How To Spoof Pokemon GO Location in 2024 Complete Guide

spoof pokemon go location

This post will explain spoof pokemon go location. Pokémon GO is one of the numerous famous mobile games with countless players internationally. Nevertheless, you might not take pleasure in the game sufficiently, relying on where you live. Fortunately, there is a workaround by modifying your location to any province in the world.  Combining a GPS spoofing app and a good VPN service like ExpressVPN makes it feasible to change your location on Pokemon GO. As a development, you’ll be able to hunt in your locality and discover creatures in other countries.

How To Spoof Pokemon GO Location in 2024 Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about spoof pokemon go location here are the details below;

Why do you require a VPN to reverse the Pokemon GO location

Although it isn’t obvious how the video game can trace your real location, it’s most likely to depend on your IP address. So the game can also inspect whether your IP address matches the GPS coordinates of the mobile phone you are using. If Pokemon GO discovers any inconsistencies, it can prohibit you from playing for a week or more.

This is where a virtual personal network (VPN) is available in. It will mask your actual IP address, producing it challenging to determine your location. This will help you to gain access to Pokemon GO in nations that would have been otherwise difficult.

A VPN also utilizes file encryption to conceal your activities. As a result, hackers and destructive 3rd parties will not see what you are doing online. This adds an additional security layer when playing Pokemon GO.

 Top five apps to spoof Pokemon GO GPS

Typically, a VPN will can be found in handy to alter your location when you connect to a server. However, as we discussed previously, Pokemon GO also uses collaborates to determine your whereabouts. For that reason, you require a GPS spoofing app to stop the video game from noticing that you have actually transformed your location.

while there are hundreds of Pokemon spoofing apps, and picking the best one may be a challenge. That’s why we did thorough research study and selected the top 5 location spoofers for Android and iOS devices.

 1. Fake GPS location– Android

This is maybe the very best Pokemon GPS spoofing app for Android, with over 10 million installations and a 4.6/ 5 score on Google Play Store. The app effectively alters your Pokemon GO area, although it hasn’t been updated just recently. Luckily, it is absolutely complimentary.

When you open the app, your present home will reveal on the interface. Now, tap on the search process on the top right and input your preferred region. This will change your location on the map. So, go on to play in whatever region of the world you desire without getting noticed.

It deserves pointing out about a not-so-cool thing concerning how the app works during our tests. That is, with every restart of the Phony GPS location app, the final position is lost. We suppose it would be excellent if the designers offer a choice to let users pick to bear in mind and re-use their last position. That stated, such feature is not offered in other comparable apps either but we believed it would be terrific to discuss.

 2. Dr. Fone– iOS

Dr. Fone will assist you alter your location on Pokemon GO without jeopardizing your security on your iOS device. The game will not discover the impacts of this tool if you act sensibly. Thankfully, it has an user-friendly user interface, enabling you to spoof your location with a click of a button. Besides, the app will assist you to simulate walking in between two or several areas. Also check Database Management System Software

 3. iOS Roaming guide– iOS

Discovering a reliable Pokemon GO location spoofing app for iOS is not a walk in the park. This is since most of them lack updates and are quickly detected by the game. Thankfully, the iOS Roaming guide is an excellent alternative and does the job truly well. What’s more, you can get it totally complimentary.

Furthermore, the app is uncomplicated to use. For example, you’ll only require to drop the pin in your chosen location, and it will do the rest. Another simple method is by using the search function. The issue is that the app is not readily obtainable on Apple App Store. You’ll have first to establish Cydia to get it. We have actually described the entire process below.

 4. Phony GPS– iOS

Phony GPS is another popular app for spoofing GPS on Android devices. It has truthfully been downloaded over 5 million times and got a 4.3/ 5 rating.

The app was recently upgraded in April 2021, an indication that the developers are still preserving it. Remarkably, you can change your location by getting in precise coordinates. However, there is an option to tweak the GPS settings to look for the accuracy, altitude, and upgrade period.

Another unique feature of this Pokemon GO location spoofer is the Movement simulation. It randomizes your location regularly to make you resemble you are searching Pokemon. It depends keeping in mind that the app supports ads and in-app purchases, which might turn off some users.

