Tips for Securing And Protecting Your Home While Traveling

If you haven’t been traveling much recently, thinking about getting out in the world again can be exciting. But while you are away you might be wondering who is going to look after your home? Unless you have someone who is going to come and stay at your house while you are gone, it can be a good idea to take steps to keep your home safe while you are away. One project that might come to mind is installing a home security system — but that’s not the only way to protect your home while you are out exploring.

Pick a home security system that works for you

In today’s era of smart devices, you have a lot of options when it comes to home security systems that you can monitor either on your own or with a service with people behind the scenes. When we talk about smart home devices, we mean when you can manage your home remotely using your mobile phone. Many smart home security systems integrate with other smart devices like light bulbs, thermostats, and locks that you can also control through an app. That means you can be anywhere in the world and turn off lights, and lower the temperature in your home to mimic that you are actually there. For example, a system like Google Nest can be controlled from your Android device and also pairs with Alexa.

Consider having eyes on your home when you aren’t there

There are still security systems that rely on humans monitoring your house while you are away, noting any triggers or foul play. While this kind of system can be more expensive, it’s worth considering if you have a lot of valuables, or will be out of contact where you might not be able to reach your phone service for days at a time. Frontpoint has smart home security options that you can control through a mobile app while at the same time giving you the extras of a monitoring service that you can call for support.

Power off

If you are going to be gone for more than a week, you will probably want to consider unplugging major electronic devices — this is not only to save money on electricity but also to take precautions in case of a power surge. That’s because even if they aren’t turned on, electronics will draw power. For example, in the kitchen, while you don’t need to empty and turn off your refrigerator and freezer, you can help prevent spoilage if there is a power outage by removing perishable items.

Get gardening

If you have a green thumb, then you know you need to have a plan to keep your garden in check while you are gone. Other than saving the health of your plants, there are other reasons why you’ll want to have a plan for handling your garden while you are gone. Thieves keep an eye out for signs that people are out of town, and one of them is an unruly front yard. Doing a thorough weeding job before you leave and putting your yard on an irrigation system is one strategy. If you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, you may want to consider having a gardener come out at least once a week to keep your yard up. While they don’t need to do extensive yard upkeep, you will want them to do weeding, watering, and checking on tree health, especially if storms are on the forecast.

Have a plan

Another reason to consider a smart home device is more than just an alarm system. You can also give the appearance that you are at home when you aren’t. With a smart home system your home can follow your schedule even when you aren’t there by turning indoor and outdoor lights on at night, and even the TV. If you set your smart home system on a schedule for convenience while you are at home, you can keep it going even while you are away.

Getting ready for a big trip requires a lot of planning. As you are thinking about what to pack and where you are going to stay while you are away, don’t forget about the security of your home. The more you take care of now, the easier your transition back to reality at home will be later.