop the videos in simple steps. In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 10 video cropping tools for Windows, Mac and Online.

Let’s take a look at what each tool offers to the users.

  • Filme [Win & Mac]

Filme is one of the leading video editors that allows you to create amazing slideshows. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. All you need is to download Filme on your device to crop your video in easy steps. Apart from adding videos, it lets you add transitions, filters, animations and music to your videos.

Using Filme, you can easily crop your video. First of all, you need to import your media file. Then, drag the corner of the rectangle to adjust the aspect ratio or manually enter the value. Once you’ve cropped your video, you can download it or share it with your friends.

Pros & Cons

Easy-to-use platform

Doesn’t require expert knowledge to crop your video

You must download it on your device

  • VLC [Windows & Mac]

VLC is a great open-source media player that comes with a cropping feature. It is available on both Windows and Mac. However, cropping a video using VLC is not as easy as using Filme. You will need to perform several steps to crop a video. For that reason, we recommend VLC for professional video croppers rather than beginners. It can process any file format which is a huge plus. User-friendly features, cross-platform capabilities and compatibility with different formats make it the best video tool.

Pros & Cons

No ads or spyware

Can process multiple file formats

Complicated to use

  • Windows Movie Maker [Windows]

Windows Movie Maker is the best cropping tool especially if you’re a user of Windows 7. It allows you to crop your videos in easy and simple steps. Moreover, there are a ton of editing features to make your videos out of this world. With some basic tools, you can edit your videos quickly. After cropping your video, Windows Movie Maker allows you to publish it on different sites such as YouTube and Facebook. You can add transitions, effects and titles to make your video expressive.

Pros & Cons

A simple-to-use platform for cropping videos

A range of editing features

Not compatible with Mac

  • Lightworks [Windows & Mac]

Looking for the best editor to crop your videos? Here comes Lightworks that is desktop video editing software. It is one of the best tools to crop your videos. Lightworks is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. After downloading it on your device, you will need to add your media file and adjust the aspect ratio to crop your video. After doing this, you can preview and save it on your device.

Lightworks [Windows & Mac]

Pros & Cons

Work on both Windows and Mac

Some useful editing features

Often used by the experts

  • iMovie [Mac]

Are you a Mac user? Look no further than iMovie because it is one of the best choices to crop your videos on Mac. Most importantly, you do not have to download any additional software because it comes pre-installed on Mac OS. However, cropping a video could be complicated for you if you’ve never used iMovie before. But, you can always learn how to crop a video using iMovie. Once you’ve cropped it, iMovie allows you to share it with family or friends through iCloud drive or even text messages.

Pros & Cons

Seamless file transfer between Mac OS devices

The best cropping tool for Mac users

Not compatible with Windows

  • QuickTime Player [Mac]

If you want to use QuickTime Player to crop your videos then you will need to upgrade it. Quick Time Pro is a paid version that allows you to crop your videos on Mac devices. Cropping your video using QuickTime Pro is a little bit complicated because you will need to create a mask to remove unwanted parts or borders. Applying this mask to your video can only help crop out the annoying parts. Overall, it is one of the best video editing tools to crop your video on Mac OS. You can export the video to your desired location.

QuickTime Player [Mac]

Pros & Cons

Versatile video editor

Work perfectly on Mac OS

It requires creating a mask in Photoshop to crop a video

  • VEED [Online]

VEED is an online cropping tool that allows you to crop your videos without any hassle. You just need to add your media file to start cropping. Apart from the easy-to-use cropping feature, you can add a colored video frame, text, and much more. It is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an online video editor to crop videos.  However, it requires you to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to download watermark-free videos.

VEED [Online]

Pros & Cons

Free online cropping tool

Easy to use

Paid plan for watermark-free videos

  • Clideo [Online]

Do you want to crop your videos online? Clideo is the best video editing tool that enables you to crop your videos online and free of cost. It supports several video formats and you can upload your video from various sources. You can also import videos using Dropbox or Google Drive link. It also allows you to preview your video once it’s cropped. One major drawback is a paid plan to remove a watermark from your videos.

Clideo [Online]

Pros & Cons

Supports various video formats

Drag and drop feature to crop the videos

Requires paid plan to remove watermark

  • EZGif [online]

It is one of the most reliable online cropping tools that support MP4, AVI, MPEG, 3PG and many other video formats. You can remove unwanted parts from your video using EZGif. It allows you to preview your cropped video in decreased quality. However, the video remains still in high quality when you download or share it. Unlike VEED and Clideo, it doesn’t apply any watermark on your cropped videos.

EZGif [online]

Watermark-free cropped videos

Supports almost any video format

A little hard to crop the video

  • Clipchamp

Here is another online video editor that lets you crop your videos. Interestingly, it comes with two cropping options: Auto-Fill and Crop to Fill. With Auto-Fill, you can fill the black bar to your video. Crop to Fill allows you to crop a video to fit a new ratio. You can directly use Clipchamp without downloading because it is an online editor.


Two cropping functions

Simple to use

Need to create an account


Cropping a video becomes a breeze with the best video editor tool like the ones listed above. Filme is the top-rated video editing software that allows you to crop your videos as well as add transitions, filters, music, and much more. It provides an easy-to-use platform to create stunning videos and share them with your friends or on social media sites.