5. iTools by ThinkSky– iOS

This GPS spoofing tool for iPhone is packed with bunches of functions to allow you to manage your device like a pro. The very best aspect of iTools is that it doesn’t need jailbreaking to utilize it on your phone. Nevertheless, there isn’t an iOS app, so you’ll have to utilize the desktop variation rather.

The location spoofing function is reliable and uncomplicated. Simply introduce the map interface, drop the pin to whatever location you desire and start the simulation. Luckily, iTools will maintain the location you choose even the gadget disconnects from the system.

 How to alter the Pokemon GO account area

It is fairly basic to spoof the Pokemon GO region, particularly when utilizing an Android device.  you will Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘About device,’ and click the ‘Develop number’ 7 times to activate the designer method. Next, return to ‘Settings,’ and you will find the ‘Developer alternatives’ tab. Tap on it and check package that checks out ‘Permit mock places.’.

In addition, you’ll need to install a masking module known as Mock Locations. It is planned to stop Pokemon GO from discovering that you have actually made it possible for mock areas in your gadget’s settings. However, you will need to root your Android device, which can be risky. So, continue below.

The final stage is to set up a VPN (again, as suggested above, ExpressVPN is our number one suggestion). A geo-blocked Pokemon GO can find the IP address of the device you are using does not match your collaborates. Nevertheless, a VPN will encrypt your connection and path your traffic through the server you choose. This will assist to conceal your IP address.

After setting up the VPN app on your device, select the server in the location where you wish to hunt Pokemon. Then, spread the spoofing app and match the location. At this point, your Pokemon account will alter.

On the other hand, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to alter your Pokemon account region. Next is to download Cydia. After that, go to ‘location’ and tap ‘Safeguard.’ This will make it easy to use a map to set a phony location. Lastly, you can connect to a VPN server and play Pokemon GO.

 Modifying Pokemon GO GPS location on your device.

Spoofing your Pokemon GO location will depend upon the gadget you are utilizing. Remember, you require to install a GPS spoofing app besides the VPN, as covered in the previous areas. We’ll stress the process for Android and iOS below.

 Spoofing Pokemon GO region on Android.

You can not spoof Pokemon GO without rooting your Android device, however if you have no problem rooting your gadget, it’s a simple procedure. Just use the easy-to-follow actions below:.

  1. Select a trustworthy VPN service and subscribe. We advise ExpressVPN as it’s the very best VPN for gaming on Android.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Visit Google Play Shop and install a GPS spoofing app.
  4. Go to your gadget settings and click ‘About Phone’.
  5. Tap on the ‘Build Number’ seven times to switch on the designer mode.
  6. Go back to settings and click ‘Developer options’.
  7. Inspect the box on ‘Mock Locations App’ or ‘Allow Mock Locations’.
  8. Root your device.
  9. Download a module referred to as ‘Mock Locations’ and turn it on.
  10. Log in to your VPN app and connect to a server in the location you want to play Pokemon GO.
  11. Switch on the spoofing app and choose the exact location also.
  12. Start playing Pokemon GO.

There are numerous reasons we suggest getting ExpressVPN to spoof your location in Pokemon game. Gaming on your mobile with ExpressVPN supports your information safe while likewise protecting you from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. A VPN will likewise lower ping times among gaming servers by linking you to areas that are better to the network hosts.

 Spoofing Pokemon GO on iOS.

The process of spoofing your Pokemon GO area on iPhone is likewise straightforward. Nevertheless, you may need to jailbreak your phone and even set up third-party apps. Here’s the detailed guide on how to do it:.

  1. Pick a trustworthy VPN service provider and register for the service. ExpressVPN is still the very best choice and features a 49% discount.
  2. Download and set up the VPN app on your device.
  3. Jailbreak your phone to change your location.
  4. Go to Cydia, a third-party app shop that’s just available with jailbroken devices.
  5. Download tsProtector to mask your phone’s jailbreaking status.
  6. Install an iOS Roaming guide or any other location spoofing app.
  7. Confirm the tsProtector, and iOS Roaming guide are running all at once.
  8. Select a location in the iOS Roaming guide.
  9. Log into your VPN and match the location on the iOS Roaming guide app.
  10. All is set, and you can begin to play Pokemon GO.

