Top 15 Best Online PR Software Alternatives in 2024

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Online PR Software is artificial intelligence-based public relations and marketing software that centralises all of your public relations resources, saving you time and money. It gives you everything you need to make informed decisions, from drafting and tracking pitches to monitoring and reporting news. Its cloud-based software is accessible from any location, allowing you to manage clients and projects even on the go.

Top 15 Best Online PR Software Alternatives in 2024

Top 15 best online PR software alternatives are explained here.

You may save time on regular chores like monitoring social media and working with reporters thanks to sophisticated integrations, allowing you to focus on what really matters. It enables you to simply create rich media content, boost traffic and brand recognition, improve SEO and automated activities, and forecast client behaviour. Article author database, auto-update, clippings-management, email distribution, press monitoring, contact-management, email distribution, communication management, press release builder, and more are just a few of the features available.

Alternatives to Online PR Software

1. GlobeNewswire by Notified

GlobeNewswire by Notified


GlobeNewswire by Notified is a prominent provider of professional communicators with global press release delivery and digital PR software. The programme sends out press releases and multimedia information to thousands of news outlets and journalists throughout the world. GlobeNewswire is a cutting-edge provider of public relations software and services, such as Press Release Distribution, Social Media Management, and Digital Marketing. This enables public relations agencies and organisations of all sizes to manage their PR and digital media activities more effectively.

PR professionals can use the company’s full-service platform to manage their brand’s public relations strategy, publish significant events, track coverage, measure results, and work more effectively. The Newswire is the industry’s leading public relations software platform, giving wealth management businesses and their clients with the tools they ought to succeed in public relations. Most crucially, it allows them to handle their public relations from a single place and on a single platform – their smartphone.

2. PRgloo
PRgloo PR Software Alternatives


PRgloo Public Relations is a cloud-based platform that allows you to manage all of your media outreach, client relationships, and public relations activities in one place. It combines easy-to-use capabilities for unrivalled analysis with an intuitive and mobile design, and it works in tandem with the media relations platform. PRgloo makes this feasible with a user-friendly UI. In order to stand out, it equips brands with a comprehensive content marketing strategy and a thorough grasp of their target demographic. Also check Field Management Service Software

And once you’ve gotten your message out there, you’ll need to make sure it reaches the proper people by enlisting the help of influencers and advocates. PRgloo can assist them manage their workflow as well as develop and publish dynamic content on a regular basis in order to do all of this. Interview bids, sell-ins reactive statements, engaging press release distribution, integrated journalist & political database, tools to manage your own stakeholders, schedule postings, report over interactions, reporting, and more are just a few of the capabilities available.

3. iCrowdNewswire



ICrowdNewswire, like PR Newswire’s press release services, makes it simple to submit a news release to the media and receive publicity. It offers a greater approval rate, reduced fees, and no release time or word limits, unlike other news release providers. It can also help you manage your brand’s reputation on your website, blog, and social media platforms while also bringing in new customers. ICrowdNewswire is a cloud-based software tool that lets PR professionals, CEOs, and entrepreneurs re-invent traditional Public Relations (PR) & Media Relations with a powerful yet simple solution that writes, maintains, and distributes news releases.

They can use it to develop and sustain a reputation, gain public trust by controlling the media cycle, and increase productivity and professionalism while cutting expenses. It’s meant to make PR operations more efficient by allowing you to manage all of your cases in one place, allowing you to focus on your connections and strengthen them by storing contact information, relevant data, and messages within the database. It includes an I-Driven press release delivery service that was specifically designed to handle real estate-related news. Overall, it’s a flexible and strong Public Relations solution with a comprehensive and professional collection of tools for improved PR release management.

4. Prowly

Prowly PR Software Alternatives


Prowly is a new platform that allows PR professionals to disseminate material, track results, and publish all in one place. Users can construct and rank their own bespoke media lists in the platform’s media database for better relationship management across all digital channels. It automates and streamlines an in-house PR team’s daily activities. By launching endless campaigns that are handled through a configurable workflow, users may cater to the particular demands of a variety of clientele, ranging from foundations to huge corporations to not-for-profits.

