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Top 6 Best Apps like PrizePicks And PrizePicks Alternatives

PrizePicks Alternatives

Best PrizePicks Alternatives will be described in this article. Nowadays, daily fantasy sports are quite popular on the internet, with millions of players all over the world spending billions of dollars on various competitions. Knowing and using only one program, like PrizePicks, may not be sufficient for you given the high demand for DFS.

PrizePicks is regarded as the quickest and most straightforward DFS game with exciting daily fantasy sports that are updated frequently. You get to determine the amount of players on your team, from 2 to 5, as well as how their stats will be projected. You can also switch to the multiplayer method or challenge your friends to a game.

Even though it’s a nice alternative, aren’t you open to exploring other possibilities where PrizePicks isn’t the only tool you may find that’s better and simpler? If you answered “yes,” then we are pleased to present you with a selection of 6 incredible apps that are similar to PrizePicks in the article below.

Top 6 Best Apps like PrizePicks And PrizePicks Alternatives

In this article, you can know about PrizePicks Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy

With weekly and annual fantasy competitions, Underdog Fantasy resembles a video game more than anything. With pick’em, best ball, and daily draft on the list, it is regarded as the greatest location to play fantasy sports. The game features both basketball and football, and you may spend real money to gamble and win using your passion for both sports. Also check Ablo Alternatives

You don’t have to be concerned about trades, injuries, setting lineups, or waivers when you play Underdog Fantasy. However, you must put all of your attention on the best ball and the exciting draft. You can choose to set the ball after the draft as you wait to win.

Because it provides the ideal complement if you are interested in regular season-long leagues and more opportunities to earn some real money, Underdog Fantasy is one of the profitable applications like PrizePicks.

Key Highlights

  • It does not use professionals with sophisticated algorithms to saturate competitions and reduce your chances of winning.
  • Every week, your best players will be chosen automatically based on your first lineup and draft parameters.
  • Gives you the option to customize the player list via the custom ranking feature so you can keep an eye on your preferred players.
  • Provides limitless withdrawals.

2. OwnersBox


OwnersBox is like daily fantasy sports that have been given new features and exciting entertainment options. In essence, it’s a cutting-edge sports technology company that alters the way consumers play fantasy sports while introducing new flavors for varied pleasure. It focuses on providing well-known North American retailers and well-liked sporting events including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. You may access the power of sports through OwnersBox while also being a part of a community of daily fantasy sports players.

Additionally, whether you’re a new or returning player, you’ll receive special promotional offers including a registration bonus that grants you a free $10 entrance into lightning lineups and a first-time deposit incentive that matches your deposit 100% up to $500.

Key Highlights

  • Within 30 minutes of the game’s conclusion, players may cash out using the 30-minute payout function.
  • With only one tap, you can withdraw the money using your bank or any significant debit or credit card.
  • offers the option to spin the wheel, allowing you to multiply the money after selecting your preferred lineup.
  • To boost awards, you can add more than one line-up.

3. Draftkings Daily Fantasy

Draftkings Daily Fantasy

One of the apps that most closely resemble PrizePicks is DraftKings Daily Fantasy, which allows you to begin by drafting a fresh lineup, modifying the settings, selecting your favorite stars from the available alternatives, and participating in the open competition. Also check Gmail Alternatives

It focuses on providing NFL football season games while providing several opportunities to win real money through cash prizes. You may lock your football lineup at DraftKings Play, select new players each week, and begin playing if you’re interested in the NFL Week 1 or Super Bowl.

You can participate in regular or weekly competitions in sports like football, basketball, baseball, e-sports, league of legends, mixed martial arts, tennis, hockey, golf, soccer, and NASCAR in addition to football.

Key Highlights

  • Offers to draft a club lineup using all the actual teams and players who fall within the pay cap.
  • By inviting them to your game, you can ask your friends questions or engage in competition with other sports lovers.

4. FanDuel


Another well-known American business, FanDuel Group, offers daily fantasy sports, sportsbooks, and horse racing. It created the idea of fantasy sports and gave fans the option to play live matches using their favorite real-life players in lineups, making it a premier online destination for all sports fanatics.

Like PrizePicks, FanDuel is one of the most reputable applications and offers a variety of special promotional deals, including a $10 incentive for new users who wager just $1 on the app. You can design your own lineup, challenge your friends to a game, place your bets accordingly, and compete for real money prizes.

