Tips on How to Turn a Smartphone into a Remote Control for Home Appliances

Dreams of fiction writers of the past have come true. People can control home appliances with their phones. Many owners of Android smartphones do not even know that it can be used as remote control of TV, home appliances and even a computer. Today in the Play market, you can find a large number of Android remote apps. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

1. Mi Remote

A very successful application developed by Xiaomi, with which you can control almost any “smart” technique. It uses a Wi-Fi module or infrared transmitter (IR) to connect to the device. The variety of equipment to be connected is very wide. It can be a TV set, vacuum cleaner robot, air conditioner, computer and much more. The application can be installed on branded Xiaomi smartphones as well as on third-party devices. Mi Remote application has an extremely simple setup and intuitive interface, which can be understood even by a child or housewife.

2. Unified Remote

This application is a complete remote control system for your computer. With it, you can switch audio recordings, play videos, flip through presentation slides, control your browser and even work with files. Moreover, the application is also very easy to learn. To connect to your PC, you need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on both devices. The application supports all popular operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.

3. Sure Universal Remote

The application supports Android TV and Apple TV platforms. You will also have the ability to broadcast photos and videos to SMART-TVs. Like Mi Remote, this remote control app will go for remote control of almost any equipment using the Wi-Fi module. TVs, set-top boxes, air conditioners, media players, alarms, home appliances – and this is not the whole list of supported devices.

4. Google Home

Reliable and thoughtful application from Google IT giant. According to users’ reviews, it is one of the best applications for remote control of household appliances. After the company started to develop devices of “smart” homes from the Google Home series, it required an appropriate application for their management. In addition to managing Google devices, the application supports more than 5000 “smart” devices from 400 different manufacturers. But the main advantage of Google Home is that the application “teaches” certain commands. For example, dimming the lights before watching a movie or playing music at a certain time.


In general, the application allows you to automate the tasks of devices “smart” home. You can create your own commands as well as download ready-made sets. The application supports a large number of modules (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS). For example, having access to the Internet on your smartphone, you can turn on the kettle or heating system before returning home.

6. Universal TV Remote

The application has clear similarities with Sure Universal Remote but differs in the presence of different templates of consoles, color shells, and themes. The main task of Universal TV Remote is to control Smart TV, set-top boxes and multimedia centers. IR or Wi-Fi module is used for communication with devices.

7. Android TV Remote

An indispensable application for owners of Android TVs and set-top boxes. The application has easy navigation, touchpad, and on-screen keyboard typing. Among other interesting chips is voice control of a TV if a standard remote control does not have such a function.

That will be all. We presented the most functional and, in our opinion, refined applications for remote control of home appliances. It should be noted that all the above applications are free. You can buy full versions of some of them just to get rid of annoying advertising or to expand the functionality a bit.