Paysafe vs PayPal Comparison And Complete Guide

paysafe vs paypal

Complete Comparison of Paysafe vs PayPal will be described in this article. Processing payments is the lifeblood of every business. When there is no effective system in place to handle incoming cash flows, other parts of the company become obsolete. Making a profit becomes extremely challenging when you factor in low processing fees. Two of the most well-known merchant service providers are Paysafe and PayPal. We’re here to contrast PayPal and Paysafe.

Although the primary focus of PayPal’s basic platform is on consumer-to-consumer transactions, the company’s payments pro service is more in line with Paysafe’s corporate objectives. Both Paysafe and PayPal are reputable companies with a long history of providing solid services.

Paysafe vs PayPal Comparison And Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about Paysafe vs PayPal here are the details below;

PayPal vs Paysafe – Comparison

PayPal vs Paysafe - Comparison

But when put side by side, every business has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing one provider, merchants and businesses looking for a long-term payment processing solution should carefully compare the two.

Paysafe offers

Global payment processor Paysafe offers a range of services for saas platforms, online and offline businesses, and other businesses. Along with more conventional merchant services, Paysafe also provides digital wallets under the skrill and Neteller brands.

On the safe online checkout platform provided by Paysafe, all major credit cards are accepted. In-store transactions are made possible by its partnership with the point-of-sale hardware company clover. Based on their daily sales volume, retailers can also acquire cash loans up to $50,000 in as little as 48 hours. Last but not least, and perhaps most significantly, Paysafe allows bitcoin payments. If a company wants to accept bitcoin and ethereum payments, Paysafe offers a platform for doing so.

PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro

The fact that Paypal has a sizable platform geared toward personal use may be the reason why it is well-known in the field of digital merchant services. The business has made advantage of its experience to create a complex platform geared toward larger, more traditional businesses that require more options than PayPal’s standard processing offers. Also check Drudge Report Alternatives

The virtual terminal on PayPal’s payment pro platform enables users to process phone, fax, and postal orders from any internet-enabled device, along with customizable checkouts and apis, thorough fraud detection, and other capabilities.

Features – Paysafe vs. Paypal

Additionally, Paypal accepts 25 additional currencies in addition to all of the major credit cards, greatly simplifying international transactions. Paypal has announced that it would start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.

Businesses will be capable to accept cryptocurrency as well as Payments Pro with this edition.Last but not least, payments pro enables the direct transfer of funds from PayPal accounts, greatly simplifying commercial transactions.

On the surface, both services seem to be very similar. Both Paysafe and PayPal have user interfaces that are easy to use & accept all major credit cards. PayPal has said that it will soon accept cryptocurrency, and Paysafe already does. PayPal’s Payment Pro function offers a more advanced foundation for fraud protection.

Costing of Paysafe vs. Paypal

Costing of Paysafe vs. Paypal

On the other hand, there is a significant difference between the two firms in terms of price and fees. Depending on the size of the business and how much operating cash it has on a monthly basis, this is a crucial issue. Paypal’s standard cost structure for all of its services is a flat cost of 2.9 percent + $0.30 for every transaction. Payment Pro likewise levies fees. On the other hand, Paysafe doesn’t have a set price structure or recurring fees. Also check SearchPeopleFree Alternatives

The firm establishes fees on an individual basis. The size of the business and the amount of its sales are taken into consideration while developing the strategy from the outset. This is an excellent choice for young businesses who wish to bargain and influence the design of their payment processing service.

The Competition

Neither service is significantly superior to the other. Due to its enormous market capitalization, Paypal may be able to offer more features designed for large businesses. On the other side, smaller companies might not be able to cover the costs. Paysafe lacks PayPal’s fraud protection but has a more user-friendly transaction structure that allows small businesses more flexibility. Determining which features are the most important is crucial, just like with any business decision. Given that society is moving toward a cashless economy, more online payment options are likely to appear in the coming years. The reputation that PayPal has cultivated as one of the most widely used electronic payment services, on the other hand, will have to be overcome by any competitors. Another contemporary payment method competing to take market share away from PayPal is Paysafe.


Due to its widespread usage, Paypal is the most extensively utilized modern payment method. The alternatives to Paysafe, however, can be more tempting to customers who frequently use online gaming or forex sites. Both are reliable in terms of security and privacy, enabling quick and secure online transactions on a variety of websites.


How do they function and where do they come from?

Paypal needs only a brief explanation. After bringing in a record number of new clients and boosting revenue by 21% to a whopping $13 billion, Paypal Holdings was ranked number 222 on the Fortune 500 in 2018.

Users can send money to businesses or people who use the service, save money as a PayPal balance, and spend that money whenever they want. Several unusual payment methods are available under the Paysafe group’s umbrella.

While neteller is a digital wallet that enables users to transfer money between friends and businesses with ease, paysafecard is a prepaid option that enables quick online payments without requiring bank account details.

Where could they be used effectively?

Over the past several years, Paysafe has transformed from a more niche option that is often reserved for gambling businesses into PayPal’s biggest rival in the global market for online payments. Unexpectedly many websites, including VoIP chat services and online dating sites, accept Paysafecard as payment. A large variety of businesses accept Neteller, with an emphasis on internet shops.

The dominance of Paysafe in the gaming industry is still strong, and online casinos frequently accept neteller due to its speedy transactions and withdrawal times. When it came to debit & credit card payments, Paysafe services used to be the only choice for these websites, but things are starting to change. PayPal’s desire to branch out outside e-commerce is shown by the fact that Neteller and paypal are both accepted as payment options at the Betway.

The BBC wrote in 2018 that eBay was removing PayPal as a significant payment option in order to lower processing costs for sellers. PayPal had long been the primary method of payment on eBayAlthough there is a workaround, PayPal users may find it annoying that they can’t use the service on Amazon, according to business insider. Numerous websites, including those operated by significant organizations like Netflix and Asos, still accept payments through Paypal.

Is using them safe?

With finance companies like PayPal and Paysafe, privacy concerns are unavoidable. On the other hand, well-known brands all over the world use Paysafe and Paypal. While this does not assure that the services are completely secure, it does promise that any issues will be resolved quickly. There could be issues after you leave a bigger organization.

Many freemium applications use PayPal for in-app transactions, which harvests account information for sinister uses. Although this isn’t necessarily PayPal’s fault, users should use cautious when downloading new software or going to unfamiliar websites. The telegraph reported on the company’s statement that customers’ data might be shared with third parties. Paypal has been transparent about how it utilizes personal data.

This transparency at least informs users of the potential destinations for their data, in contrast to businesses that exchange information covertly. With Daniel Kornitzer explaining to completely gaming how the new gdpr law would allow Paysafe to support businesses in upholding data protection laws, Paysafe’s commitment to data protection is similarly obvious.

Are they secure to employ?

Neteller uses SSL encryption to secure transactions, and two-step authentication may be used for even greater protection. Businesses cannot see user information because of the structure of the paysafecard, and no bank or credit card information is needed. Just like they can with any other service that needs a pin or password, phishing techniques can be used to hijack any transaction that needs one.

The details of the bank account are kept private if this occurs with a Paysafecard. Although Paypal uses a secure encryption method, users must be sure they are connecting through the appropriate Paypal gateway. In order to trick customers into providing their account information, scammers have set up websites that look exactly like the PayPal logo. However, users may safeguard themselves by being cautious and installing anti-virus software. As one might think from a company with PayPal’s repute, its buyer protection service may be able to compensate customers if transactions go awry.