 Utilizing a VPN and still can’t access the Pokemon GO location.

One common problem that the majority of Pokemon GO Gamers face is ‘mistake 12: failed to find location’. This glitch may be as a consequence of a number of reasons including;.

– Your device is incapable of getting GPS signals because of your coordinates.

– You have made it possible for ‘Find my Device’ on your phone.

– Mock location is not allowed in your phone’s settings.

Try rebooting the location service on your phone. Just go to settings to open the location alternative. Then, tap to disable and allow it again.

Additionally, you can attempt to clear the information and cache in your video game. In order to do it, go to your phone’s settings and steer to the Pokemon GO app. Then, Go to storage and choose to clear cache and information.

 Best VPNs for Pokemon GO.

A VPN is your best option if you do not want Niantic to see that you are spoofing your location. There’ll be slight worry that your location is phony if your IP address matches your collaborates. With a VPN, your IP address will most likely be unattainable. Also check best scheduling app

 1. ExpressVPN.

spoof pokemon go location

Key functions:.

– 3000 servers in 94 nations.

– AES 256-bit encryption.

– Automatic kill switch.

– Endless information and bandwidth.

– TrustedServer innovation.

– 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN is the most suitable VPN to hide your IP address when playing Pokemon GO. It has an enduring track record for dependability and security in addition to an easy-to-navigate user interface.

The server network is enormous, with more than 3,000 servers spreading throughout 94 nations worldwide. Fortunately, the company has servers in nations with weak VPN existence, such as Turkey, Venezuela, and Hong Kong. This permits you to play Pokemon in more areas.

It can be undesirable for your connection to slow down while you are capturing Pokemon. However, ExpressVPN is among the fastest VPNs we have actually checked lately. In fact, your speed will remain constant on both local and long-distance servers. Likewise, it provides unrestricted information and bandwidth, offering you a smooth Pokemon GO video gaming experience.

ExpressVPN will save your IP address and traffic with military-grade AES 256-bit file encryption. It likewise uses a 4096-bit RSA secret, AES 256-bit cipher, SHA-512 HMAC, and best forward secrecy. So in layperson terms, Niantic can not look into while you are spoofing your Pokemon GO location.

Separated from the industry-standard OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPSec protocols, ExpressVPN likewise offers an exclusive protocol known as Lightway. It is lightweight, so it’ll drain pipes less battery, making it a fantastic choice for cellphones.

The VPN also offers an automated kill switch called Network Lock. It is developed to control your traffic from dripping if the VPN connection drops. This will guarantee that your IP address does not get disclosed when playing Pokemon.

ExpressVPN works well with almost all gadgets, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Thankfully, all the apps are uncomplicated to use. It permits you to utilize five devices all at once, however you can get unrestricted links if you inaugurate the app on your router.


– Robust security suite.

– Bypasses all geo-restrictions.

– Reliable speeds.


– Higher-than-average costs.

2. Surfshark.


Key functions:.

– 3200 servers in 65 countries.

– Camouflage mode.

– AES 256-bit encryption.

– Automatic eliminate switch.

– CleanWeb ad blocker.

– GPS spoofing.

– 30-day money-back warranty.

Surfshark provides you all the VPN features you may require and more without breaking the bank. Its app has a minimalist and intuitive user interface, making it easy to link and switch servers.

The supplier recently enhanced the services by expanding the network to over 3200 servers in 65 countries. In addition, it has a ‘Quick Link’ function that immediately selects the fastest server for your connection. Alternatively, you can pick the location you want and link by hand, which is also simple.

Is Surfshark quickly enough to handle Pokemon GO? Yes, under specific scenarios. We didn’t experience any connection issues, particularly when using neighboring servers. However, the speed dropped somewhat when we connected to remote servers like New Zealand. Likewise, the ping rate increased greatly, resulting in lagging when playing Pokémon.