Additionally, you’ll receive additional bonuses and promotions around special occasions and holiday times, and you may showcase your skills in well-known competitions like the NCAAF, PGA, UFC, NFL, MLB, AHL, soccer, NBA, & more online.

Key Highlights

  • You can make last-minute alterations and choose the ideal team because you are not obligated to commit to a position for the entire season.
  • Up until the start of their individual game, players can change all of the players using the app’s Late Swap feature.
  • Users receive complete results, statistics, and news along with daily coverage of well-known competitions like the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL, and Champions League soccer.
  • Offers novice gamers free games all year long where they may play all their favorite sports and customize their team lineup with their chosen athletes.

5. Vivid picks

Vivid picks

A novel approach to playing fantasy sports called Vivid Picks. The concept of fantasy sports gaming is being transformed into a unique yet entertaining sports application that accepts real money. It has the standard functions, such as playing, Twitter, Esports, fantasy, etc., but it also offers unique gameplay that makes playing and gaming more fascinating. Also check Gmail Alternatives

Additionally, it is a user-friendly platform where you may pick your favorite sport, a game you like, the best players from real life to add to your team roster, and begin betting right away. You don’t have to worry about choosing scores, salary caps, drafts, or hours of research because the platform relies on matchups and over unders.

Vivid Picks is thus one of the potential alternatives to PrizePicks because in addition to online gaming, it also enables you to wager while making predictions with friends while watching live the greatest competitions. Additionally, you will receive 20 times your admission fee if you are fortunate enough to rise to the position of one of their best players.

Key Highlights

  • To stay in touch, you can follow your friends or influencers on the platform.
  • You may dominate others and maintain your position at the top by using the leaderboard tool.
  • Tickets are available for the most anticipated game of the current season.
  • Every time you triumph over your buddies, your payment is increased.

6. SuperDraft


One of the most -known and fan-friendly fantasy sports apps, comparable to PrizePicks, is SuperDraft Fantasy Sports. In addition to letting you customize the entire game from beginning to end, it also offers a variety of options, unlimited selection of your favorite players for the team lineup, and many other entertaining features and tools.

Sports like MMA, golf, football, basketball, baseball and college football and ice hockey, NBA, PGA, NFL, and MLB are among the popular ones that SuperDraft users like playing and watching. You don’t even need to have any prior gaming or industry expertise; all you need to do is download the app, tweak the settings, create your squad based on the facts and your real-world experiences, and then you can start playing right away. If you don’t want to play the game alone, you may either select to play in multiplayer mode or invite your mates to play against you. You also get additional features like Super 15, player pops, etc. in addition to the multiplayer mode.

Key Highlights

  • Player props is a game mode feature that allows you to bet on under or over and increase your chances of winning by around 20X.
  • With the one-game champion mode, you may skip the typical fantasy football drafts and select players directly from the game you’re watching. From there, you can select one player as the game’s champion.

Last Words

We have listed all the top PrizePicks alternatives we could find for you in one article. Of course, there are more possibilities available on the internet, but you never know which apps are false or which cannot be completely trusted. As a result, we strongly advise you to test every app suggested in this article before choosing to try any others. We hope you have found a suitable replacement by the time we have finished listing the greatest PrizePicks alternatives.


What other apps are there like PrizePicks?

The reliable alternatives to PrizePicks include Fanduel, Vivid Picks, Underdog Fantasy, DraftKings Daily Fantasy, OwnersBox, and SuperDraft.

Which DFS website is the best?

Since DFS is a popular topic among users, competitors, and service providers alike, it can be challenging to identify just one site as the best DFS site. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top DFS sites, including Underdog Fantasy, DraftKings Daily Fantasy, OwnersBox, Fanduel, Vivid Picks, and SuperDraft.

A DFS app is what?

A daily fantasy sports app is a platform where you can play and bet on games to win usually real money rewards.

Which fantasy app is the best?

Since everyone has different interests and preferences, we advise you to test every fantasy game on our hand-picked list, including Underdog Fantasy, Vivid Picks, SuperDraft, DraftKings Daily Fantasy, OwnersBox, and Fanduel, before deciding which one is the best for you.