It allows PR firms to keep track of all client briefs, pitches, deadlines, and projects on a single digital platform. Agencies may interact with top media contacts, journalists, and bloggers with ease while automating the PR workflow document, which assigns duties to team members and projects with due dates. The software has been designed with PR professionals and their teams in mind.

5. Wiztopic



Wiztopic is a public relations management software for professionals. It allows businesses to obtain real-time PR information, manage their influencers, and automate their PR processes. It allows users to organise their strategy, contacts, press releases, publicity, and campaign plans all in one spot, eliminating the need for countless emails and spreadsheets. You’ll never miss a deadline again because to its simple platform. PR companies, corporations, and charitable organisations can use this cloud-based enterprise public relations platform to manage their communications, press releases, and social media activity. It is designed to reduce time for Public Relations professionals by automating their operations and enabling them to generate great results.

Posting and managing PR can be a time-consuming and tiresome endeavour. You must log in to different accounts, handle deadlines, and follow up with reporters, all of which takes time, but with Wiztopic, this will be a thing of the past. The software assists public relations professionals and their agencies in managing communications in a more organised manner. The software gives you with a timeline of your conversations as well as the capacity to address brand attacks in a cool and controlled manner.


ISEBOX PR Software Alternatives


ISEBOX is a public relations software for students and young professionals that helps them to manage their media interactions, write press releases, and schedule content. ISEBOX is an online application that allows users to cancel, manage, schedule, and track all of their PR initiatives from a single dashboard. The technology captures all campaign data automatically and allows customers to change or terminate projects at any time. It’s software for digital agencies, marketing firms, and public relations firms. Also check business card maker software

The software helps staff to schedule and manage public relations initiatives while also providing an easy-to-use interface. Its goal is to provide Public Relations firms and experts that work with small and large businesses with simple-to-use software that may assist their clients in managing their public relations. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform for storing, managing, and disseminating content in the digital world.

7. Myconvento



Myconvento is a cloud-based platform dedicated to assisting organisations with all areas of public relations, from media monitoring to internal communication & team collaboration. The software was intended to automate the entire communication process by allowing businesses to have real-time strategies and insights on their target audiences. With an emphasis on PR and marketing agencies, Myconvento makes it simple and transparent for them to share critical initiatives with their clients and collaborators.

For public relations managers and public relations organisations, this PR management suite focuses on helping companies communicate more successfully with their company and individualised public relations strategy. It’s designed as an all-in-one communication software for public relations professionals who want a complete solution to manage all of their PR tools in one place, conduct business with ease, and make their day-to-day activities faster and easier. From the stereotype of an idea to its completion, MyConvento has everything you need to launch a PR campaign.

8. Hypefactors

Hypefactors PR Software Alternatives


Hypefactors is the world’s most sophisticated public relations management tool. It offers a user-friendly interface that is designed for developing public relations, social media, and communications strategies. The software has a elongate list of capabilities that will help you manage your PR efforts, build and manage social media accounts, and track keyword statistics. Hypefactors was established as a tool to help firms innovate and remain ahead of the competition by managing their public relations activities more effectively.

It may oblige you in taking your company to the next level by using effective publicity techniques. It streamlines the workflow between PR agencies and their clients, allowing you to maximise your time and profits. In a word, Hypefactors allows you to collect client data, monitor what people are saying about your brand on social media, create Press Releases in a variety of formats, and manage your client’s reputation in real-time. It also obliges in the protection of your reputation and the expansion of your organisation by improving communication between you and your customers.

9. BiteSize PR

BiteSize PR


BiteSize PR is the 1st public relations management software designed specifically for startups and small enterprises, allowing them to better manage their public relations. Defining an audience, crafting a message, establishing a media list, pitching influencers, organising events, and pushing action are all steps in developing a public relations strategy.

BiteSize PR combines all of these pieces into a single online platform, making it easier for businesses to handle their public relations. By arranging everything in one easy-to-use dashboard, this Public Relations management software allows PR practitioners to gain their clients greater attention. This enables better organisation, more time to focus on content creation, and, as a result, better results. You can track your campaigns, automate elements of your plan, and schedule your posts with the software. Also check Best Image Stabilization software

10. PressRush



PR practitioners can manage press releases and pitches on a single, centralised, cloud-based platform with PressRush, a groundbreaking Public Relations software for the modern media age. With clever automation, powerful analytics, integrated technology, and world-class customer care, PressRush makes it simple to create leads and drive traffic to your organisation. Reporters can use this new tool to swiftly prepare press releases and distribute them to the appropriate distribution channels. Members of the media, whether journalists or bloggers, can use this platform to publish newsworthy stories and get them into the indicators of the people who need them the most.