Surfshark safeguards your IP address with AES 256-bit file encryption in conjunction with OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard procedures. The VPN likewise supports a chaining system with the MultiHop function. Additionally, it enables you to path your traffic through 2 servers instead of one, including an additional security layer.

When utilizing a VPN, your IP address can be exposed if the encrypted connection drops all of a sudden. Surfshark provides a kill switch that prevents this from occurring. Unfortunately, unlike other VPNs, the function is not made it possible for automatically, so you’ll require to trigger it by hand. Fortunately, it is quickly available on the base connection screen.

The camouflage mode is another outstanding function that Surfshak supplies. It hides that you are protecting your traffic with a VPN and makes your connection seem normal. This is a practical function if you reside in a nation that restricts VPNs.

In contrast with ExpressVPN, Surfshark provides an integrated adblocker. In addition, it avoids malware and trackers that might compromise your security and personal privacy.

As we have actually constantly discussed in this article, Pokémon uses your GPS to trace your location besides your IP address. Surfshark provides a GPS spoofing function that makes you look like you’re physically located in the very same location as the VPN server. Both your GPS and IP address are concealed, so no one can track your whereabouts. Sadly, it does not work with Pokémon GO. Also check Client management software

Surfshark permits you to have unlimited simultaneous connections on a single membership. This implies you can play Pokémon on as many gadgets as you want. Fortunately, it is compatible with significant os such as Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.


– Fairly priced packages.

– Outstanding geo-unblocking capabilities.

– Blazing-fast servers.


– A little disappointing tech assistance.

 3. NordVPN.


Secret features:.

– 5240 servers in 60 countries.

– Automatic eliminate switch.

– CyberSec suite.

– AES 256-bit file encryption.

– Obfuscation function.

– Double VPN.

– 30-day money-back warranty.

NordVPN is worthy of a spot on our list for the very best VPNs for Pokemon for lots of factors, consisting of inexpensive packages. Likewise, the apps are incredibly easy to install, and the entire procedure will take just a few minutes.

It operates more than 5,240 servers in 60 nations, even in hard-to-reach locations. The United States and the UK consist of most of the servers, however you’ll still discover reputable connections in Australia, Asia, and Africa. Additionally, it’s one of the very best VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions, allowing you to unblock more Pokémon functions.

Pokémon GO includes hectic fights, so you need a VPN with adequate speed. Fortunately, NordVPN preserves a constant speed on the majority of the servers, no matter the distance. This makes it comfortable to play Pokémon from anywhere lag-free.

Some nations, such as China, have strong firewalls that spot VPN traffic. NordVPN has a explanation for this with a feature known as obfuscation. It conceals your VPN traffic to make you look like you are accessing the internet without a VPN.

When it comes to security, NordVPN utilizes AES 256-bit file encryption. This confirms that Niantic or any other third party does not access your IP address. On the top of it, there is Perfect Forward Secrecy that changes the file encryption secret with each new session.

Among the reasons that the VPN provides great speed is because of the proprietary NordLynx protocol. It is based upon the speed-improving WireGuard procedure, and NordVPN has actually set it as default on all the apps. Other procedure options include OpenVPN UDP/TCP, PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec.

The kill switch function of NordVPN will permit you to play Pokémon GO safely without fretting about your IP address getting dripped. It will entirely cut your internet access if the VPN connection drops. Although it is not allowed by default, the setup up procedure is straightforward.


– Strong security.

– Exceptionally quick.

– Big global server existence.


– Some servers are undependable.

 4. ProtonVPN.


Secret features:.

– 1315 servers in 55 nations.

– Automatic eliminate switch.

– AES 256-bit file encryption.

– Perfect Forward Secrecy.

– Integrated DNS leakage defense.

– 30-day money-back assurance.

ProtonVPN has actually gone to higher lengths to enhance security, making it a great alternative to play Pokémon. In addition, it is run by the exact same company that handles ProtonMail, among the most safe e-mail services offered.

The VPN has a subtle network of over 1,350 servers in 55 countries. We  a speed test on some servers to establish whether the speed is as fast as the service provider claims. Initially, we utilized the quick connection feature that should connect us to the fastest server. Sadly, it didn’t work appropriately and even caused our speed to slow down. Thankfully, the choice list reveals the traffic load on each server. We manually picked the server with the most affordable traffic, and our speed enhanced significantly.

ProtonVPN is packed with sophisticated security functions to protect your traffic when playing Pokémon GO. Initially, it masks and keeps your IP address safe with the in-built DNS leakage protection. Second, AES 256-bit encryption and 4096-bit RSA secret will guarantee that Niantic does not trace your location. Finally, Perfect Forward Secrecy protects your connections by producing a new encryption secret for each session.

Unlike some recognized services like ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN provides an ad blocker dubbed NetShield. Apart from blocking intrusive advertisements, it likewise prevents malware and trackers.

ProtonVPN offers a free version and 3 paid bundles. Unfortunately, the free plan is limited, enabling you to access three servers and link one device. Also, the connection speed is relatively slow. However, you’ll have the ability to utilize all servers and get better speed if you update your membership.


– Open-source apps.

– Bypasses geo-restrictions successfully.

– Excellent unlimited package.


– A little pricier.

 5. IPVanish.


Secret functions:.

– 1900 servers in 75 countries.

– Automatic kill switch.

– Unlimited simultaneous connections.

– AES 256-bit encryption.

– 30-day money-back warranty.

– DNS leakage defense.

IPVanish is one of the very finest VPNs for gaming on the market. It is cost effective however still offers a long list of practical functions.

Buffering can be very uncomfortable when playing Pokémon GO. This is a common concern with a lot of VPNs because of the encryption procedure. Nevertheless, you’ll hardly discover any speed loss when you link to IPVanish servers.

In addition, IPVanish is compatible with all major platforms, consisting of iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. In addition, the service provider permits you to have an endless number of gadgets on a single account. This makes it an outstanding choice for tech lovers or big families.

At times your DNS demands can leakage accidentally, exposing your IP address even when utilizing a VPN. This will cause Niantic to see that you are spoofing your location, resulting in one week ban or worse. IPVanish delivers DNS leak defense to prevent this from taking place. It also utilizes the unbreakable AES 256-bit file encryption and an automatic kill switch to keep you safe.


– Decent speeds on some servers.

– Endless gadget connections.

– Reliable security.


– Poor client service.

 Will Pokemon GO spoofing injection APKs suffice too?

There has actually been a rumor distributing that an injection APK can assist you to spoof your Pokemon GO. Exists any fact to it? Let’s learn.

Spoofing areas has become a big thing in the Pokemon neighborhood. So, why would people desire the game to believe that they are in a various location?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has actually prevented traveling. However, trainers might wish to go after Pokemon secured a various location. This is the reason why brand-new ways to spoof the location are becoming widespread. Could the injection APK be the latest spoofing creation? Regrettably, this method does not work. It is a scam and will not assist you to alter your Pokemon GO region. The concept behind it is to set up a joystick to manage your avatar and move to whatever location you like.

This is not the fact, as the app does not containa joystick. Rather, it will prompt you to set up other apps., which often won’t download properly. Likewise, if you return to Pokemon GO, there’ll be no way to change your location. Allegedly, injection APK developers make money for each download. So, they positively advertise it so that they can profit from an ineffective function.

Furthermore, the app is associated with the fraud. For example, some Reddit users declare that they have actually seen unapproved buy from their monetary accounts after downloading the app.

It is necessary to understand that Pokemon GO restricts spoofing in general. In fact, the game treats it as unfaithfulness, and you can get 3 strikes. For example, you’ll get a week-long restriction for the very first offense and a monthly restriction for doing it the 2nd time. You risk getting your account prohibited permanently if you are captured for the third time.


Although Pokemon GO is offered worldwide, your location might prevent you from taking pleasure in the game fully. Nevertheless, spoofing your GPS and changing your area with a VPN provides you a realm of chances. For example, you’ll be capable to unblock characters and gain access to brand-new cities and roads.

The gimmick is to match your GPS with your IP address so that Niantic (the American software advancement business behind Pokemon GO) can not see that you have actually spoofed your location. Besides hiding your IP address, a VPN will also safeguard you from hackers and malicious 3rd parties.