11. Covered Press

Covered Press


Covered Press is a best in class public relations reporting software that will help you manage your personnel and keep your relationships with reporters. The finest feature of this software is its ease of use. You won’t have any problems comprehending it once you start using it. The software will show you what has to be done, such as finding new reporters for coverage, creating follow-up tasks for your team, and staying organised. This user-friendly software, created in collaboration with prominent public relations firms, aids in the organisation of your public relations operations by easing communication between team members and clients.

A single dashboard allows you to manage client connections, plan pitching ideas, and exchange breaking news information. The software includes extensive PR reporting and analytics, allowing your customer to measure your value and demonstrate ROI in order to interact and communicate. It also includes the most responsive support for journalists and editors, including story management and journalist management tools. Unlimited reports, media monitoring, live-support, social media scheduling, unlimited customers & users, social media listening accounts, tutorials assistance, and more are among the many services available.

12. PressPoint



Your PR cycle will be shortened with PressPoint, a cloud-based public relations management software. This software authorises you to keep track of all of your public relations operations in one location and makes it easier to communicate with different stakeholders. It enables businesses to create web-based applications that are scalable, adaptable, and highly customizable. Multiple user accounts, configurable forms, powerful, extensive reporting, and sophisticated commerce on the move are all included in this full-featured platform that requires no coding. It includes a multi-layered API that gives you the ability to grant access to anything. Furthermore, you have the most customizable class options, allowing you to build processes to your specific requirements.

13. MyMediaRoom




For public relations firms, MyMediaRoom is a desktop social media management application. It provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop software platform for scheduling, tracking, and analysing tweets, posts, and multimedia to help agencies execute complex social media marketing campaigns at scale. It also allows agencies to manage client accounts, access and permissions, track team performance, and optimise workflow with ease.

A list of your public relations connections is provided by the software. Your contacts will have their own online presence, which they may update themselves, thanks to the app. To keep track of all the PR operations taking place on your behalf, you may create teams, assign assignments, and use a dashboard. The platform gives you the tools you need to create a media room for PR and events, which you can then share with the proper people. Share the news across your site, social media, and contact lists with just one login. Targeted distribution, a lunch media centre, easy-to-load content options, promoting special events, long-term campaigns, a custom URL, email-support, complete custom branding, and more are some of the features of this platform.

14. PressPage



For freelancers, agencies, and corporate public relations teams, PressPage is the ideal PR platform. The platform offers a variety of PR tools that are simple to use and help you complete your tasks. It allows PR professionals to better manage their day-to-day activities. You may use Relation to develop and track events and campaigns, collaborate with your team, create and manage media listings from any source, and much more. You can efficiently manage your online presence and media relations with the software.

It allows you to keep track of, measure, and evaluate all of your company’s media coverage, mentions, and actions. You can generate your own press releases, manage press contacts, schedule and send news alerts, check who is talking about them online, and more using this software. You may manage an online newsroom, news distribution, media databases, and more with the state-of-the-art built-in capabilities. Drag and drop functionality, thousands of media connections and influencers, a centralised contact management system, an analytics dashboard, fast onboarding, special training resources, and more are among the software’s intuitive features.

15. 24-7 Press Release

Press Release


24-7 Press Release is a pioneer in the field of public relations software and services. The platform focuses in scalable, adaptable, secure software and services that quickly pay for themselves. News releases are quickly available on major distribution sites like as News, Bing News, Yahoo News, and AOL. With virtually minimal work on the part of the company’s sales team, 24-7 Press Release assures that a story has the best chance of being picked up by the media.

Online PR, news delivery, media monitoring, press release authoring, newsroom automation, professional writing, translation management, and media distribution can all be managed in one location with 24/7 Press Release. The PR professionals at 24-7 Press Release can help you with press release authoring, delivery, and promotion. The platform is assisting a corporation in achieving its business objectives.